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Moment of Awesome - Namor/The Sub-Mariner: Namor takes on Nerkkod the Worthy in an attempt to save Tokyo Port alongside a disparate group of mansionites.

Namor smiled smugly. There was only one king of the sea here, and that person carried a trident.

The once-king was airborne only a few steps outside the portal as the rest of the team filed out, and that height advantage painted a picture of the battle to come: swirling set of whirpools were tossing waves at the land like an angry sea god as an airborne mech circled cautiously out of reach, both juxtaposed against the flat horizon of the sea. Behind the port, there seemed to be a mess of military barring access between this industrial district and the actual city with only a few scattered civilians scrambling away from the battle and toward the blockade; a swarm of ants painted against the backdrop of a sprawling metropolis and a distance white-capped mountain. Strangely, there were limp bodies scattered amid the carnage of a harbor. Odd.

Recon gathered, the dark-featured Atlantean swooped back down from the sky to his allies as his smug smirk melted into a considered, battle-ready grimace. The group was still getting their bearings and getting cover. Good. "The Revenger and the Worthy are toying with each other out at sea like children. We should engage immediately."

Alani glanced around the area as she followed closely behind the group. The destruction she could immediately see made her more nervous than she was willing to let on, and she cleared her throat to cover it up. "This Worthy guy, he just smashes?"

Sharon felt the body armor settle around her like a long lost friend and with casual ease she checked her weapons, scanning her surroundings at the same time. "This feels all wrong... with all the damage, there should be more casualties. Something isn't adding up here."

"When does it ever on things like this?" Jean-Phillipe asked. Cynicism came easy to him, after all, though he would say it was the voice of experience. He was scanning around, looking for people. Sharon was right, though, for this much carnage there were essentially no bodies lying around.

Nerkodd wordlessly lowered his hammer into the water, channeling power through it to summon several water spouts and targeting them toward the newcomers. He leaned onto the hammer and continued his onslaught, watching and waiting for the pesky, puny mortals to be swept away under the waves and out of his sight.

"My experience it never does," Natasha said in response. There was always some kind of explanation for the out of the ordinary. She'd never walked into a situation and not uncovered that it had more of a story to it. She headed toward what would be the main terminal of the port by her mental map but then dodged the large water spout aiming right for her. "Looks like we have part of our explanation!" She dived behind what was remaining of a low wall to avoid the brunt of another wave.

"Fishy dude... Namor..." Sharon called out as she flipped out of the way of yet another sprout. "Can't you shut this guy up in some way? This is getting..." She dove out the way of yet another wave of water. "... annoying. And we can't fight him if he is out there somewhere!!!"

She was met with a glare. "You will address Us as Our Title Befits, medic." Still, Namor gripped this trident tighter and turned an eye toward the sea. "I will easily remove this 'Worthy' from the sea. Amuse yourselves by finding a way to contain him further."

Today in XProject:

November 12

2003: Haroun and Sarah get into a fight outside the school, which leads both of them to injury.

2004: Hand Me Down: Jamie chooses to undergo psychic surgery. Nathan asks Remy to train with him in order to get a handle on his fighting style as a failsafe against the triggers.

2005: Stoker and Stalkers: Kitty sleepwalks again, this time being woken by Catseye outside. Manuel seduces Terry.

2006: Yvette announces she will be returning to Xavier's and Kyle asks for help with a gift for her. Paige announces that Jono cannot keep a physical form due to the accident with Kevin's powers and that both boys will be taken to Muir for treatment; Paige also announces she will be going as well, interchanging with Moira between the school and Muir; Angelo goes to check on how she is and things are awkward. Wendy: During one of their lunch meetings, Ororo and Remy encounter Arcade, who has worked out what happened during Remy's Eleven and wants payback. Shiro tries to fly again and nearly kills himself, but Sam is there to catch him. The Gates: Rahne reads the journal response to the Smichov riots and gets angry.

2007: Garrison announces he is being recalled to Canada for an undisclosed amount of time. Crystal posts her own lolcat. Lorna talks about her parental visit over the weekend. Doug asks Remy to train him further and Remy explains there's no going back if he does.

2008: Jean-Paul apologises to Catseye for his reaction to her sleeping in his bed, and upsets her again when he refuses to let her do it ever again. CNN airs a Presidential announcement of the 'creation' of SHIELD in the wake of Day Zero. Laurie and Jan talk over Laurie's fight with Kyle and Jan suggests Laurie writes him a note; Laurie does so and leaves it stuck to Kyle's door. Adrienne encounters Scott in the gym and they have a rather roundabout conversation about Day Zero. Catseye pounces Jay and nearly breaks his guitar.

2009: Wanda and Amanda have lunch and discuss, among other things, Jake, Angelo and Amanda's new role as mentor to Nico.

2010: Yvette posts about the Serbian president apologising to Croatia, and about wanting to know more about her father.

2011: Sam makes a journal entry saying how everything should come in a pumpkin flavored variant. Sons of Liberty: Hank and Bobby dig up some information for Kane regarding the list that Jean and Kyle got from Isaiah Bradley; Kane and Abigail Brand have lunch and discuss their progress on the case.

2012: Matt posts about having applied for college.

2013: Matt runs into Tabitha at the library and talks to her about braille Playboy and Doug being a spy. Sarah V. teaches Angel how to play Call of Duty and there is much excitement.

2014: Death is Legion: Following the email from his father, Kyle arrives home and discovers the news is definitely not good; Arriving at their destination, Kyle discovers just what he's needed for; Kyle begins investigating with no idea what he's looking for; While Kyle is in the lab, Garrison, Logan, Wade and North arrive, following the lead from Dugan; Wade and Logan go after Kyle, hoping their healing factors will be able to save them; While Wade and Logan are looking for Kyle, it's up to Garrison, and North to rescue Midge Gibney from Omega Red; things get bad down in the facilities, with the Weapon X survivors fighting for their lives; On the surface, the fight with Omega Red is going badly and things get worse when Cornelius plays his trump card; Kyle, Logan and Wade manage to survive the virus long enough to get back to the surface where the anti-virals are, too bad there's not better news; Wade texts Marie-Ange to let her know he's still alive. Rogue and Pixie go shopping and discuss art history and drugs. Tension between Julian and Tandy finally boils over, resulting in a fight in the kitchen. Angel texts Julian about the fight. Gabriel texts Clint expressing disdain at the possibility of getting dragged into drama. Gabriel thanks Kurt for saving him from Thornn and Phantazia.

2015: Maya posts a link and talks about anger being the only emotion that makes sense. Miles and Bobby make a decision about Homecoming.

2016: Amanda thanks the person who left her a pumpkin scone. Alison posts a tribute to Leonard Cohen.

2017: Clint emails Tasha, and lets her know he’s back. Clint also has a catch-up session with Quentin.

2018: Callisto is staring down the barrel of the Morlocks' second winter without Healer and asks Sharon for help. Maya posts about people not knowing how to people.

2019: House of Horrors: Emma asks about the legal ramifications of getting married to Logan under demonic influence. Maya posts from her exchange in France. Alex nearly crashes into Sooraya on his skateboard and they talk about taking life in both hands.

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