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April 17 - Garrison Kane's birthday


2004: Paige is called home on short notice. X-Men Mission: Plant Life: The team go out to help a girl having manifestation difficulties. Dr. Pym harasses Moira again, until Domino steps in to rescue her. A plan is made involving seduction and compromising pictures. Logan takes Scott drinking.

2005: Jake and Scott bond over cars, ire at Remy and plans for Jake going into the field as part of Intel. Alison agrees to help Jay record songs and perform them. Nathan and Alison talk about the next semester's curriculumn, and how they are both paring down the classes they teach. Scott and Haroun talk about training the trainees, Danger room scenarios, and leadership.

2006: Masque (plot): Marius borrows Masque’s powers to begin repairing the damage done.

2007: Our Hell: Pete notifies Haller that he has offered Illyana a job at Snow Valley and they discuss her options; Remy and Pete discuss the same. Angelo and Terry conspire to throw Bobby a going-away party. Doug posts about the Voynich Manuscript potentially being a hoax. Operation: Cruel Country: Remy posts his report on the mission and airs his suspicions the Brits in charge of the operation might have been EOE, before going into research mode due to his injury. Forge writes a letter to Masque; Forge runs into Jan after being released from medlab and gives her a miniaturised amplifier so she can be heard. Litmus: Nathan receives news of a new stumbling-block to mutant-human relations in Germany, a bigoted politician by the name of Baron Eric Wagner. Marie begins organising the Xavier's Prom. Wanda and Amanda celebrate a late birthday for the witch.

2008: Shakespeare Syndrome: Kevin posts his comments, and during the course of comments, it's revealed a number of the girls think he's hot and he kissed Angel in San Diego, and Jay gets upset; Pete is disappointed about the lack of dirty limericks; Jean-Paul's belief everyone is insane is confirmed; Jean stops rhyming and is confused; various people note the phenomenon isn't restricted to just the school and Amanda posts to the X-Force comm about possible patterns; Angelo confiscates Laurie's laptop before she embarrasses herself with any more admissions of crushes; Terry is also struck down and talks to Nathan about her wanting to do an internship over the summer with Interpol; Jennie confronts Marius on his lack of response to Manuel's return, and effected by the poetic truth phenomenon, almost admits she has a crush on him. Jennie drags Kevin out for waffles after her near-slip and they talk about their respective love lives. Kevin emails Jay and they manage to address some of their issues. Garrison emails Marie to invite her for dinner on his birthday. Amanda sends Ororo and Scott information on the Warwolves. Laurie emails Julio about his cheerfulness and is told the truth of his night with Nori. Amanda wishes Garrison a happy birthday; Garrison and Marie break up over dinner; Garrison posts to his journal in the early hours, depressed.

2009: Manuel meets with a face from his past. Various people wish Garrison a happy birthday, as the Mountie warns everyone that his younger sister is visiting; Lil and Victoria catch up by the pool and plot Garrison's downfall. Johnny welcomes Jean-Paul back from Quebec. Adrienne catches up with Garrison and his sister at Harry's. Scott and Jean-Paul discuss the events in Quebec, and are overheard by Johnny and the Stepfords.

2010: Logan and Cammie talk over shots, about the things they've done, the things they owe and what it means to keep trying.

2011: Callie makes a journal entry about her displeasure with dorm life, and asks if anyone is looking for a roommate. Jean leaves Garrison some caffeinated perky jerky, a mug, and a t-shirt for his birthday. Kyle makes a journal entry about the making of a Teen Wolf tv show. X-Factor Investigation: Cathouse: The members of X-Factor, along with Jubilee and Sarah, confront Barry and company; the abused women finally receive the care that they need; Vanessa and Laura talk after everything is done with the case. Laurie makes a journal entry complaining about having so much to read over Spring Break.

2012: Adrienne leaves a gift in Garrison's suite as a birthday present. Doug leaves Dudley Do-Right DVDs and a new Blue Jays cap for Garrison as a birthday present.

2013: Frank and Yvette talk about RedX, and Frank doesn’t punch anything. Adrienne makes a journal entry wishing Garrison a happy birthday. Jean leaves Garrison a biweekly subscription to Fresh Orange Juice of the Week as a birthday gift. Tandy delivers Maddie a belated birthday gift. Maddie and Clint talk about Maddie's new relationship with Sue.

2014: Amanda makes a journal entry about losing track of time while in the Ukraine, and wishing Kane a happy birthday. Amanda e-mails the staff of Xavier’s inquiring if the school needs a refresher course in how not to mess with magic.


