I Do...NOT!

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I Do... NOT!
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Dates run: January 27 - February 28, 2012
Run By: Eva
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"Listen to me… I will never, ever choose you as my husband and be by your side. I will not carry your children or clean your house. Choose someone else who is willing to be your match if you ever get free.”

When Sooraya Qadir goes back to Attilan someone has ideas about what she should be doing and tries to force her hand.


Sooraya Qadir, Yvette Petrovic, Angelo Espinosa, Garrison Kane, Jean Grey, Theresa Cassidy

Leyu Yoshida, Sayyid ibn Aziz, Achmed Akkabi


January 27 - February 28, 2012

Plot Summary

At the end of January 2012, Sooraya received the message that Achmed, the man who intended to marry her and the reason she came back to America, had been arrested and she was subpoenaed to testify against him. She asked Yvette and Angelo to come with her for moral support and, after talking with Professor Xavier, asked Garrison Kane for help with her personal protection, since Sayyid was still out there. He liasoned with Attilan police and recruited Dr. Summers-Grey and Terry to accompany them.

The flight and arrival in Attilan went fine, but next morning trouble started. Disciples of Sayyid stuck and kidnapped Leyu Yoshida for the Attilan school. Sayyid confronted Sooraya in the hotel lobby and coerced her into coming with him with threats to Leya, using a inhibitor to prevent her escape. His disciples stuck again when they freed Achmed from the transport that was bringing him to the court house.

The team who has accompagnied her to Attilan jumped into action. Garrison and Terry worked with Detective Caspers of the Attilan police force to figure out what happened, while Dr. Grey-Summers, Angelo and Yvette worked to figure out where Sooraya and Leyu had been taken. They finally managed to locate her at a warehouse that belonged to one of Sayyid's followers.

At the warehouse in the mean time Sooraya had been prepared for the marriage ceremony and remet Achmed for the first time since the kidnapping attempt in November 2011. They discussed some things and then proceded with the marriage ceremony. Before Sooraya could be given to Achmed, her inhibitor shut down and she was able to resume her sand form and escape through the ventilation system to look for Leyu. In the meantime the team had arrived at the warehouse. They split up, Angelo and Yvette to find Leyu while the others went to deal with Sayyid and his henchmen.

Sooraya encountered two gunmen in the hallways, managing to take them out mostly on her own. The last one was knocked out by Angelo when they ran into her. Sooraya showed them the way to where Leyu was being held. Working together they managed to take out Leyu's guards, a female pyrokenitic and hydrokenitic. Heading back with Leyu they were confronted with ann angry Achmed. They managed to take him down, though he didn't truly surrender until after Sooraya told him she would never choose him.

The other group dealing with Achmed had less luck though. The initial assault went well, taking down several henchmen. Trouble began when Sayyid entered with his emotional manipulation and Jean was stuck down with a pipe. Garrison and Terry managed to take out a few others. The tide turned again when Jean woke up and managed to take out Sayyid with a needle with sedative that had been used to keep Leyu unconcious, before falling unconcious herself again. Garrison and Terry managed to mop up the rest, but not before Garrison got stabbed.

A few weeks laster, Sooraya received an email from Sayyid. With the help of a few of his disciples, he had escaped...

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  • Doug Ramsey and Angelo conspired to hack the computers of the jail of Attilan and to have Sayyid treated with thorazine.
  • After being kidnapped yet again, Sooraya decided to investigate becoming part of the X-Men.


Plotrunner: Eva

'I do NOT! was Eva's first plot as plotrunner.