Operation: Sanguinicity

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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain graphic violence, blood and gore.

Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain depictions of torture.


Operation: Sanguinicity
Dates run: April 3-9, 2011
Run By: Dex
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Before they could argue, Remy turned and - in the minds of their attackers - improbably charged the men after them. His staff snapped up in a humming arc, and his first blow virtually decapitated the nearest gunman. His cards danced in the shadows, exploding randomly, not meant to take men out, but to check their charge; force them back long enough to buy some breathing room for the others.

When X-Force finds a lead into Strucker's financial dealings, they follow it to a woman with every reason to hate him as well and the chance to take the group down.


Remy LeBeau, Amanda Sefton, Jubilation Lee, Jacob Gavin Jr., Emma Frost, Doug Ramsey, Marie-Ange Colbert, Wanda Maximoff, Sarah Morlocke, Carmilla Black, Amahl Farouk



April 3-9, 2011

Plot Summary

For several years, Snow Valley has been monitoring various financial accounts that had been connected with Von Strucker’s old empire, looking to uncover the full scope of the dead man’s former activities. As they’ve determined over the years, many elements of the empire are still active, if hidden. Several former minions of Strucker’s have also surfaced in that time frame, leading them to speculate that the organization might not be as fractured as they thought. While Sarah and Jake are tracking a potential resource in Berlin, they discover that someone else in on the same hunt fo Strucker's activities.

The link is through the Berlin Hellfire Club, of which Strucker had been a member. A member of the rival court was uncovered with a grudge against Strucker and the potential inside knowledge that they need. La Contessa Valentina Allegre de la Fontaine, the daughter of a former Italian industrialist, had a great deal of her family’s business assets lost as part of a hostile business takeover by Strucker in the 80s. X-Force took time to investigate Fontaine, only to discover thather past checks out on multiple levels.

Doug and Wanda approached Fontaine, and struck a deal for access to her information on Strucker's financial empire. The information suggests that not only is Strucker’s organization intact, but in the process of being re-organized under new leadership. Through careful research, they find what appears to be a weak spot; most of the funds during the reorganization have been quietly coalesced through a small Swiss bank the Schmidt Bank. If they can compromise the bank, because the funds are being directly secretly and through blind funds, they believe they could essentially bankrupt Strucker’s entire organization. The Schmidt Bank is run by a pair of twins, Andrea and Andreas Schmidt.

Collapsing any bank, even a small one, was a tall challenge. The key to their plan was to compromise the bank by forcing it to extend itself via the unsecured secret funds that it is hiding for Strucker, and at that point, force a systems failure that would cut off access to the funds. Between the two events, the bank would become over-extended and crash, and due to the secret nature of the funds, they would be unable to remove them or claim them through insurance, essentially liquidating them through their hidden nature back into their shell companies.

X-Force travelled to Zurich and began to prepare for the break up and set up of the bank. On the day of, Emma used Marie-Ange's pre-cognetive abilities and Doug's powers to manipulate the Swiss stock exchange to start the run on the Schmidt bank, while Farouk delivered Jake into the bank to compromise security so Sarah, Remy, Cammie and Jubilee could enter. Sarah and Cammie planted a dataphage and escaped with Jake via the carpark, while Remy and Jubilee added a data tap and escaped via the roof with the help of Amanda and Wanda.

However, during the raid, they received a visit and a thinly veiled threat via the Schmidt twins which hinted that they knew they were the opposition. During that meeting, Doug was contacted independently over the internet by a user tagged 'SYN', who sent a warning that their plan was a trap. X-Force immediately aborted the plan and moved to escape. Forces led by Rumlow began to hit all of the positions that X-Force believed themselves safe, turning the city into a running battle to escape.

Emma, Farouk, Doug and Marie-Ange were able to escape via Emma's private Lear, and Fontaine offered to provide an exit for LeBeau's group, which they were forced to agree to. Sarah, Cammie and Jake escaped in a car through the viaduct system. The final betrayal came at the hands of Valentina, who set up Amanda, Remy, Wanda and Jubilee, leading them into a trap in a parking garage. Fortunately, most of them were able to extradite themselves, with the only person left behind; Remy. He was taken to an underground complex, where he found himself face to face with the ‘Red Skull’ – the survived Baron Von Strucker, driven mad by his transformation to the point that he believed himself to be one of Hitler’s top scientists from WWII, and regularly razors away the skin of his face to adopt a bloody death’s head visage. The Red Skull has turned Strucker's old organization into a new group dubbed HYDRA, and gives Remy over to be tortured for information he can use to find and destroy the rest of X-Force.

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Operation: Sanguinicity

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With the exception of newest member Cammie, every member of X-Force has now been on the receiving end of a bullet.


Plotrunner: Dex

The title of the plot comes from a play on the title of a Police song "Synchronicity".