2015: Matt and Tandy meet for the first time and Wade makes an awkward appearance. Miles posts about his enthusiasm about the new Star Wars trailer. Tandy posts about going home for a few days and asks if anyone would like to join her. Clint runs into Rachel and they have a nice chat. Matt meets Quentin on the roof and self proclaimed radical and reluctant corporate suit don’t get along. Matt texts Clint about having a massive case of the munchies. Jean emails Scott and Angelo about leaving for a few days due to a situation in Ireland. Alison Blaire arrives at the mansion and Wade is the one that meets her at the door. Wade texts Marie-Ange about the meeting with Alison. Alison has a meeting with Charles and officially becomes a student at the school. Tandy discovers Julian unpacking from a trip he is no longer taking and their relationship changes. Bobbi and Adrienne go to the gun range and then work on a stakeout together. Alison literally bumps into Tandy while exploring.

2016: Miles wonders why Crunchyroll keeps recommending he watch Sailor Moon and Jean offers to introduce him to the show. Amanda posts to let people know she and Garrison are having birthday drinks at Harry’s. She also sends a message to Megan and Wanda thanking them for their gifts.

'2017: Miles texts Warren to let him know Maya thinks he owes her a job. Reed loses time on the NASA photograph website. Amanda finds a stone in her tea mug and thinks it’s a prank. Lorna finds the perfect wedding dress and lets people know she and Alex have picked a date.

'2018: Jubilee makes a journal entry to share a video. Poor Unfortunate Souls: Scott makes an xp_teams post asking for help to check out his father’s distress signal; Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Wildchild, Hawkeye, Bevatron and a reluctant Namor arrive in Florida, borrow a boat (Clint is great at them), and make their way to the Starjammer; not at all surprisingly, Namor has opinions about the disappearance of the Starjammer's crew; below the surface, Marvel Girl and Namor encounter cephalopods smaller, and rather more personal than the giant one attacking the ship and are brainwashed; Scott makes a communications post asking for help in the Bermuda Triangle, especially from Daytripper and the magic set; Clint attempts to text several people seeking help in the Bermuda Triangle; Wallflower and Blink are too old for this crap; Topaz learns a valuable lesson - when you skip school, you get stuck going with the Sefton siblings to fight a giant squid; Cloak catches Scarlet Witch and Synch by surprise to drag them off to the Bermuda Triangle; the Bermuda Triangle is a popular vacationing spot, not that Clea, Darcy, or Ty want to go; the magic ladies gather to talk, and Daytirpper has a most horrendous idea - a spell to turn them into mermaids; Cyclops, Nightcrawler and Daytripper discuss the ritual, which they will probably never discuss this again; Wallflower and Blink prep for a very quick medical exam; Topaz, Wildchild and Synch comment on the disgusting aspect - and taste - of magic; Scarlet Witch and Darcy do the worst shots in the world as the transformation ritual takes effect; Topaz, Bevatron and Blink participate in the worst potions and transfiguration class ever; Wildchild did not go over the rail when the magic started; Daytripper's the last to go, and Hawkeye gets to make sure she gets to the water okay; with all fishies in the water, Cyclops and Blink take point on scouting ahead; Rainbow Britefish (Topaz) and Synch track our missing phoenixes, pirates and princes; Daytripper and Wildchild are beset upon by Lemurians and an Atlantean bearing (wait no, WEARING) squid; Bevatron and Darcy-Still-Needs-A-Codename fight guards with a compelling voice and conductive voltages - and discover just what has happened to Scott's father; Scarlet Witch and Nightcrawler are attacked by a regally and terrifyingly transformed Marvel Girl; on the boat, Hawkeye, Wallflower, Cloak and Clea discover they have a few ocean animals to contend with themselves; Topaz (refuses a codename) fights Marvel Fishgirl on her own territory - the mind; Synch takes over fighting King-Squid-Namor, and discovers surprising facts about the Atlantean when he tries to sync to his powers; Synch helps Topaz and Marvel Girl double-team Namor; Cyclops and Daytripper team up to take on the Starjammers and start breaking them free of the mind control; Wildchild and Nightcrawler work off some frustration on Lemurians; Bevatron and Synch face off against some guards… and Warlord Attuma of the Enormous Ego; Darcy and Blink get rid some of the supply of mind-controlling parasitic squidthings; Daytripper(swimmer), Cyclops and Corsair release more kidnap victims; Topaz and Marvel Girl finish the job or de-squidding Namor, and he has emotions that aren't anger or disdain; the magic that turned the volunteers into merfolk will end easily, however the involuntarily besquidded require some more work; Hawkeye distributes towels and has the officially Worst Idea Ever (tm).

2019: Amanda and Marie-Ange discover Topaz asleep on their couch.