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May 27



2004: Nathan is dispenser of advice for Doug, Jamie, and Manuel, and gets some from Charles. Dr. Stephen Strange confronts Amanda about over-extending herself, and gets Angelo to agree to keep an extra eye out for her. Alison’s English starts to return. Moira and Amanda ponder the Askani.

2005: Stigmata: Alison gets a phone call from MIT admissions informing her that Paige didn’t show up for a scheduled interview; Alison figures out where Paige has gone and takes Kylun with her to search the Morlock Tunnels; they find her huddled in a cave and convince her to return with them; Paige is put in isolation; Jean checks on Paige, who remains paranoid and defensive; Haroun reassures Alison that Paige will recover.

2006: Sanctuary: Nathan buys a church in Managua. Mutant Fight Club: Kyle goes to a bigger club in the city and wins his first fight.

2007: Forge posts about the monkey incident and is mocked. Voodoo Child: In New Orleans, a conspiracy regarding Selene gathers and plans are laid. Immram: Angelo emails Nathan about him keeping late hours and is snipped at. Scott emails Cain about training techniques against Nimrod. Nathan emails Jim about evil families.

2008: Zemo: Shiro emails Amanda about the Enchantress being on Earth; Marius is not happy about being kidnapped for his first mission as a full X-Man; Adrienne is also unhappy about the kidnapping and cancels her classes for the next couple of days; Christian emails the X-Men and X-Force, asking them for help in getting to the final pieces of Zemo's machine before his people do; Forge is skeptical on the X-Men comm whilst X-Force are hoping there's no Nazi bees this time; Crystal emails Adrienne rebuking her for mentioning kidnapping on the journals and asking what is going on; Terry asks if she's needed; Remy emails Ororo with the locations of the last pieces and plans; Forge asks Crystal to come on the mission with him as her powers will assist; the first team arrives in Indonesia and battles Skurge the Executioner for a magical gem, but fail to secure it; Garrison asks a reluctant Adrienne to help further with the Zemo issue.

2009: Jake praises Callie's tiramisu from the night before and tries to show he has other conversation topics than food. Callie talks to Kurt about looking different. Jay wishes Jean-Paul a belated happy birthday. Jay practices his bar tending flare with Kurt and they gossip a little. Cammie trains with Logan and he tells her about his own experiences as a weapon. Doreen has her nutritional evaluation and posts about it, sparking a debate on the benefit of marshmallows on pizza. Lil and Adrienne talk about the incident with Garrison and Adri receives some insight before Wanda joins in and it's decided Adrienne needs to sleep with Garrison to resolve everything; she isn't impressed; later at Harry's, Lil tries to mediate with Garrison, who isn't exactly cooperative. Shiro emails Jean-Paul birthday wishes and thanks Nathan to the party and for his advice on his project with war repatriation. Julian takes Johnny for tux fitting and they discuss their dates for the prom, with Julian giving the traditional "brotherly friend" warning.

2010: New Orleans: The Pontchartrain Strain: After Marie-Ange's departure, Remy gives Doug more field work and warns him to stay out of New Orleans since New Orleans Guilds| the Guilds have put a price on the heads of every Hellfire Club member due to Belladonna's ascension.

2011: Afterlife: Meggan emails the New Mutants to find out how their fundraising efforts are going. Vanessa and Crystal discuss the possibility of 'Riley' working for XFI. Wade announces he's going to Muir for awhile and reminds everyone to keep in touch. Wade texts Marie-Ange, as he's standing outside the Brownstone wanting to talk.

