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Demon Bear
Dates run: May 10-11, 2018
Run By: Rei
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A spirit trapped inside an object, that isn't creepy or anything.

Something is stalking the halls of Bayville Charter High and it’s not the hall monitors.


Clea Lake, Stephen Strange, Maya Lincoln-Lopez, Rahne Sinclair, Monica Rambeau, Miles Morales, Xavin Majesdane, Alex Summers, Darcy Lewis, Julian Keller, Megan Gwynn, Meggan Szardos, Sharon Friedlander, Molly Hayes, Jean-Phillipe Colbert, Amanda Sefton, Topaz


May 10-11, 2018

Plot Summary

It began when Clea and Stephen’s history professor brought in his latest Native American artifacts for a lesson. Among them was a knife with a bear design, said to be able to trap spirits. Stephen and Clea, eager to finish class, paid no more attention to it. The next day, however, Maya, Clea and Rahne arrived at school to discover it had been vandalised, and the artifacts broken. School went ahead, but strange things began happening, when the three girls, plus Stephen, all had strange encounters involving ghostly sounds, objects being moved and visions of something lurking. A girl from Maya's class kept appearing and disappearing, leading the four to conclude something unnatural was definitely happening. It was then they found they couldn't actually leave the school building.

In the meantime, grads Nica, Xavin and Miles arrived to pick them up for a pre-arranged movie outing. With no sign of the four, they entered the school and found themselves separated and lost, finding and then losing each other. Fortunately, whatever was happening registered as the GPS on their phones going crazy, leading to a group of adults to go and find out what was wrong. Less fortunately, they too were caught up in the weirdness of shifting halls and the appearing and disappearing giant bear that was terrorising the kids.

Eventually the groups found themselves in the gym, having tied themselves together to avoid any more losses. The bear appeared but was severely outnumbered and outgunned. It was Sharon who realised the bear was guarding a stone knife from them and Maya used her abilities to secure it while the rest of the group distracted their enemy. Finally Maya was able to secure the knife and flee, the bear abruptly disappearing one last time.

In the aftermath, Alex, Julian and Jean-Phillipe found the girl who had first gone missing, who had no memory of what had happened. She was taken to the local hospital for treatment for shock. Sharon took custody of the knife, passing it onto Amanda for study. Amanda, aware of her lack of knowledge of Native American magic, made arrangements to take the knife to Maya's grandfather, who was a shaman, for safekeeping.

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Demon Bear

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Amanda dragged Topaz along with her to visit Maya's grandfather as a way of getting her out of the library for a bit.


Plotrunner: Rei

The plot was based on the Demon Bear story published in The New Mutants comics.