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Charlie Plunder - deceased
Portrayed by
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: None
Socked By: Dex and Rossi
Introduction: May 11, 2005

Charlie was a friend of Remy, Forge and Amanda's, until his suicide in July 2005.


Name: Charlie Plunder

Aliases: None

Occupation: Student

First appearance: May 11, 2005

Family: Caroline Plunder (mother), Stevie Plunder (father)


Charlie Plunder was a seventeen year old with an incredible grasp of the principles of magic. He didn't have the ability to do any of it, but his insights into the nature and existence of magic were pretty remarkable, especially for a 17 year old. He spent all his time in the library or in the various occult shops around the city. Otherwise, Charlie went to a private school in the city, lived with his mother in an upper-middle area of Brooklyn and was pretty much a normal guy.

He was shy in the Dougish way, but not a total pussy. His intelligence and interests isolated him at school, and since he is bussed, he had no real friends at home. His quiet nature was a bit of self defense against being taunted. He was slight, skinny, but did't wear glasses. He liked long coats, slacks and button front shirts; his idea of 'magnus' wear. Charlie, when encouraged to talk or asked about something he was interested in was actually kind of charismatic in his intensity. He had a finely honed 'geek' sense of humour, but was considered a bit of a strange kid by most of the adults who knew him.

Of course, there was the darker side. Charlie's mother Carolyn was a corporate lawyer in the city, and had been physically abusive to him since his father left, ten years ago. A lot of his isolation was due to her attacks on him, and his sense of self-worth was gone. She drove him mercilessly towards Harvard Law, and would have been disgusted to find out his real interests. His marks were good, but even a low 80 was considered justification for a beating. His bruises convinced the kids at the school that he was a target, and they joined in to giving it to the 'freak' at times. Charlie's reclusive habits were to hide his own fears and pains. The classic loner.

Charlie came into the lives of Amanda, Remy and Forge when he met Amanda at an occult bookstore - initially in an argument over who had claim to a particular book, but they soon got talking about magical theory. He was a quiet bookish type with an interest in magic despite his entire lack of occult ability. The two hit it off immediately and became friends, working on ways to improve Amanda's spellcraft to avoid the physical damage it had on her. Remy, who was acting as Amanda's transport to her Saturday magic lessons with Dr. Stephen Strange, befriended Charlie also, finding in the young man someone who was utterly normal, something which had been a rarity in his life as Gambit.

Over the next two months, the friendship flourished. Amanda introduced Forge to Charlie, and the three of them began work on a system of magic designed specifically for Amanda's mutant gifts. Concerned about Amanda after Meggan's kidnapping, Charlie braved a visit to the mansion, meeting several of the residents and generally being confused by the weirdness levels there.

However, whilst things were happy on the surface, Charlie was concealing the fact his mother, a high-powered lawyer named Caroline, was strict and abusive and that he was frequently a target of bullies at his private school. His father, Stevie, was a Gulf War veteran who had left Charlie's mother years previously and Charlie had not heard from him again. Charlie was reticent about his past, and Amanda's clumsy attempts to push led to the pair arguing; later she apologised and they resumed their friendship.

Remy, curious about what little Charlie had told him about his father, had Jake investigate, finally tracking him down to San Francisco where he had remarried and become a military history professor at a small college. In a telephone conversation Remy had with the man, it became clear that Caroline had been intercepting messages between Charlie and his father, leading them both to conclude they'd been rejected by the other. Spurred by finding Charlie's father and possibly reconciling the pair and the good news that Strange was interested in taking Charlie on as a possible apprentice, Remy took Amanda out for a night clubbing.

Back in New York, Charlie returned home to find his mother had gone through his room, destroying his computer and burning the magic texts he had hidden there. Stevie had contacted her to confront her with her actions, and she had concluded (erroneously) that Charlie had been sneaking off behind her back to get in touch with the man she blamed for 'ruining' her life. Already suspicious of his friendship with Amanda and in light of her finding the magic-related files and books, she beat him and informed him that he would have no further contact with the witch. Locking him in his room, she left to sleep in her office.

Distraught, Charlie tried to call both Remy and Amanda. Unfortunately they had their phones off, being out clubbing, leading him to believe his mother's contentions that no-one would help him. Driven to the point of despair and seeing no way out, Charlie cut his throat with a box cutter. He left no note.


None - baseline human.


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Socked by: Dex and Rossi