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Moment of Awesome - The Stepford Cuckoos: Does taking down an evil alternate version of Topaz count as a family outing? For Fourteen, Emma Frost and Fourteen's 'daughters' Ruby and Garnet, apparently it does.

~Does this count as family bonding?~ Ruby and Garnet asked over their tight link to Emma and Fourteen. The pooled psychic potential of eight bodies thrummed under the surface of the link, white-hot and almost eager to be put to use. ~I mean, in a very literal sense...~

~When we survive this,~ 14 shot back, splitting her attention five different ways over the various groups and keeping one very dedicated eye on what the future Topaz was doing, ~I'm going to have to remember to smack you. Preferably with Phoebe. That was weapons-grade bad, and whoever has been teaching you should feel bad.~

It was an annoyingly good pun, and 14 was somewhat upset she hadn't thought of it first, truth be told. Her world had spun on its axis in the last few days, though, and even ignoring the whole 'cloned experimental kids from the future thing' (someone was very very dead, she just didn't know who yet), things were different. Emma knew, now, and probably so did everyone else. In some ways a relief, in others a very new, very scary and very dangerous new world.

Emma was talking to her now. Another new and unexpected turn. And Emma was apparently willing to at least try. A part of her screamed it was too little too late, but... the rest of her was annoyingly happy about the whole thing, and others were starting to... ew, god, notice. Something to deal with after the latest end of the world crisis.

So, bereft of familiar ground and thrown about without any of her previous walls or comforting defenses, 14 fell back to what she was best at: snark.

She was very good at the snark.

~It's a Frost family trait,~ Emma sent. ~Snark, terrible puns in times of danger and truly exquisite taste in shoes.~ She kept her attention turned mostly outwards, trusting the feel of the diamond-like net of telepathic connections between all of them. ~I haven't seen any sign of Topaz the second yet. Can any of you find a trace of her?~ She continued to send her consciousness questing through Avalon, trying to find a mind both familiar and unfamiliar.

Ruby and Garnet's thoughts were tinged with amusement, picking up on the faintest hint of curiosity coming off Emma. ~I had the both of you to teach me, of course I have a shoe collection that lesser people would die to have,~ they sent down the link as they observed the mental 'landscape' around them. ~I don't sense her, but there's...something odd. Can't quite figure it out.~ Their focus sharpened, and they paused, remembering what they knew about their mother. ~Sophie,~ they said, pulling at the single strand of the five-in-one. ~Are you seeing what we're seeing here?~

Sophie had always been the 'mom' that they wanted to deal with, after all.

There was a weird twinge at being addressed as Sophie when being looked at as a whole. Had she disassociated that much in the future? or was that just a quirk she allowed for her... daughters?

...there would be time enough to figure it out later, because she could absolutely see what Ruby and Garnet were getting at.

~Oh that is subtle,~ 14 said, impressed despite herself. ~Here, take a look at this, Emma.~ A split attention gently guided Emma's focus towards the anomaly that the future girls had been poking at.

~She's linked up to her creatures on an astral level, and every bit of combat they get in creates ripples through the astral plane. So far, so normal.~ She very carefully slipped a razor-thin probe into the fabric of their surroundings, teasing it until a dark purple strand of something poked out into existence. ~But she's using the disturbance to hide empath probes. Nearly completely impossible to detect, and more impossible to find.~ 14 grinned. ~Well, unless you're us. Obviously.~

Today in XProject:

May 2

2004: Trojan Horse: Colin MacInnis lets Nathan free. Moira can’t sleep, the only way Amanda can is with Manuel.

2005: Traitor: Catseye watches over Jay as he heals; Remy begins to connect the FOH to the attack on Jay; Kitty and Doug decide to independently investigate Jay’s attack. Growing Pains: Forge shows his dad his lab and what he’s been working on. Jake meets Lockheed, then he and Kitty talk about religion, the school and cookies. Scott and Jubilee talk about when and when not to listen to orders. The invitations for Nate and Moira’s wedding are sent.

2006: Marie returns to the mansion. Operation: Opening Salvo: Pete proposes the start of a new kind of team to Remy.

