Operation: Dasavatharam

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Part 6 of the Chthon Arc.


Dates run: Part 1: August 22-25, 2011; Part 2: October 13-21, 2011
Run By: Jen
Read the logs: Operation: Dasavatharam

"I'm not what you think I am, young lady. Or what I'm sure your beautiful friend believes either. It's all so much more complicated than you think."

The Exemplars show up on Wanda's doorstep, but they aren't the only threat that's come to town.


Wanda Maximoff, Amanda Sefton, Ororo Munroe, Marie-Ange Colbert, Remy LeBeau, Sarah Morlocke, Doug Ramsey, Jubilation Lee

Exemplars, Agatha Harkness, Dr. Stephen Strange

Cult of Chthon, Nicholas Harkness


Part 1: August 22-25, 2011

Part 2: October 13-21, 2011

Plot Summary

Part 1

During a normal Monday morning meeting, an unexpected article from Doug's collection of media brought the past back to life for Wanda with the discovery that the Exemplars were back in town. Given what had happened last time with the group targeting probability manipulators, X-Force swung into protective detail. Amanda took it upon herself to protect Wanda, shadowing her mentor's every move, much to Wanda's personal frustration.

In the course of investigating why the Exemplars were back, Wanda, Ororo and Amanda sought out one of Wanda's contacts, only to find that they were not the only ones there as they were waylaid by the leader of the Exemplars. Strangely enough, however, he wasn't interested in fighting, insisting instead that the Exemplars were there seeking Wanda's help. A phone call from Marie-Ange, who had seen Wanda in a tarot reading warned the group of impending trouble, just as they were betrayed by one of the Exemplars to the Chthon cult. Fleeing the building via the back door, Wanda, Amanda and Ororo almost literally ran into Agatha Harkness and another of the Exemplars and escaped to another of X-Force's safehouses.

Agatha revealed - albeit reluctantly - that a mystical ring known as the Devourer had been one of the items stolen from her museum by of the Chthon cult and was now being used, leading the Exemplars to come to New York and search for it. The ring was known to be able to bestow magical abilities - by stealing them, along with the life, from other users; Wanda summed it up simply, stating that there was now a madman running around the city killing people.

Amanda worked on a spell to locate the ring, pinpointing a location on the wharves. Remy and Ororo created a diversion out the front with explosions while Cammie, Doug and Jubilee went in the back and Wanda and Amanda went after the ring itself. They found the leader of the cult draining another magic user and went in hard, only to discover he was able to turn their powers against them. Amanda was stabbed in the shoulder but managed to destroy the ring, but the cultist was not finished, slicing Wanda's face open with the remains of the stolen ring. Wanda posted to Snow Valley about the Chthon Cult, the fact that the ring was destroyed and that Agatha had left, leading to a debrief with Remy and the realisation that as the host/prison of Chthon and with the cult revealed as behind the ongoing events of the past several years, Wanda's life was more important than ever, requiring her to make some changes to how she worked with X-Force and leading her to take some time off.

Part 2

Two months later, Wanda returned to the brownstone only to announce her imminent departure to England the next morning, asking Amanda to come with her. Stephen Strange had finally completed his inventory of Agatha's museum, both the known and unknown items and wanted to confer. Arriving in England, Strange to Wanda explained how Agatha had refused to see him at all after her return from the U.S., even going so far as to dump a vase of water on his head. Amanda, in the meantime, poked around the various items and found a photograph of Agatha, her husband and her son, Nicholas - the man who had been wearing the Devourer ring back in New York.

Furious at what appeared to be a betrayal, Wanda stormed over to Agatha's house with Strange and Amanda in tow, only to discover that there had been a break-in and Agatha was gone. The only clue - the Eye of Chthon, painted in blood, the same symbol that had haunted her for years, since the sewers of New York.

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Wanda and Strange rekindled their relationship during the course of events.


Plotrunner: Jen

The events of this plot still occurred in Phase 2, but specifics, such as which characters were involved, remain fuzzy for the purposes of not breaking the world. ;)