Operation: Don't Leave Me With The Germans

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Operation: Don't Leave Me With The Germans
Dates run: June 23-27, 2006
Run By: Dex
Read the logs: Don't Leave Me With The Germans

Remy, if you wanted to kill a specific type of people, like say anyone that wasn’t your idea of a master race, this is the perfect way to do it. And I doubt anything could stop it once it was released.

X-Force is forced to deal with a potentially world threatening situation at a lab in Germany, where a madman plans to use Kevin MacTaggart’s DNA to create the newest WMD.


Remy LeBeau, Pete Wisdom, Betsy Braddock, Sarah Morlocke, Amanda Sefton, Wanda Maximoff, Doug Ramsey, Marie-Ange Colbert, Kitty Pryde

Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker, Moira MacTaggart


June 23-27, 2006

Plot Summary

During Pete Wisdom’s supposed defection to the Hellfire Club, he came across records of different natures, some of them to do with bioweapon smuggling groups linking to Hellfire Club interests. One of those records listed a genetic sample being sent to a Baron Von Strucker, a noted pharmaceutical magnate. The identity of the sample was listed as Kevin MacTaggart, Moira’s unfortunately fatally powerful mutant son.

Kevin’s genetic information had great value on the open market. The potential value of an instantly active mutant with the power to manipulate matter and energy at the atomic level was immense, and the possible uses were endless. Strucker had acquired a sample of the genetic material for his new project.

With Kevin’s genes, it was possible that Strucker could artifice a subtle shift in the genetics of his chosen group, optimizing certain genetic traits, and implanting other new ones. Once that took place, he could move to release a series of agents that his subjects were not vulnerable to, wiping out vast swathes of the human race and raising his mad Aryan master race from the ashes. His first priority, however, was the extension of his own life, and their focus was on a process called ‘biorenewal’, which had been developed in a number of major research centres. Unfortunately, there were some apparently insurmountable obstacles in the way. Kevin’s genes provided a quick solution to most of them, and Strucker was keen to test it.

X-Force prepared a mission to go in, primarily to recover the genetic materials before they could be used for something else and to see if they can recover the ‘bioweapon’ shipment. Doug acted as the primary infiltrator, bluffing past the front desk and managing to tamper with security long enough for two teams to slip in, by Betsy’s telepathy and Kitty’s phasing powers. In the course of investigating the labs, they uncovered far more than they suspected.

In one of the containment rooms, the first team found five mutant prisoners in various stages of vivisection. One of them is none other than Sarah Morlocke. They knew she’d left Shinobi Shaw several weeks before, and had mentioned coming to New York. Once they freed her, they discover that she did come to New York, but was snatched not long after she arrived.

The other group found the plans to Strucker’s final solution, and the results of his experiments. This led to the decision to shut down the entire lab in an explosive fashion, removing and destroying the files, and the processes. Both teams regrouped and assaulted the main lab, the more combat ready members covering the others as they set charges. In the middle of the room, Strucker was trapped in his biorenewal tank, not far from completing the dangerous process. He emerged only as X-Force departed, and was apparently killed in the explosion that destroyed his lab, samples and records completely.

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"Germans" was X-Force's first actual mission after the formation of the team.


Plotrunner: Dex