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MoA Jubilee.png
Moment of Awesome - Jubilation Lee/Jubilee: Following their time in Roma's fake world, Jubilee goes to check up on Kevin Sydney. His response is definitely not what she expected.

"Alright Lee, out with it."

“That’s just it. I don’t fucking know where to start.”

Jubilee picked up a spare coaster and started to twirl it with her hands, attempting to flip it through her fingers before she looked back up.

“You got any questions?”

"Not really. Emma gave me a solid overview of the history. Or, at least, the other universe history. Lee, you look rattled. What is it that you're expecting here?"

“Anger, probably. The fact you haven’t poisoned my alcohol is weirding me the fuck out.”

Jubilee turned her gaze to the room, noting the exits and the people near them before focusing back on Kevin.

“We basically lied to you the moment you walked in the fucking door. Like, literally. How the fuck are you so calm?”

"50 years with the CIA and you think lying would piss me off? Shit Lee, I thought your Remy hired you because you were smart." Kevin drained his glass and waved for a refill of the table, including the drink she hadn't touched. "I'm not saying being part of a dimension gumbo is easy for me, but I'm going to think about it before I get angry."

“Not smart enough, or they’d still be alive.”

She ripped the coaster in two and then proceeded to tear it into smaller chunks, not sure what she expected from Kevin or herself. She placed the drift of cardboard to one side after she finished.

“You realize we never talk about anything but work? I mean, like, it was easier cause I hate getting close to people but that other place... I’m not sure I want so much distance anymore. And like, this isn’t a proposition dude, don’t have a heart attack but, I know next to nothing about you. I’d like to know more.”

"And do you think I want that?" Kevin said mildly. "I'm learning how this shop works for real now. I get your background. Why do you think I want to share more?"

That hit harder than she thought it would, and honestly, why wouldn’t it? Her history. Her struggle. When had she ever thought herself worthy of anyone for more than a second, or even less than that?

“50 years in the CIA, you didn’t just exist through all that time without connecting with anyone. It’s a fucking cold world, Kevin, and it doesn’t get less empty the longer you’re in it. Too many damn people never saw anything worth fucking knowing in me for too fucking long. I’m not here to convince you my friendship is worth a damn if you don’t want it. I’m worth more than that, to myself at least.”

"Good lord, Lee, this is why I don't want to share. Do you need my history for us to be friends? Do I need to explain my divorce before the next time I've got your ankles over your head?" Kevin gave her a look."I'll answer any questions you want, but if you ask me if I need to share, the answer is no. I don't need all the details of your story to be your friend. I don't even need you to be honest to me to be your friend."

Today in XProject:

June 12 - Maya Lincoln-Lopez's birthday

2003: Kitty's classes with Nathaniel Essex begin.


2005: Charlie goes home. Nathan tells Amanda about finding his father. Meggan frightens Kurt when she demonstrates her ability to synch to energy sources. Dani's dislike of Billy becomes obvious and plans are made to wean him onto formula. Alison spends the day recording Guido's band.


2007: Laurie shaves Angelo's head whilst he's asleep and gets punished by Dani for it. Dani has a frybread making spree. Julio shaves Kyle's cat to look like a lion and goes to Jean for treatment of his scratches. Jennie and Kyle tell Shiro about joining the team. Scott announces the new trainees - Jennie, Kyle, Marius, Forge and Janet. Clarice requests team uniform designs for the new trainees. Ororo and Nathan continue their climbing trip. Pietro returns to the mansion. New Renaissance Man: Jean emails Betsy about an emergency hair dying job. Clarice and Jono catch up. Paige announces her return on the journals. Laurie and Marius discuss being medlab volunteers. Sound of Silence: On Attilan, Crystal and Maximus Boltagon discuss her time at the school.

2008: Callisto meets Farouk and is unimpressed at the Morlocks being considered a sociology experiment. X-Men Mission: Keep The Faith: The torture continues; the X-Men escape and call in, but are pursued and barely survive the encounter before the X-Men arrive; Forge is taken to hospital; Terry blames herself and won't listen to Scott; Scott lets the school know what happened; Adrienne tries to comfort her roommate with mixed success. Kevin emails Nathan to make sure he hasn't told Kevin's secrets and curtails meditation sessions with Laurie. Sarah and Callisto finally meet again after being reunited and Sarah is less than happy about the situation.