2007: The invitations for Medusa's engagement party are sent out. John invites Marie out for coffee. Amanda emails Illyana and asks about what happened in Limbo. Remix: Shiro is dragged out shopping for a prom dress by his 'girlfriend' Alex'; Doug and Marie-Ange have breakfast after she stays for the night; Angelo continues life as normal despite the gender swap; Doug has to go to martial arts training as a girl. Forge meets James MacDonald-Hudson and Director Malcolm Colcord and is offered a job. Terry posts about a musical code being deciphered in a church. Wanda gives Yvette something to distract her from confusing life at Xavier's and she is very excited about her new project. Pietro RSVPs to the wedding invitation. Lorna invites Davey over to watch movies.

2008: Angelo and Lorna discuss the future and say goodbye. Operation: London Calling: Regrouping at hospital the next morning, X-Force discovers Amanda is still missing. Bedlam: Confused and not remembering who she is, Amanda reappears at Liverpool Street Station and is mistaken for being homeless and told to move on; Remy notifies the X-Men team leaders, Kurt and Angelo as to the situation; Wanda lets the journals know Amanda is on a 'research trip' and not contactable. Monet asks Ororo for permission to become a trainee. Lorna's prankster continues to make it hard for her to pack. Kevin agrees to take Cessily to the prom, since she doesn't know anyone much.

2009: Jennie emails Forge to tell him not to talk to her ever again. Lil comes across Bishop in the pool and they talk - and flirt - for the first time since they stopped dating. Sam and Dani go shooting and have some friendly competition. Wanda lets people know she's reached her destination, and has a meeting with the elusive Irene Merryweather and makes a deal in return for information on Tara Trask. Angel is excited about the rooftop couch deal.

2010: Jean-Paul runs into Jake again at a bakery in New York and they have a tense discussion about Jake's lack of warning to the school about his presence and possible pursuers. Cammie offers her roommate, Laura, for sale.

2011: Wade emails Marie-Ange and Kevin complaining about having to explain things to Molly, and suggests they tone it down next time. Molly and Angelo have a discussion about her parents. Kevin leaves a birthday gift for "John".

2012: Nico looks for volunteers for a magical experiment. Lorna posts about chimichangas and having too many leftovers in the kitchen. Jean-Paul texts Bishop for help with a not-quite case. Wade texts Sarah M. about belly dancing and jingling skirts. Vance shows up in the City to ask Terry to lunch.

2013: Maddie thanks her friends for her birthday party.

2014: Red-X Mission: King Tide: Yvette announces an tsunami is threatening Avalon and Red X goes to help. Hope and Cecilia desperately try to evacuate the some of the remaining residents. Scott and Tandy evacuate refugees and must clear a path through the jungle before the tide hits. Matt and Angel race against time to get a trapped family out of a building and to safety. Kurt and Billy attempt to evacuate a resistant Avalonian. As Hope is pulled under, help is on the way. Jean and Angelo try to retrieve an old cranky Portuguese woman from being hit by the tsunami. Jean enters the astral plane to help find a panicked Hope who has lost control of her astral projection abilities during the tsunami. Bruised, banged up and bandaged, Matt runs into a curious sort of quasi-volunteer. Cecilia comes to Yvette's aid as she works to free a tsunami victim from the debris of his house. Kyle and Clarice end up swimming down and to assess trapped survivors in a damaged barracks, remove two bodies and rescue a amphibious mutant. Yvette posts to thank the volunteers. Kyle posts about a bonfire party.

2015: Warren texts Lorna about going to Russia with Arthur. Topaz’s quiet time in the gym is interrupted by the arrival of Matt.

2016: Kyle wants to know what the Met Gala is and why it’s all over social media; Darcy is excited about Alison’s light-up dress at the ceremony.


2018: Alex posts pondering about a blood drive for mutants. Doug posts about a May the Fourth Star Wars RPG party.

2019: Sooraya emails Terry to see if she'd like accompany her on some Mutant Underground home visits. Terry texts Jean asking if she wants to join them.


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