Ready or Not

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Ready or Not
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Dates run: February 2-April 7, 2018
Run By: Rei
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Thanks for playing Predator X.

When the younger Gen Xers get involved in a test of a new virtual reality game, nothing is as it seems.


Clea Lake, Maya Lincoln-Lopez, Monica Rambeau, Rahne Sinclair, Stephen Strange, Xavin Majesdane

Arcade, Miss Corinder


February 2 2018 to April 7 2018

Plot Summary

In early February, the announcement of Diskom's newest VR game Predator X was finally releasing in April. Hype followed it until March when a local game store was advertising that they were selected to host Predator X when it came out in the coming week. A few of the Generation X: Clea, Maya, Nica, Rahne, Stephen, and Xavin decides to enter in a contest to try and win to be the first to play the game. A few days later, Stephen announced that he had received a call that he had won.

They arrived in high spirits and excitement and once in game they were in awe. It felt real. No sooner had they arrived, the group was attacked by a monster-like animal, called Predator X. Using most of their bullets, they were able to kill it but not without Maya becoming injured in the process. Barely catching their breath, another player character arrived in a panic with another one of those things right behind her. After an intense battle, they down the second creature. The girl, Gracie, told them that her group had been killed and she was the only survivor. It was then they realized that they couldn't exit the game and that the situation may have turned for the worse. Deciding that it would be best to head towards a town or something, the group set off.

Back in the outside world, reports that a disgruntled ex-employee of Diskom, Marcus Seed, was responsible for the code changing the original game from a game of tag to a game of death. Already there were reports of death, but disconnecting the players from the game could do more harm than good. Diskom was stated to be working with the police to find Seed while they were working on a fix to undo the damage that he had done.

A few hours later, they were able to find some healing, power ups, gear upgrades and more ammo. They ran into a larger group and after an intense couple of seconds it was deemed that neither party was a threat and they teamed up, heading to the larger city located near the center of the map. There all the players that had made it thus far, a few hundred, had gathered to make a stand against the creatures. After restocking more ammo, the group was assigned to a building in the city. It wasn't long before a bell was rung, indicating that the Predator X's where on the move.

Outnumbered and knowing that it might be game over, the game suddenly started its count down of logging everyone out. The group was returned back to the real world.

Elsewhere, Ms. Coriander, the PR Manager for Diskom, met up with a man named Adam Lowenstein. It was revealed that he was the real mastermind behind the failure of Predator X and had fed Seed the required information to make it happen. After a talk with his uncle, Jacob, Adam became the new Arcade.

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Predator X is not only the name of the game, but also the creatures. There was speculation on the online gaming forums that there was a PVE mode that would have these creatures in them. But due to time constraints the mode was not finished in time.


Plotrunner: Rei