The Danger Room Paradox

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The Danger Room Paradox
Dates run: December 16, 2018
Run By: Rossi, written by Dex
Read the logs: The Danger Room Paradox

Quote from the plot

A glitch while modifying the Danger Room results in a quantum event that impacts the whole mansion.


Garrison Kane, Everett Thomas, Susan Storm, Hank McCoy, Reed Richards

Harry Potter: Alex Summers, Angelo Espinosa, Hope Abbott, Jean-Phillipe Colbert, Marie-Ange Colbert, Stephen Strange

The Last of X: Felicia Hardy, Jean Grey, Laurie Collins, Natasha Romanoff, Rachel Kinross-Dayspring, Rahne Sinclair, Xavin Majesdane

Welcome to Night Vale: Alison Blaire, Jubilation Lee, Miles Morales, Monica Rambeau, Topaz, Warren Worthington

Minecraft: Bobby Drake, Clarice Ferguson, Darcy Lewis, Kyle Gibney, Theresa Cassidy

Star Wars: Amanda Sefton, Barbara Morse, Kevin Sydney, Maya Lincoln-Lopez, Sooraya Qadir, Wanda Maximoff

The Illiad: Clea Lake, Kurt Sefton, Logan, Meggan Szardos, Sharon Friedlander, Tyrone Johnson


December 16, 2018

Plot Summary

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Dec 16 - The Danger Room Paradox: Garrison, Everett and Team!Scienceget down to upgrading the Danger Room with new tech on a quiet Sunday afternoon, which doesn't go as expected; having worked out the extent of the disaster, plans are made to fix things.

Harry Potter: A group of newly de-aged mansionites - Angelo, Alex, Hope, Marie-Ange, Jean-Phillipe and Stephen - find themselves a little… wrapped up; No matter where you go, there’s always a troll; say hello to the a-maze-ing flying Angelo as he solves the second riddle; Death is only temporary, uuuuuuuuuuuh right? Hope is 'killed' for the sake of solving the next riddle; the final showdown, where, spoiler alert: Marie-Ange gets to stab someone;

The Last of Us: Laurie, Xavin, and Felicia have been dropped into an unknown location in what appears to be the middle of winter and will have to determine what's going on and who else is there, while in another spot nearby, Jean, Rahne, and Natasha are going through the same thing; the group now seeks shelter, clues to what has happened to the world, and where exactly they are, amd another question that looms large is why Natasha has a note indicating they need to go to Baltimore; food must be found, no matter how unpleasant the job is and after narrowly escaping a zombie ambush where Rahne is bitten, the group establishes camp in an abandoned house and have split up to find transportation and supplies; after a restless night in the abandoned house, the group leaves in the large SUV they've managed to start up and provision, as the faster the progress they make to Baltimore the better; as it gets toward sundown, the group decides to seek shelter again for the night, as they don't know the hunting patterns of the zombies and they need to look for more supplies for Rahne and for themselves.; Rachel has joined their group amidst their escape, and the consensus had been to get this place in Baltimore as fast as possible to save Rahne, who's stuck in an between state of werewolf and not, and avoid any more close calls; while the group debates what to do for Rahne, a solution arrives from an unexpected place.

Welcome to Night Vale: in Welcome to Night Vale, it’s ...not that welcoming for Topaz, Nica, Miles, Jubilee and Warren; the local library serves as a good place to hide, minus the librarians; the group’s various issues, along with an Angel tagalong, help them get through town and find Cecil’s boyfriend; Cecil has been taken by a Librarian, so our heroes go in to save him; an overload of Alison's powers saves the day.

