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'''[[November 2018|2018]]:''' Betsy makes a post offering up some clothes her brother got for her.
'''[[November 2018|2018]]:''' Betsy makes a post offering up some clothes her brother got for her.
'''[[November 2019|2019]]:''' Kitty posts about magical portals in Chicago, how her mom wants her to hang around for Hanukkah, how her mom is good at encouraging guilt, and the reason Friendsgiving is a thing.
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[[Category: Templates]]

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November 26


2003: Cain is released into the custody of the school.

2004: Amanda is released from medlab. Nathan discovers just how little of Manuel's original personality remains. Catseye senses the residue of Selene's power in Amanda.

2005: Hellfire and Damnation/Lost In The Woods: Aftermath: Pete and Strange dump Selene in the harbour; Amanda and Remy meet at Charlie's grave and Amanda is brought back to the mansion; Marie-Ange, Doug and Jubilee appoint themselves her bouncers and Manuel leaves; Pete's undercover position with the HFC is revealed; Kylun talks to Wanda about almost killing Selene's assistant. Jubilee decides to move out and go to the police academy in New York and Nathan decides to quit teaching and mentoring. Clarice has a bad Thanksgiving with her mother and stepfather and comes home early.

2006: Wendy: Remy and Ororo retrieve the last Lost Boy from a jail cell during a riot, narrowly defeating two Reavers and two of Belladonna's assassins; Gambit almost resurfaces during the process and Ororo manages to talk Remy back. Marie emails various people about a name-change celebration for Amanda and Kurt. Crystal and Jennie argue over Crystal's belief that Jennie doesn't want her around, Crystal's avoidance of their room and Jennie's reluctance to talk about her summer.

2007: Dani gets bored and decorates people's doors with Christmas themes, then offers to cook. Medusa emails Crystal, bored with official life. Alex checks on Shiro and they take the next step in their relationship.

2008: Doug emails Marie-Ange, letting her know Emma has helped him somewhat. Jan asks about Thanksgiving plans and Jean-Paul and Kyle decide to deep-fry a turkey; Jean-Paul asks Nathan if he wants to watch the turkey experiment.

2009: Thanksgiving. Remy and Ororo catch up, resulting in an unexpected thundershower to ensure privacy; Jay complains about getting soaked. Jan wishes everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Yvette makes a Thanksgiving post of her own, asking people to share what they are thankful for.

2010: There Will Be Peace: Jean and Jan notice Dori and Nico are missing and track them down to LA; Julian's scam is uncovered as he and Angel arrive at the beach house to find Dori and Nico already there; McPhearson teleports in and tells Julian what he wants of him in return for his family's release - three high-level crimes in three days; Jean and Jan arrive and Julian reluctantly tells Jean and Angel what is going on.

2011: Vanessa asks Bishop's help in helping the abused wife of a cop, the case she's working on. Sooraya Qadir emails Charles from Attilan, asking for his help from 'friends' who are trying to marry her off. Sam runs into North while shopping for kitchen supplies and they talk about Sam's ill-advised challenge back when his relationship with Vanessa ended. No Pryor Convictions: Wade, Marie-Ange, Jubilee and Doug look into the bank robberies of the previous night's discussion and identify the robber and his next unwilling accomplice; Doug and Wade break into the bank themselves to get Maddie out; Jubilee and Marie-Ange take on Avalanche and leave a surprise gift for the NYPD; taking Maddie back to the Snow Valley Memorial Center for Mutant Affairs offices, Wade and Doug call in Jean and Haller to help deal with the very confused girl. Korvus helps Scott with his car and reveals he wants to join the X-Men when he is old enough.

2012: Laurie posts about being told that zombies get out more than she does. Light in the Darkness: Tandy’s uncle arrives at the mansion to tell her that her parents have been murdered; Adrienne sees a distraught Tandy and tries to comfort her; Adrienne then posts to the staff saying that Tandy is asleep and that she will not be coming to classes for the rest of the day. Callie posts that she is in need for some help elves for some decorating of the mansion. Kane learns the results of the investigation into the Aitkins incident; he emails Adrienne telling her that he is going into work the next day and that that he needs to tell her the details of Aitkins if they are to continue their newly kindled relationship.

2013: Adrienne announces to x_staff that Tandy will be absent for likely the entire week. Lorna makes a journal entry seeking volunteers to help cooking for Thanksgiving.

2014: Rogue sends clandestine texts to Julian and Tandy, then informs Jessica the plan is complete. Rogue, Tandy, Julian, and Jessica drive to Jackson, Mississippi, and no one's going to road trip with Rogue again. Tandy texts Adri and Sue to blame Rogue for Julian being with them. Adri texts Rogue to congratulate her on getting Tandy and Julian together, hoping they can work things out.


2015: Thanksgiving. Felicia posts to Instagram from the Hardy clan Thanksgiving. Gabriel thanks Miles for inviting him to Thanksgiving lunch. Rogue texts Tandy to catch up with her and Julian to tell him to look after Tandy. Tabitha texts Alison to let her know she missed 3 phonecalls from her dad while volunteering. Felicia texts Warren to let him know that she saw him and misses hanging out and recommending they build a pillow fort soon. Quentin and Jean-Paul steal food, avoid people, and uncomfortably flirt.

2016: Maya wonders if it's too early to celebrate the death of Fidel Castro.


2018: Betsy makes a post offering up some clothes her brother got for her.

2019: Kitty posts about magical portals in Chicago, how her mom wants her to hang around for Hanukkah, how her mom is good at encouraging guilt, and the reason Friendsgiving is a thing.