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[[Operation: Mutant Massacre]]
[[Operation: Mutant Massacre]]
[[Green-Eyed Monster]]
[[Operation: Mad Men]]

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Sapien League
Sapien league.jpg
Portrayed by N/A
Known Aliases:
Affiliations: Bonita Page
Socked By: Various
Introduction: X-Men Mission: Fall of the Mutants

An anti-mutant group, the Sapien League believes that mutancy is a disease that must be cured - or the "sufferers" wiped out.

First Appearance

January 16, 2016 - mention


Bonita Page/The Leper Queen
Leper queen.png
A former Marine who later served with the FBI, Bonita Page left after M-Day when a neighbour child was consumed in the flames. The explosion gutted the building, killing Page's husband and two children. While officially on leave, Page was an early recruit of the Sapien League, one of the few who has been directly interacted with by leadership. One of their ablest field leaders, Page has a powerful presence in the group. She was believed killed in conflict with the X-Men when she was set on fire by Erg. However, she was able to make it to shore and back to their base of operations at the Carslyle Centre. There, though some unknown means, Page was able to quickly return to duty. Her horrible scarring is hidden behind a full armored combat suit and a tactical helmet. She also displays enhanced physical abilities of unknown origin. With the name ‘The Leper Queen’, she implies that she is like those who contract the disease from already infected people. In her case, it was mutancy that she feels she’s been afflicted with and plans revenge.

PB: Maya Stojan, socked by Dex.


The Sapien League is an erstwhile human supremacist movement that believes mutants represent a dangerous genetic disease; a species wide form of cancer that will not supplant humanity as much as destroy them and themselves. The members of the League are often former military and the cells are organized as squads. Little is known about their leadership, although the members of the League are told that they are working on a cure for the mutant disease. The League kidnaps mutants for study and disposal. They do not hold protests or demonstrations and have thus far managed to remain under the radar of law enforcement. They often disguise themselves as police, government agents and other legitimate authorities to cover their tracks and intimidate potential witnesses.

They appeared in January 2016, targeting the homeless mutants living in the sewers known as the Morlocks. When things got violent as the Morlocks fought back, the X-Men intervened, "saving" the Sapien Leaguers, only to have the League turn against them. While the combined forces of the X-Men and the Morlocks were able to overcome the League, its members preferred suicide to being captured, and killed the hostages they had taken rather than let them be freed. Extensive research by X-Force revealed the true nature of the group, and their research on mutation - using mutant organs taken from the Morlocks they abducted and killed - at the Carlysle Medical Center. A small group from X-Factor, led by Tarot and Cypher, raided the facility and were able to secure proof of the group's doings before blowing up the research lab.

The current whereabouts of the Sapiens League is unknown and they have wiped all traces of their existence from the internet. For now.


X-Men Mission: Fall of the Mutants

Operation: Mutant Massacre

Green-Eyed Monster

Operation: Mad Men


Socked by: Dex, various

The PB for Bonita Page is the character of Kara Palamas from Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, who at one point was disfigured by malfunctioning tech.