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November 30


2003: X-Men Mission: Syria: Charles tells the team Pete has news of where Logan is - in Syria.

2004: Unwell: Remy contacts Tante Mattie about Marie-Ange's problem and one of his debts to her is called in. Clarice talks to Moira about her powers apparently having an inbuilt GPS.

2005: No Way Out: Terry visits Tommy and tries to convince him there is still a life for him. Marius and Lorna discover Marius doesn't need to feed to mess with other people's powers. Skeleton Coast: Still on Domino and Gideon's trail, Nathan learns more about his mother. Scott's bandages are removed.

2006: Nathan reveals his new philosophy regarding his powers at an Elpis meeting with the Oman ambassador - he refuses to hide the fact he is a telepath any more. Terry suggests a Winter Ball. Medusa becomes well enough to post to the journals. Operation: Xorn: Pete has a dream about an incident from the past - the manifestation of a mutant at a Sex Pistols gig. Jean announces her return to the school. Terry brings up the idea of having a Winter Ball. Forge and Shiro discuss customising the X-Men uniforms. Ororo and Kurt talk about his decision to change his name. Wanda and Pietro try talking again, with more success.

2007: Ororo dresses as a punk for the Nightmare Before Christmas, with Amanda giving her a mohawk; Ororo's costume gets various reactions. Monet asks Yvette for help with her costume and they discuss animal cruelty and lobsters. Jishin Da! Kyle panics about packing and being green at the airport for the next day.

2008: The Magnificent Seven: The group arrives in Wakanda and Emma is not impressed at the damage to the astral plane still evident; Nathan and T'Challa discuss the plan and the country's recovery from the events of the previous summer; the Wakandan government forbids using T'Challa as bait, so there is a change of plans. Angelo lets the Westchester Elpis staff know the office will reopen on Monday. Jean-Paul is gleeful about a no-confidence motion against the Canadian government. Callie is nervous about her SATs. Scott and Jean-Paul catch up. Kevin goes out and plays pool with Julio, trying to find some normalcy after the news of Jay's death.

2009: Crystal posts hoping everyone had a nice holiday and asks if she can attend the play some of the students are acting in at the local community centre. Stage of Illusions: Nick asks Julian to blast him with his powers if Regan returns and Nick turns on anyone in the audience during the play.

2010: The Gift: Amanda posts to the x_snowvalley community about the disappearance of Nico, Dori and Crystal. There Will Be Peace: Phoenix, Firestar, Skin and Lazybones go after Julian's father, being held in McPhearson's bunker hideout; McPhearson manages to take away the powers of Skin, Firestar and Julian, but they and Phoenix track him to where he has a gun on Julian's father; timely intervention from a hidden Wasp gives the X-Men an opening; McPhearson overloads Julian's powers but is taken down by Firestar and Skin; Jean psychically calms Julian to avoid him bringing the whole building down on top of them and he finds himself battling a child version of himself in his mind, with her help; Wallflower helps Phoenix interrogate McPhearson and discover Crystal and the girls weren't taken by him.

2011: Jubilee posts about buying Christmas presents for people. Scott informs the staff that Artie has been put on kitchen cleaning duties for three weeks as punishment. Sooraya emails jean and Adrienne. X-Men Mission: Any Other World: Clarice is observing in the ER when a familiar face is brought in, Brennan Mulwray; Clarice calls in the X-Men to apprehend the electrokinetic. Sam announces he's not going to be wearing flannel around the mansion any more. Adrienne emails Wade about obtaining clothes for Maddie. Scott puts Sharon through her paces in the Danger Room. Maddie introduces herself on the journals and is something of a smart-ass about it. Wade texts Artie about a training session. Wade emails Maddie, Marie-Ange and Adrienne about going shopping for clothes for the teenage girl. Warren and Jennifer Walters meet with X-Factor about being put on a retainer.

2012: Sarah posts wondering how can December be tomorrow. Following a prior conversation on Sarah's journal, Clarice meets the brunette for lunch and they catch up, talking about their jobs among other things. Light in the Darkness: Tandy wakes up safe within the mansion walls and talks with the Professor, Scott and Kane about D'Spayre. Billy texts Maddie that he has the ‘Let it Snow’ stuck in his head. Billy ask the students if there is anyone that speaks French that could help him with an upcoming test on Monday.


2014: Logan goes to check on Rogue after her Thanksgiving road trip and in typical fashion ends up picking up the pieces before everything ends in a nap.


2015: Ausente sin Culpa ni Presente sin Disculpa: - Talking to a former colleague in Honduras via Skype, Cecilia is shocked to learn Rave has become a major problem and gangs are destroying the clinics X-Corps founded. Wade lands in Mexico and texts Marie-Ange to share his latest discovery, Dorilocos. Gabriel texts Wade to ask him about a note in his calendar and finds out Wade’s in Mexico.


2017: Topaz lets everyone know she’s entering mid-year exam and essay hibernation and threatens doom if the library is damaged in any way while she’s occupied.

2018: Murder They Tweeted: Quentin takes Hank to a family wedding, introducing him to the Quires; the groom and the groomsman get into a fist fight; a dead body is found, and Quentin's cousin is suspected; Quentin and Hank set out to investigate; Quentin's uncle provides an interesting twist; Quentin almost gives up until a couple of last clues put everything together; the dynamic duo save the day.