X-Men Mission: Without A Trace

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X-Men: Without a Trace
Dates run: March 12, 2006
Run By: Alicia
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There's something else--someone else. It's two psi-signatures...

When a clairvoyant (and former Xavier's student) working with the NYPD vanishes after an unusual incident with a subject in a kidnapping case, the X-Men search for him.


Storm, Nightcrawler, Cable, Husk

Patrick Connelly


March 12, 2006

Plot Summary

After meeting with the suspect in a kidnapping case involving a child, Connelly, a clairvoyant and a former student of the the Professor's, vanished without a trace. The Professor was Connelly's emergency contact and, when contacted by the authorities, was able to locate him near Syracuse, using Cerebro. He detected something amiss with Connelly's psi-signature, and Storm organized a small team to accompany her. Prior to departing the mansion, Storm confessed to Cable that she and Connelly had been close during his time at the mansion, but Cable suggested that such personal motivations were more helpful than not in situations like this.

Finding Connelly in a local park in Syracuse, the team approached him. He was unresponsive and clearly ill. Cable detected a second psi-signature in the clairvoyant's mind, tangled up somehow with his own. As he revealed this to the rest of the team, a strange cloud of smoke emerged from Connelly's mouth and before the team could do more than begin to react, it lunged at Nightcrawler, entering his body even as he tried to teleport away.

As the other X-Men dealt with this new problem, Husk, serving as the team's medic, checked on Connelly. Meanwhile, Nightcrawler, making use of the mental training learned during his time as an X-Men, managed to force the smoke-being out of his body by denying it the ability to hold onto its link with his mind. Cable promptly enclosed it in a telekinetic bubble, identifying it as another mutant, "with very bad manners".

Storm ordered the team back to the Blackbird. On the flight back, she reconnected with Connelly, who was somewhat the worse for wear for his ordeal.

Later, it was revealed that the mutant had kidnapped the child in an attempt to experiment with a younger host. It revealed the child's location to Charles and thus the case that began it all was successfully solved.

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Trivia and Meta


Ororo had previously been involved for a time with Patrick while he was at the mansion for powers training. After his rescue, the two of them resumed seeing each other for a brief period, but later broke it off, agreeing that it was best to remain friends.


Plotrunner: Alicia

Although it was never actually stated as game canon, the players involved in this plot had a running joke that Charles kept the microbial mutant in a lava lamp on his bookshelf until he learned how to behave.