Dark Dimension

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Location: The Dark Dimension
First Seen: TBD

First Appearance - TBD

A parallel magical dimension to Earth, the Dark Dimension is a nexus of interdimensional portals.

Population: 7 Million


King Olnar - deceased
Former ruler and exiled prince Orini’s father. He was murdered when Dormammu betrayed the king's hospitality.

Queen Clea
Wife to Olnar and mother of Orini, she died when the prince was young. Clea Lake is named after her.

Prince Orini
Clea's birth father. The rightful heir of the Dark Dimension and former rebel leader. He died when Umar betrayed him, however his death allowed the rest of his rebels to escape.

One of the rebels who kidnapped the princess from Umar and brought her to Earth. She died shortly after delivering the princess to a local orphanage in London. She was able to tell them to name the infant Clea before dying.

Umar - the Unrelenting
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The birth mother of Clea and the twin sister of Dormammu. Like her brother, Umar was unlike the Faltine and craved more power. She, along with her brother, killed their father. For this they were banished from their own world, one of the Hell Planes. She came to the Dark Dimension and became Umar's second in command. She has the ability to manipulate the force of magic. Since taking human form (in order to seduce Prince Orini and bear his child) her powers have diminished greatly, but she is still a force to reckon with.

PB: TBD. Socked by TBD

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Current ruler of the Dark Dimension and twin brother of Umar. An energy-based being known as a Faltine, he developed an unnatural craving for physical matter and started to gather and store it, becoming more powerful. When his father tried to stop him and his sister, both killed him. This caused the other Faltine to rise up against them. Oumatched and overpowered, the siblings were exiled and made their way into the Dark Dimension. Seeing a new world for the taking, he killed the king and took up the place of ruling. His hope is to build an army to destroy his own home plane and take the rest of the hell planes for his own.

Dormammu has the ability to manipulate the force of magic. He has been feeding off the dark energy within the Dark Dimension, the source where the people of the realm get their power from. Unlike his sister, he cannot take human form and thus uses an avatar as a puppet.

PB: TBD. Socked by TBD


The Dark Dimension is a parallel world to the Earth, but in fact is ruled under one family. There is only one large city where 99% of the majority of the population lives. The other 1% lives outside of the city – it is not forbidden but life is harder. There is a sun but it is constantly in an eclipse with the nearby moon that rotates at the same time. Once every couple hundred years, there is a day when the sun shines. The people of the Dark Dimension have learned to create artificial light to help the vegetation to grow.

Around the city are large pillars that serve as a defensive mechanism – the reason being as the Dark Dimension is one of the center points of portals that lead to other alternate worlds. Crossing over to these worlds are strictly forbidden unless given special permission from the ruling family. Occasionally things cross over and either can’t go back or takes off to the outer reign of the cities. Each portal is guarded by a special group of warriors who are trained to take on anything that may come through the portals.

The portals have another name: dark energy pockets. This is the energy that gives the Dark Dimension people the power to survive – their power, their source of all energy. Every person is born with magical abilities – some with more control over others. Occasionally a child is born without that power and are usually shunned against. The denizens of the Dark Dimension look like normal Earth humans, except that they have white hair and blue eyes.

The world is based on a hierarchy, where the ruling family is at the top. There are also Lords and Ladies, High Priests (They believe that their god is the sun who only appears once in a few hundred years), Generals, and then the citizens. Every citizen is treated fairly.

King Olnar was the ruler of the Dark Dimension. Under his rule, the planet was at peace. When Dormammu and his "sister" Umar came after having been exiled from Faltine, they came under the false pretense of needing sanctuary; they were the first intelligent beings that had been able to come over through the portal for millennia. Olnar granted Dormammu and Umar sanctuary but his hospitality was betrayed. After the first week, a war broke out and Olnar was killed and Dormammu gained control. Orini, Olnar's only son escaped and formed the rebellion to gain vengeance for his father and to regain the crown that is rightly his.

Dormammu intends to use the portal nexus as a means of not only conquering and destroying his home world, but to conquer the multiverse. To this end, he is raising an army. Fortunately for Earth, it is protected by the Sorcerer Supreme, whose task it is to defend the world against the Dark Dimension.




Introduced by: Rei