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May 13



2004: Nathan develops syllabi for a couple courses, and Marie-Ange shares a very odd dream with Jamie. Nathan needs some help falling asleep, and later in the day drops off some old papers with Amanda.

2005: Nathan and GW catch up the day before the wedding. Amanda and Nathan talk about the Pack and her upcoming trip to Germany at the rehearsal dinner. Madelyn talks to Clarice about why she got drunk and taking time to destress.

2006: Remy and Lorna have another date.

2007: Ahab (plot): Kurt and Nathan discuss the ethics of leaving Ahab alive; Forge goes to see Pete and gets in touch with Nathaniel Essex through him; Essex, with Jean and Forge supervising, reverses Ahab's Hounding process; announcements are made that the students are safe and will recover. Remy posts from Muir Island, outlining what he has found - that it appears Essex may not have been responsible for the Proteus incident. Shiro asks Clarice for a 'lift' to Japan for the anniversary of Mariko's death.

2008: Bedlam: Amanda scrounges for food; later, she searches for a place to sleep and dreams of Angelo; Kurt emails Wanda, checking on things; Angelo calls Nathan. Jay runs into Forge in the garage and tells him about the breakup. Remy and Betsy spar.

2009: Laurie and Eamon meet up again in Venice, leading to interesting events. Dani e-mails Adrienne about borrowing a dress for Prom. Clarice posts thoughts about her Summer plans. Jean-Paul and Adrienne have breakfast together and discuss his relationship with Jake. Doreen finish doing chores for Monet, the two discuss school residents, and then Monet decides to take Doreen under her wing. Jean-Paul visits Nathan, Rachel and Nathan have a disagreement over word usage. Jean-Paul and Nathan discuss the community sport project. Callie posts about finishing her AP exams.

2010: Jubilee invites Amanda out to Silver. Doreen posts about her WOW achievement. Jared runs into Garrison while at Harry's and considers returning to work as a bartender.

2011: Kyle made a post to X-Team asking if the roller derby mission was for real. Wade texts Kevin and tells him to meet him in the garage. Jan makes a journal entry saying she'll be spending the next few days in her room. Wade gives Kevin a surprise when they meet up in the garage. Marius leaves a gift basket containing flowers, hand sanitizer, and a box of mustachioed cupcakes at Jan's door.

2012: Wade posts in his journal informing everyone that 1) Canada has a 24/7 rotisserie chicken channel, 2) Sarah Morlocke is his favorite person to go skirt shopping with, and 3) he has puzzle guns. Madelyne texts Layla and Sarah V. letting them know it is time "to lock and load." Jean posts in her journal to let everyone know she'll be taking the next day (May 14, the anniversary of her 'death') off. Doug e-mails Jean letting her know to he's around if she needs anything; she asks him to keep an eye on Scott while she's gone. Layla, Maddie, and Sarah V. smuggle a rooster into the boys' suite with a note around its neck reading, "My cock is bigger than yours." Kurt catches Jean as she's leaving to check on her.

2013: Hope posts an email joke about being a lady and rather misses the point. Sam is shocked to discover it’s already half-way through May.



2015: Garrison is challenged by Felicia. Tandy goes looking for Hope, they talk and end up going shopping. Molly posts the new Supergirl trailer to her journal. Warren sends gift to Matt. Warren neglects Felicia and sends Matt to have lunch with her instead, where they get to know each other and plot to get back at Warren.

2016: Maya posts a link to an article about how deaf people don’t need new communication tools, everyone else does. Sue posts an equally cryptic message to her journal for whomever left her the flowers. Warren discovers Miles in a compromising position and offers him some useful but asked for advice. Warren makes a journal entry musing about his recent interesting-in-you’re-probably-on-some-kind-of-a-list-now way search results.

2017: John posts about having burned down his cabin and needing to rebuild it. Sooraya and Rogue enjoy an evening out. Molly posts about the mooner at the Eurovision Song Festival. Case File: Cat Scratch Fever Reports of a hostage situation appear on Twitter; Alex’s and Lorna’s simple day of errands comes to an end when they get caught up in a bank robbery; Alex posts about having XFI helping the hostage taker find his visibly mutant son.

2018: Maya is done with how weird the mansion is. Bobby and Clint meet up the kitchen and combine their respective hobbies. Bobby and Miles have their first date. Gabriel texts Bobby asking about the date. Clint texts Topaz to ask if she’s out of school yet. Molly ambushes Topaz with good news.

2019: Fear in the Dark: Marie-Ange is continuing to have issues with random ravens.

2020: Marie-Ange emails X-Force to inform of the new addition to the team.