2012: Wade texts Marie-Ange some Justin Bieber lyrics. The End of the Beginning: Scott announces on the x_team journal that they're leaving in one hour for Genosha; Lorna texts her mother before leaving for Genosha; Wade leaves a letter for Xavier containing another letter to be opened should he not return from Genosha; Angel leaves voicemails to both her mother and father before heading to Genosha; Kurt leaves three envelopes on his coffee table, for Stefan Szardos, Jimaine Szardos, and John Doe; Scott leaves a message for his grandparents and his father before going to Genosha; Jean leaves a voicemail for her sister before going to Genosha; Dori leaves a voicemail for her mother and grandfather before heading to Genosha; Wade sends a text to the Wheeze with instructions on various accounts should he not be in touch; Remy texts everyone to commence the operation; Clarice texts her mother and e-mails her father before leaving for Genosha; Doug confirms the go order on the X-Force/X-Factor comms; the first team, consisting of Marie-Ange, North, Emma, and Bishop, makes its move and heads towards the power plant; the second team, made up of Wanda, Jubilee, and Remy, moves in on the security room inside the Citadel; the next team, namely Amanda, Nico, Ororo, and Callisto, heads for the prison complex; Wade and Doug remain behind in the safe house, where they coordinate with the strike teams; the first strike is made on the Citadel by Scott, Lex, Jean-Phillipe, John, and Tabby; the first team of rescuers, consisting of Jean, Paige, Haller, Vance, and Sarah M., reaches the cell block, freeing Meggan, Angelo, Kane, and Molly before something goes wrong; Kurt's team, made up of him, Catseye, Kyle, Dori, and Clarice, infiltrate the prison area in search of their friends and find Phillip Moreau before they also sense something is wrong; the aerial team, composed of Warren, Lorna, Sam, Angelica, and Terry, provide air support to Scott's team on the ground and realize they're in trouble when the heavy combat helicopters come in; the team at the power plant cut the power, but it comes back on and they are attacked by far too many Magistrates and only Bishop and Emma escape, albeit separately; the team at the security bunker is also taken down, with only Wanda getting clear; Ororo's team manage to free Maddie, Marius, and Korvus before they too are ambushed, with Nico and Callisto getting Maddie out and Marius and Korvus fleeing on their own; the safe house is compromised and Doug sacrifices his freedom for Wade, who comes close to being permanently dead after throwing himself out of the window; Scott's team is ambushed with hidden reserves, with Sam swooping in to remove John from the fray before the mutate forces overwhelm the remaining members; Kurt's team in the prisons is ambushed as well, with only Catseye and Dori getting away; Magistrate Braddock shows up with Magistrate reinforcements to interrupt Jean's group's rescue mission, and after Catseye helps evacuate Meggan and Molly only Angelo, Jean, and Kane get away; the aerial team gets overwhelmed as well, with Sam taking off to rescue John and just Lorna and Warren remaining in the air to regroup; Ororo keeps the Magistrates at bay as Callisto, Nico, and Maddie search for an exit route, while Angelo, Jean, and Kane "borrow" some uniforms before finding their own way out; Wade meets up with Jean-Phillipe and informs him the safe house is compromised, and they move on, while Emma, Marius, and Wanda manage to commandeer a helicopter and make a run for it; Catseye, Meggan, and Molly escape via the air ducts and find an ambulance to take; Sam and John dodge attack choppers in their flight from the Genoshan forces, crashlanding briefly before continuing their escape on foot; Warren and Lorna continue their stand against the helicopters, fighting them off as long as they can before escaping themselves; Artie, Jean-Paul, and Sooraya run into Bishop, who has several soldiers following him, and they dispatch them together, while Wade and Jean-Phillipe run into trouble but are found by Matt, Fred, and Megan, who help them out before they find a vehicle to take.

2013: Sooraya asks Clarice to take her to Muir Island on the 28th. After a game of Ultimate, Clint asks Johnny to teach him how to do a backflip. Clint emails Scott and Logan about a possible new aspect of his powers.



2015: Alison posts complaining about an incident with a fan and needing a rescue the night before; the response isn't pleasant. Miles texts Matt asking if he was the one who saved Alison. Clint texts Matt saying he's going to tell Alison who saved her. Clint texts Adrienne asking if she knows anything about Latveria. Doug emails Alison about self defense classes, then emails Laurie, Wade, and Marie-Ange wondering what his life has come to. Case File: The Triskelion Files: Garrison goes to the Daily Bugle to try and get information about the information leak.

2016: Jubilee posts a poem. Amanda decides she needs company on her way to meet Maya's grandfather and drags Topaz along for the ride.

2017: Maya makes a post asking if anyone’s interested to join her for a sit in at school to show support for mutants and immigrants.

2018: Bobbi and Jean run into each other for the first time since Bobbi's big argument with Warren, and things are kinda awkward.