Minecraft: Kyle and Terry arrive in a strange place that appears to be made of the color orange and cubes, and incidentally they are also made of cubes; Darcy and Bobby are also in a world of cubes, although theirs is more floral and forested, and Bobby identifies the world as Minecraft; Terry and Kyle explore, offer commentary on the weirdness of their environment, and accidentally discover they can make things; they also discover that they can not only talk to people nearby, but to each other - which is a surprise since they're scattered all over what seems to be an infinitely large world; Bobby has set the others to making things, and nobody but him likes it, and Clarice is especially displeased; Darcy discovers that when you die, you lose your stuff - but not your life - and that she might be able to hack Minecraft with her powers, maybe, if Bobby could just remember any of the in game cheat commands; Bobby is the only one who knows anything about this game, but he has a theory about how they might get to go home; It turns out Bobby's plan involves more of the same - digging, farming, building; Kyle and Terry and Darcy make food - and Darcy reports that she can't cheat them home by command-killing the dragon; poor Clarice - she's gotten all the teleporting of a Minecraft Enderman and all the downsides too, like not wanting to be looked at, and Terry and Clarice make armor and conversation; Bobby explains enchanting weapons to Kyle, and Kyle does not turn himself into a parrot; it turns out some of their powers do work in this weird Minecraft world, they just have to be clever about it; having found what they need, the group is sent down to dig obsidian and build a portal; the team goes through their portal - and finds the way home.

Star Wars: A long time ago in a galaxy far away... Kevin, Bobbi, Wanda, Sooraya, Maya and Amanda are a group of Rebels infiltrating an Empire prison planet, with no idea of their true identities or that this is all a fiction; after their ‘crash landing’, the group follows former-slave-convict-now-thief Aola’Toor into the prison; o far, so good - the group manage to get to the strong room and retrieve their prize, before things go horribly wrong; the traitor is double-crossed, the former Sith is dead and the rest of the group are in a cell - has the mission completely failed? Tara’s body is hauled away to be transported back to her Inquisitor father; meeting up near the hangers after their escape, the Rebels fight their way out to a shuttle, and off the planet; mission accomplished, the Rebels are on their way back to base, and two strangers turn up in the shuttle while they’re in hyperspace

The Illiad: Meggan, Sharon, Ty, Kurt, Clea, and Logan have been dropped into the middle of the Greek camp and have to quickly take stock of the situation without being discovered; after questioning a hapless soldier who stumbled out of his tent, the group now knows they've somehow ended up on the beaches below the city of Troy during the Trojan War, and the question now becomes how do they get back to their own reality; after coming up with their plan of action, the group splits into two smaller groups with Sharon and Logan off to cause the biggest distraction they can while the others work on getting to the walls of Troy; Meggan and Clea have split off from Kurt and Ty to face off against Aetenor and Dolon, respectively; in the open plains below the city of Troy, Sharon and Logan dressed in the battle gear they had stumbled upon earlier cause a ruckus and face off against Hector and Aeneas, heroes of legend; Kurt and Ty breach the walls of Troy in whatever shape or form they can then go back for the others; the walls of Troy have been breached and in the ensuing chaos everyone has to find each other again because their chance of survival is better in larger numbers, and no one wants to get accidentally left behind; Team!Science manage to haul back the group from The Illiad, but it's not the gentlest ride, and Garrison and Ev come up with the solution of going to fetch each group themselves.

Everyone retrieved, Team!Science gets down to shutting things down for good; Cecilia makes a journal entry saying I told you so.

Dec 17 - Felicia posts to her Instagram to let people know she’s alive, but pissed off. The Danger Room Paradox: Topaz texts Ty and Hope about her adventures in Night Vale and her lack of magic there; Miles is relieved to have his normal body back; Marie-Ange asks X-Force to check in after the Danger Room incident; Darcy never wants to hear Minecraft zombies again. Clarice complains about the cost of private islands.

Dec 18 - The Danger Room Paradox: Maya boasts about being a Star Wars hotshot pilot; Laurie texts Kyle about arguing with Jean about wanting to cut into Natasha’s head to cure the zombie virus; Terry texts Kyle to let him know Minecraft doesn’t count as a second date.

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Plotrunner: Rossi, with help from Frito, Zoila, Sam, Dex and Zippit

Plot written by Dex

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