2009: Wanda visits Jake early in the morning to give him his gift from Japan, and discovers they bought each other the same tentacle toy. Face The Blood: Yvette, Dori and Inez help rescue a child from a mine, but Yvette steps on another and is blown up; Forge and Crystal have a conflict of opinions on how to deal with wars and the ways people do things; Dr. Marcel asks Clarice to teleport her to the hospital in Kosovo, and to bring help from the mansion; Laurie tries to use her powers to counter Yvette's, but fails; Jean and Forge talk with Dr. Marcel and realise that an inhibitor is the only way to go; Forge lets the school know what happened; Inez and Angel talk about what happened; Laurie checks on Forge as he makes the inhibitor; Laurie checks on Kevin and tries to feed him; Laurie checks on Fred, and tries to comfort him. Jean-Paul posts about playing laser tag with Johnny.

2010: Meggan goes to tell Kurt about her new powers trick so he doesn't get worried about her.

2011: My Long Forgotten Son: Crystal chases down Artie and Nico; Callisto and Garrison go after Dori and Molly; Sarah Morlocks pursues Klara and Megan; Kurt and Warren find Meggan; Kurt, Garrison, Sarah Morlock, and Callisto confront Annalee; the kids are brought back home.

2012: Matt takes Molly into the city (without permission or a chaperone), using the trip as cover for some other things. Meggan realizes Molly is missing from the mansion and e-mails Scott to alert him about the missing student. Scott manages to track Matt and Molly to a toy store in the city and asks Wade to swing by and pick them up. Wade asks Marie-Ange for help in picking up the wayward students. Having picked the kids up Wade texts Scott to let him know that Wanda was driving them back to the mansion. Angel comes across Lorna watching Disney movies in their suite and the two of them start chatting. Later Catseye finds Angel pouting in the kitchen and the two of them make summer plans. Wade and Maddie make plans to spring a surprise on Doug. Vanessa turns up at the mansion to spend another night with Laurie and runs into Garrison who is more morose than she expected. Artie and Korvus realize they need to move out and start packing. One slightly demented soldier reacts to another slightly demented soldier nearly killing himself by threatening to finish the job. Having made use of Marie-Ange's shower and bath products, Maddie begins to talk with her host. As a result, the world will never, ever be the same again. Laurie runs into Matt and apologises for blowing up at him on the journals.

2013: Topaz asks about summer solstice celebrations; Wade emails Fred about where the colour coded grills are for the subsequent summer solstice BBQ.

2014: Maddie posts excited about the World Cup and conflicted about Brazil. Adrienne posts about a pool for the World Cup. Dori posts disgusted about Ubisoft not animating women. Matt and Clint meet in the rec room and catch up. Hope emails the volunteers for the Red X fundraiser looking for information. Matt posts about backing a movement for Braille dice up to D20. Cecilia texts Wade informing him that he has to drive up the bidding for the Red X fundraiser.

2015: Warren texts a joke to Matt. Scott runs Amanda through a basic combat program in the Danger Room to test her form.

2016: Nica tries to get the Gen Xers who fled the party to regroup. The morning after, Miles has to flee Becky's father. Clea texts Stephen about said party. Darcy posts about the Tony Awards. Topaz gets Maya cookies and a jacket for her birthday.

2017: Kyle bring Laurie food to make sure she stays fed in the lab and an offer to help build a new team from the ground up. Hank posts to his journal asking who stole his latest experiment, replacing it with a bottle of mustard. Tandy posts complaining about how busy summer courses make her. Stephen and Clea go to the movies on a date, both of them are a little weird.

2018: Miles’ dad gets him a job with his construction crew which is easy for Miles leading him to wonder about when to tell his father about his other identity. Ev sends Wanda a text to check in on her. Rogue posts to let people know she loves Canada because of the wide open spaces.

2019: It’s Maya’s birthday and her dad sent her a birthday cake.


XProject Announcements and News:

New Character! Shai has bid farewell to Tyrone Johnson and will be bringing in Miss America Chavez!

Welcome back! Cai has returned, taking up her previous character Theresa Cassidy!

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  • Breakdown: The Claremont Hospital comes under attack by terrorists and it's up to some of the mansion residents to act from within while the X-Men try to get access from without.

  • Sons of Mutancy: The Secret Empire Motorcycle Club returns when SWORD recruits the X-Men to assist in taking down a cartel running magically-infused weapons.

  • The Dewey Deceptional System: X-Force goes on a good old fashioned heist to retrieve a dangerous book from the Hellfire Club.

  • Coming To America: The X-Men head to Madripoor to stop a mutant from single-handedly waging war on a street gang.

  • Arc: Arise, X-Man: Laurie Collins goes on a quest to replace what she has lost.

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