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May 19


2003: Sarah is recruited. Pete brings Jono to the school. Jamie joins the school.

2004: Jamie meets Theo and Domino. Alison shares a creative solution to Nathan’s sleeping problem with Moira. Warren invites Piotr to a social function he doesn’t want to go to. Nathan and Domino fill Pete in on what happened, Angelo tries to convince Nathan to keep accepting Amanda’s healing, Domino and Sarah spar, Moira talks with Theo about Nathan, and Moira meets Askani.

2005: Stigmata: Paige is taken off active training and decides to leave the mansion; Paige breaks up with Angelo and tells Jono she can’t wait for him; Alison checks to see how Sam is reacting; Alison and Scott talk about Paige; Amanda checks to see how Angelo is reacting and helps him get some sleep. Forge talks with Alison about his plans for HeliX and she offers some suggestions. Haroun leaves the mansion without telling anyone where he is going.


2007: Forge requests training from Scott and Ororo. Yvette runs into Kyle by the lake and is glad to see her friend again. Marius announces a return to mansion life. Scott and Kurt go shopping for gym equipment and discuss Kurt teaching the team in taking falls. New Renaissance Man: Jean meets someone at an Amnesty International event who seems overly curious about her, but who is interested in funding the school, so lunch is arranged. Laurie posts about frogs and apple pies. Laurie is late back to the bus and Amanda sends Remy to get her, worried she has been abducted; Laurie is very contrite.

2008: Marius is made a full X-Man and makes an announcement to the same on his journal which becomes a discussion in tactics against fellow X-Men by Laurie and Monet. Jean emails Kevin to let him know there's a medication which may help with his mutation, although it has serious side effects. Tabitha's knee is healed and she emails Jane about marathon training again. Terry finishes her finals and goes back to Ireland for a couple of weeks.

2009: Halflight: A team composed of Garrison, Monet, Jan and Kyle meet with Box and Puck in Vancouver and storm the warehouse holding Tabitha and her kidnappers. Amanda emails Meggan about the prom plan; Jake then emails Meggan, on instructions and a plan is hatched to make an entrance. Doreen meets Logan and has to fight to keep her flight instincts under control. Rappaccini's Daughter: Wanda informs Jake he's coming to Vermont with her so she can keep an eye on him.

2010: Hank gives Laurie her full team uniform and tags; Laurie posts her new code name - Wallflower - to the team comm. Staying at Amanda's apartment, Marie-Ange can't sleep for nightmares and discovers that Amanda is having sleeping issues of her own when she discovers the witch awake, the kitchen clean and a fry-up happening; Marie-Ange is weird and Amanda is twitchy.

2011: Penance and Nightcrawler play 'tag' in the Danger Room and establish that sometimes Yvette will cut people in the course of normal operations. Operation: зимний солдат: Emma and Sarah M. go to meet Aleksandr Dmitrovich Lukin, the protege of General Karpov, the man behind the Winter Soldier project; Amanda and Wanda speak to a mafiya contact about Lukin and get more information about his operations; based on the gathered data, Marie-Ange and Cammie go to an abandoned hospital and have their own encounter with the Winter Soldier.

2012: For Free Trade: Wanda tells X-Force she is returning to New York to help with the search; Charles has a difficult meeting with the Genoshan Ambassador who hands him an ultimatum - stop interfering in Genoshan politics or never see the kidnapped mutants again; in the morning, the kidnapped mutants have another meeting with Minister Thomas Moreau, before several of their number are selected for the mutate process; Yvette, Callie, Laurie, Sarah V. and Amara are made into mutates; Fred, Matt and Megan go through the process as well, but something goes wrong and they escape with their powers returned. The Unwritten Alliance: Charles posts an update about the Genosha's 'deal' and who has gone missing.

2013: Tabby comes to Kurt and Sam's suite to collect something that belongs to her, stumbling across a sleepy Sam in the process. Yvette and Fred spend some time together.

2014: Rachel sends a series of texts to Angelo, Matt and Sooraya, including an invitation to Muir Island to Angelo and Sooraya. Wade reports to Cecilia that he has no fungus in his lungs.


2015: Operation: Big Trouble in Little Lowtown: With the information taken from Batroc, X-Force crashes the Mandarin's party; there's slightly more opposition than they expected and the Mandarin escapes. Back from Madripoor, Wanda visits Garrison and finds him in the middle of cheese induced hallucinations. Bobby brings Kane a pizza, advice on impressing girls is shared, beer is not. Clarice asks if Alison and Roxy know Taylor Swift, leading to more Kyle confusion and Alison not being impressed. Illyana tries to use Google but she ends up sending her list of Google questions to the journals instead, Xavin decides to have a little fun with her. Haller lets everyone know not to be alarmed by the crash as Xavin’s joke backfires and Illyana throws her computer out of the window.

2016: Maya asks if anyone wants to go into the city for a poetry jam, and plans are hatched. Gabriel leaves a 10 gallon fish tank full of Goldfish crackers outside Namor’s suite. Jubilee posts and image of Nicholas Cage with a burger for a body, there are mixed reactions.

2017: Matt posts about how he didn’t celebrate his birthday, as it’s really only for family, especially considering his best friend is mad at him. Spider-Miles texts Matt and asks if he wants to go out to beat people up with him. Darcy is not impressed with Harry Potter pick-up lines.

2018: Maya is smug that she’s not the screw-up this time; Maya provides Lorna with “hippy tea” to help her stress. Set Fire to the Rain: Firestar alerts to the mansion to something setting New York on fire and calls for everyone available to help; Angel, Johnny and John use their fire powers in concert with Ty, Bobby and Clea to control the fires; Julian and Reed rescue people trapped in cars; Miles and Gabriel meet the other Spider-Man while stopping subways; Kyle provides leadership to Xavin and Megan while evacuating residents; Cyclops and Wolverine encounter Captain America and are cautiously invited to assist; Dominion and Bruiser deal with looters; Deadpool and the Sub-Mariner stop some enterprising criminals from taking advantage of the situation; Nica and Rahne assist Bruce Banner with a gunshot victim; Laurie is surprised by the Stepfords' medical knowledge; Sharon and Clarice deal with paperwork, bigots and triage; Wolverine and Dominion, working with the Avengers’ Black Widow, encounter General Thaddeus Ross while trying to work out a plan to deal with the cause of the drama, a flaming android; Firestar and the Sub-Mariner herd the android over the water where there’s less room for damage; Wildchild, Deadpool and Wolverine come up with a plan, of sorts; Dominion and Wolverine try to herd the android into containment unit when Ross tries to take charge of the situation, which backfires badly and reveals his role in releasing the android in the first place; Namor fights the android to a standstill and manages to herd him into the containment unit while Yelena arrests Ross for treason; Heinrich Zemo intercepts the ambulance which contains Ross and makes him an offer he can’t refuse; Fourteen texts Doug to let him know he owes them for their help; Angel lets people know there’s a lot of pizza available for those who need it; a drunken Topaz wonders why the city was on fire; Natasha reflects New York's "redecorating" attempt failed.

2019: An Eye for an Eye: After a series of card readings pointing at upcoming trouble for Topaz, Marie-Ange and Amanda decide to take action without letting Topaz know.