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'''[[November 2018|2018]]:'''  
'''[[November 2018|2018]]:'''  
'''[[November 2019|2019]]:'''
[[Category: Templates]]
[[Category: Templates]]

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November 27



2004: Betsy wakes up after a month of being unconscious very cold and remote. Unwell: After weeks of being irritable, Marie-Ange lashes out at Nathan during a training session; Marie-Ange's precog goes out of control. Sam decides to stay at the family farm for a bit longer.

2005: Remy emails Charles and tells him he's leaving. Jennie declares a movie night in the wake of the events of the night before.

2006: Cain meets Yvette and she helps him with chores. Lorna apologises to Crystal and Jennie and explains about her relapse with the anorexia. Wendy: Arcade brings Ororo and Remy back to the mansion and allows Nathan to wipe his memories of the break-in at his casino, as agreed; Ororo is welcomed home by Scott. Mondo talks to Forge about his powers and gets a monitoring device. Clarice tells Sarah about her encounter with ninjas. Nathan opts out of the name-change dinner, unsettled by what he did to Arcade and instead goes to Harry's, where he meets up with Cain. Lorna checks on Paige and brings her food. Crystal and Pietro work on their powers together and discuss life at the school; Crystal's curiosity gets the better of her and she asks if he'd ever believed in Magneto's ways.

2007: Mark catches a lift with Amanda to the mansion, and has to find his own way back to New York; Esteban, Farouk's manservant, comes to the rescue, and a bit more besides. Warumbe: T'Challa lets Ororo and Nathan know he is coming to New York for a conference. Jane asks about the Nightmare Before Christmas party.

2008: The Magnificent Seven: Scott talks about a call from Tanya Callery regarding the Taygetos files taken from Alaska and a meeting at the Hellfire Club between a Taygetos courier and Sebastian Shaw; Nathan asks Emma for a favour; Nathan lets x_team know he will be attending the Hellfire Club function to see what transpires. Thanksgiving: Marie-Ange shares a link with Doug from the Macy's Parade, Adrienne looks forward to Black Friday and the sales. Bishop asks Jennie if she'd like a Christmas gift from him and invites her to come shopping for it.

2009: Stage of Illusions: Kurt emails Leo asking for help with a venue for the play; Kurt announces the play will be going ahead; Regan Claremont, a young mutant, spots Kurt checking out a potential venue and is plagued by memories of him from the Great Mutant Headache; Kurt helps Nick with controlling his wolf form for the lead role in Jekyll and Hyde. Megan helps Catseye experiment with hair dye in an effort to make her cat form less visible when she goes to observe her father.

2010: There Will Be Peace/The Gift: Julian finds Nico brooding about her family's prophecy and does his best to console her. Fianchetto: Doug takes Tabitha to a Hellfire Club function and they see Telford Porter has managed to get invited.

2011: Layla meets her new roomie, Maddie, and there is snark and consumption of strudel; Layla posts to her journal asking for warnings about prospective roommates and gets in an argument with Matt; Layla emails Kyle to thank him for his intervention in the Matt argument. Matt posts about this Thanksgiving, Advent and wanting new music. Artie asks for Thanksgiving leftovers. Sarah V. announces she is back at the school after a family Thanksgiving. Jean asks Marius for help identifying Maddie's powers. North announces his return on the x_snowvalley comm.

2012: Light in the Darkness: Matt comes across Tandy in the kitchen and tries to comfort her; Clint visits Tandy to see how she is doing; Tandy’s father, Nathan Tyler, shows up at the mansion and takes Tandy out for lunch.

2013: Laurie texts Doug to suggest dinner and a movie on Friday for their first date. Matt makes a journal entry about napping yesterday afternoon and waking up just now early the next morning. Wade makes a journal entry about how he won’t be deep frying the turkey tomorrow, providing a link to bad examples of same.

2014: Matt makes a Thanksgiving journal entry about stretchy pants. Julian and Rogue go and see her family, which ends exactly as expected.


2015: Maya lets people know she hates Thanksgiving. She later posts to link an article about MTV helping artists highlight indigenous rights. Hank lets people know that the post-turkey coma does not scientifically exist but it is just your body letting you know that it’s eaten vast amounts of food. Gabriel texts Rogue to let her know that he misses Clint’s parents and just had to tell someone. Angel posts another picture of the tentacle turkey Thanksgiving monster. Tabitha posts to the journals joking that if she’s living with zombies she might need to go to CPS. Rogue texts Logan to blow off steam about the Gabriel/Angel/Clint situation. Haller goes to apologize to Jean for his actions during the mission, it doesn’t really go well. North gets played into teaching Maya how to fight. It works out. Now Wade owes North all the alcohol.


2017: Quentin lets X-Factor know he’s going away for a while. Everett texts Wanda to let her know he’ll be away; Ev texts Natasha and Clint to let them know he’s following a lead.