Sons of Mutancy

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Sons of Mutancy
Dates run: July 30-August 1, 2021
Run By: Dex
Read the logs: Sons of Mutancy

'Hijo', she said, 'find a person’s truth. If you know that, you know the key to controlling them'.

The Secret Empire Motorcycle Club returns when SWORD recruits the X-Men to assist in taking down a cartel running magically-infused weapons.


Secret Empire Motorcycle Club: Callisto, Wanda Maximoff, Matt Murdock, Monica Rambeau, Maya Lincoln-Lopez

"SWORD": Garrison Kane, Jean Grey, Kyle Gibney, Gabriel Cohuelo; Betsy Braddock, Sooraya Qadir.

Magic Consultant: Amanda Sefton

Abigail Brand, Olivier, the Huns


July 30-August 1, 2021

Plot Summary

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Jul 30 - Brand reaches out to Garrison, offering an open-information relationship with SWORD; Garrison gathers Betsy, Callisto, Gabriel, Jean, Kyle, Matt, Maya, Nica, Sooraya, Wanda to get the details for Brand's mission; Kyle gives Maya the downlow on Brand and why the X-Men agreed.

Jul 31 - The revived Secret Empire Motorcycle Club - Callisto, Matt, Maya, Nica, and Wanda - surprise the Huns on the road; Callisto and Maya get into the thick of the bikers on the road; Matt and Wanda work together to get the shipment in their hands; with some help from Callisto, Nica dispatches the pickup truck; the Leader of the Huns delivers a threat to the Secret Empire; with Brand leading point, Garrison and the remainder of the X-Men, sans Betsy and Sooraya, go to the meet-up; outside, Betsy and Sooraya are shocked to find their connection to the team is lost; the meeting with Frank Costa goes sideways when he reveals he has more control over the team than they'd expected.

Aug 1 - Amanda and Wanda examine the weapons the team has acquired; the Leader of the Huns is able to track down the Secret Empire; Callisto and Wanda have way too much fun taking down bikers; Nica and Wanda take on professional cartel soldiers; while fighting cartel members with Matt, Maya might have crossed a line; Brand and the remaining X-Men arrive at the scene to make arrests; Sooraya notices something a little off with Kyle; Betsy and Garrison quickly plan next steps while taking down their own cartel opponents; Jean and Gabriel make quick work of the cartel members; an agent of the cartel watches S.W.O.R.D. make their arrest of Secret Empire; Garrison updates the team on their plan; Brand and her team are shocked by what they find when they go to arrest Costa; Amanda texts the team, alerting them to get out; unable to enter the club, Betsy, Maya, Nica, and Sooraya, fight to gain access to the building; inside the club, Callisto, Matt, and Wanda face their own fight; dragged into an entirely different dimension, Brand and the rest of the team take on a demon and suffer a loss; Gabriel alerts the medlab to the team's status; Gabriel texts Amanda concerning the fallout of the mission; Kyle texts Terry to update her on his well being.

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Plotrunner: Dex

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