The Trial of Jean Grey

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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain graphic violence, blood and gore.

Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain the death of a significant character/NPC.

The Trial of Jean Grey
Trialofjeangrey small.png
Dates run: January 17-19, 2015
Run By: Dex
Read the logs: The Trial of Jean Grey

Part 3 of the Dark Phoenix Saga.

"No. Even if your words were the complete truth, X-Man, over two million Indians were killed in that blast and in the coming months, another million might be added to that total. We have her image on a hundred cameras. There is no doubt she was involved. If she is indeed innocent, that will come from a trial. But we will be the ones to conduct it." Behind, the rest of the Guard was forming up. Dacoit's expression actually softened for a moment.

"She is your teammate, X-Man. I know that. But the dead are ours, and that must be answered to our satisfaction first."

Jean is found, but the Imperial Guard have their own agenda which brings the two allies into a conflict no-one can win.


Jean Grey, Scott Summers, Logan

Atlantic Recovery Team: Clarice Ferguson, Namor Mazur, Rogue, Paige Guthrie, Susan Storm, Sarah Vale, Emma Frost, David Haller, Rachel Kinross-Dayspring, Lorna Dane, Megan Gwynn, Julian Keller

India Strike Team 1: Remy LeBeau, Clarice Ferguson Cammie Black, Arthur Centino, Adrienne Frost

India Strike Team 2: Ororo Munroe, Jessica Jones, Callisto, Wade Wilson, Rogue

India Strike Team 3: Wanda Maximoff, Amanda Sefton, Billy Kaplan, Megan Gwynn, Julian Keller

India Strike Team 4: Marie-Ange Colbert, Doreen Green, Clinton Barton, Korvus Rook'shir, Artie Maddicks

Imperial Guard


January 17-19, 2015

Plot Summary

In need of answers after the destruction of Visakhapatnam, Charles took to Cerebro, looking for the slightest trace of her mind, while Paige, Sue and Sarah V., in consultation with Dr. Wainsborough, finished work on the psionic suppressor he had requested. A team was sent to search for Jean at the bottom of the Atlantic; Emma, Haller and Rachel, using their telepathy, were able to pinpoint her location and direct Namor, Clarice, Rogue, Lorna, Megan and Julian in her recovery. They had only just been able to free her from her self-created telekinetic cocoon and placed the suppressor on her when the Imperial Guard arrived and stated their intention to arrest Jean for her crimes. The team resisted and in the ensuing fight, Namor was killed by Starbolt. Jean surrendered to avoid any further casualties on her behalf and was taken back to India to face trial.

Back at the mansion, the various team leaders discussed what to do and after much contention, the decision was made to retrieve Jean. X-Force took the lead in the operation, aware that it was going to be a far more deadly and difficult mission than any they might have had before and that with most of the senior X-Men injured from Muir, they were going to have to fill the gaps with the trainees. While wounded, Scott insisted on accompanying them, even if he remained on the plane, while Logan was to ensure their escape route – the Blackbird – wasn’t cut off and Paige joined them in order to be able to remove the suppressor from Jean, in case it had been tampered with by the Indians.

Strike team one under Remy went after the main holding area to retrieve Jean. Strike team two under Ororo hit the Guard, wrapping them up so they couldn’t deploy properly. Strike team three under Wanda moved to take out communications and cause chaos. Strike team four under Marie-Ange went after the security systems controls. Despite resistance from the Guard as well as the Indian Defence Force (IDF), they were able to free Jean and begin the retreat, with Clarice teleporting Jean and Adrienne to the Blackbird ahead of them. Then things started falling apart as the Guard rallied and showed they had been studying the Xavierites and their powers.

Strike teams three and four joined up and began their retreat, but Clint, still mourning the death of Namor, lost his head when Megan pointed out Starbolt as Namor’s killer. He shot and killed the Guard, prompting a grief-stricken response from the telekinetic Oracle, who crushed the young X-Man with a building. Jessica, brought along as extra muscle despite her non-team status, went toe-to-toe with Gladiator and suffered a severe beating. Julian was concussed from an earlier attack by Magique and Amanda was struggling with the lack of a power source for her magic. They limped to the evacuation point ahead of Oracle and her team, where Amanda used the stored essence of New York stored in Charlie’s wytch to put the telepath into a coma as she was exposed to the unfamiliar chaos of a city’s ‘mind’ via a link with the witch.

Strike team one joined strike team two attempting to contain the Guard, who were starting to overrun them. They made it to the landing zone, thanks to the sacrifice of Remy and Ororo, but Clarice was wounded and unleashed a massive powers flare. Despite the chaos it added to the scene, it bought them enough time to get clear. Beaten, battered and suffering in mind, spirit and body, the survivors headed back to the mansion, unsure of what was awaiting them and if it had been worth it.

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Despite being ordered home, Namor refused to board the flight and returned to the mansion to do what he could to help. This would cost his life.


Plotrunner: Dex

Subrunners: Mackinzie, Rossi, Tapestry

The inspiration and the title of the plot came from the comic The Trial of Jean Grey.

Plot poster by Walks