Harry Osborn

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Harry Osborn
Harry Osborn.jpg
Portrayed by Dave Franco
Known Aliases: N/A
Affiliations: Julian Keller
Socked By:
Introduction: January 23, 2015

Business partner and friend of Julian Keller


Name: Harry Osborn

Aliases: N/A

Occupation: Business man

First appearance: January 23, 2015

Family: Norman Osborn (father); Martha (mother, deceased)


Norman’s only son with his wife Martha, who died when Harry was only an toddler. In college, Harry became very close friends with Julian Keller and upon graduation, the 2 decided to go into business together, partly to show their parents that they are capable businessmen. Recently, they jointly opened a high-end nightclub in Manhattan called the Jack O’ Lantern. While Julian manages the marketing, Harry handles the finances, licensing, and other administrative issues. The club has become incredibly popular under their watch and they’re well on their way to recouping their capital. They’re now looking to expand. Harry is aware that Julian is a mutant but he understands the need for secrecy so he keeps it quiet.






PB: Dave Franco

Socked by: