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May 8



2004: Cassandra Complex: A number of people dream of the Askani, and Angie, Doug, and Jamie discuss it over breakfast. Alison e-mails Marie-Ange about her responses to Angelo and Clarice, Amanda plans more with Sarah, and Marie e-mails Heather Hudson about Logan. Amanda goes to visit Nathan, and then shares a cigarette with Angelo. Rahne and Moira go to visit Nathan, too. A bomb goes off at the Red X office in DC.

2005: Stigmata: Alison and Scott talk about the trainees and Paige gets upset when she overhears something she misinterprets. A bite of chocolate cake sends Nate into a precognitive fit. Jean discovers that phenylalanine is responsible for Nathan’s precognitive fits. Amanda takes Meggan shopping and introduces her to the wonders of American malls. Hank agrees to let Jubilee borrow his car to go the mall she used to live in as long as she takes a few companions, including Forge, along for the ride.

2006: Forge and Laurie meet at the school. Lorna and Alex meet in Hawaii.

2007: Illyana tells Amanda about what happened to her in Limbo. Ahab (plot): Pete alerts Snow Valley and they begin their own investigations; Scott checks on Crystal; a mysterious letter arrives for Moira and goes unnoticed; the remaining students react in various ways and the staff discuss ways of dealing with the situation. Illyana and Mark discuss music.

2008: Garrison is 'encouraged' to leave his suite by Twoyoungman. Bedlam: Emma has to go back to the States, but reassures X-Force Amanda is still alive and will be found. During his tux fitting, Forge has an awkward conversation with Medusa about his relationship with her sister. Inez notes a box has been left for Tatiana, who is confused; the box turns out to be a full set of formal wear for the prom from an anonymous source; Tatiana enlists help to find Inez something to wear so she can come to prom too. Besty emails Cain about potential embarrassment the day before. Samson reports on a disturbing book on mutant therapy about to be released and the various official responses planned. Jay emails Kevin about the prom and is unhappy to find Kevin is taking Cessily; hurt, Jay asks Tommy publically to go to the prom with him and Kevin is angry; Kevin is frightened by what Jay says about having a death wish and emails Haller, Scott, Terry and Forge for advice and to switch rooms temporarily. Morgan Lennox, mercenary and shapeshifter, arrives at the mansion for powers help and introduces herself on the journals. Kevin catches up with Nori and they talk about his relationship issues. Jane has a gift certificate for a games store to give away. Out with his college friends for lunch, Tommy runs into Vic at the bagel shop and is worried about his angsty persona being outed. Laurie offers to help people get ready for prom the next day; Monet proposes a trip to Silver for those wanting to escape prom. Jay stops by Tommy's room to try and explain why he asked him to prom and apologise; Terry comes to Jay's work to ask about what happened with Kevin, in response to Kevin's concerned email, and she encourages him to break the relationship.

2009: Jubilee wishes Doug a belated happy birthday. Amanda emails Jake about what Angelo told her. Jean-Paul texts Jake about going out for baked goods that afternoon; Jean-Paul and Jake hook up. Haller finds Callie weeding and manages to get her to talk about her mother. Jennie takes a pregnancy test and it's positive. Kevin sends Cammie a package of temporary tattoos he designed for her. Morgan takes Adrienne out on the motorbike and they talk about the relationship with Sam.

2010: John SMS's Amara to find out how her studying is going and to invite her to the movies, and receives a cranky response. Amanda drags Bobby out to Harry's for enforced social time.

2011: Laurie announces she has everyone's cellphones from the night before, plus pictures. Meggan emails Kevin to thank him for the supplies. X-Men Mission: Roller Derby Queen: Garrison follows up a vague hint from Marie and asks Bobby to help, discovering he was the 1997 Massachusetts Under 14 Year Old Roller Dancing Champion; Garrison recruits Kurt, who knows of one of the European operators, and Marius, who is reluctant to revisit his European mutant slavery connections again, to get involved undercover; Garrison approaches Callisto to enlist her aid in going undercover as bikers. Amanda leaves Doug a belated birthday gift and card. Jean is suffering the day after Doug and Haller's birthday drinks.

2012: Laurie posts this link on her journal, saying if she didn't have Pablo and could own it, she'd get one of these. Jubilee texts Doug apologizing for forgetting his birthday. Lorna posts to her journal saying mornings would be dull without coffee, and tells everyone there are blueberry, strawberry, peach and banana pancakes in the kitchen. Haller posts regrets in his journal for the slightly drunken conversation he and Doug had on Doug's (public) journal the night before. Terry visits Doug to see his My Little Pony picture and conversation moves from teasing to serious.

2013: Lorna makes Haller a belated birthday cake. Maddie is unimpressed by the CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch. Jean provides Haller and Doug with late birthday gifts. Jean also gives Dori a random gift - squirrel pyjamas.



2015: Warren visits one of his properties and meets Megan Gwynn working there. Cecilia leaves earbuds outside Haller’s room. Hope meets the new version of Matt for the first time.


2017: Sharon emails Cecilia about being rostered out in the Medlab for the next week because of an assessment.

2018: Bobbi trains Sharon in the way of the twin batons, and they catch up post-practice.

2019: Alani and Alex go to the beach and chat about surfing and Lorna.

2020: Doug finds a post-it note to self that was not previously there. Nica updates the mansion on the current political shift and what can be done. Fourteen emails Amanda about a symbol found in her old room. Hope goes to talk to Doug about her internship with Senator Mace.