Operation: Body Snatchers

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Operation: Body Snatchers
Dates run: August 9-25, 2006
Run By: Ben and Rossi
Read the logs: Body Snatchers

"Oh, I could see myself turning into a regular here. It's a great place, and everyone tries so hard to make you feel welcome. It's easy to see why it's so popular. Helps that it's got one of the best DJs in New York."

In the course of tracking down the mutant smuggling ring responsible for Sarah's abduction, X-Force inadvertently acquires a new member - DJ.


Remy LeBeau, Sarah Morlocke, Amanda Sefton, Betsy Braddock, Wanda Maximoff, Mark Sheppard, Marie-Ange Colbert


August 9-25, 2006

Plot Summary

Following Sarah's rescue from Germany, the Snow Valley crew began searching for the kidnapping ring responsible for her being abducted from New York. Following up on various leads, such as homeless shelters, mutant outreach groups and nightclubs friendly to young mutants, they received a lead in the form of one of Marie-Ange's visions - a mirror. Amanda linked the vision to one of the clubs she'd been investigating: Silver.

Returning to the club, Amanda pointed out to Wanda that the resident DJ made a habit of talking to his clientele rather more than was usual. Deciding he was possibly the front man for the kidnapping operation, Amanda lured him out into a nearby alley for a 'chat', never realising that Mark was playing along, thinking she was responsible for the disappearance of several of his regular clients. Once out in the alley, Mark attacked Amanda with his powers, only to have the tables turned on him by Wanda, who dropped him in a dumpster. Upon questioning him, the two women discovered he was no more responsible for the kidnappings than they were. However, Marie-Ange's vision had led them to him, so they brought him back to the office to further investigate.

Under Betsy's telepathic probing, they discovered that Mark had indeed seen the kidnapper at his club, giving them a target. With Sarah going undercover to have him reveal his base of operations, they tracked him to a warehouse down on the docks. Sarah, Remy, Betsy and Wanda provided a suitably violent distraction at the front of the warehouse, drawing the attention of the gang whilst Mark (who had insisted on being included) and Amanda snuck in the back way and freed the kidnapped mutants. Things went awry, however, when Amanda's sleep spell instead generated cockroaches. The alarm was raised, and the kidnapping ring set off incendiary devices which threatened to engulf the entire warehouse, disposing of all evidence of the ring and its activities. Remy and Betsy managed to subdue some gang members before they joined in evacuating the warehouse, but the ringleaders escaped.

As a result of this caper, Mark asked for and was reluctantly allowed to join X-Force, becoming the receptionist at Snow Valley Memorial Center for Mutant Affairs as his 'day job'.

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Trivia and Meta


Amanda later realised that the location in which she cast a spell effected that spell. So in the City That Never Sleeps, a sleep spell would result in cockroaches instead.

A laptop recovered from one of the gang's vehicles revealed that the EOE, the organisation responsible for Romany's kidnapping, had been one of the clients of the kidnappers.


Plotrunner: Ben and Rossi

This plot was the introduction plot for Mark Sheppard and was based on the mutant smuggling ring referenced as being discovered by Pete Wisdom back in 2003.