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Portrayed by Felisha Terrell
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Phantazia
Socked By: Sam
Introduction: Second Thoughts

"Make him hurt."

Quiet and withdrawn, Thornn doesn't take well to being wronged. Whereabouts unknown.


Name: Thornn

Aliases: None

Affiliation: Phantazia

First appearance: September 13, 2014

Family: None


Thornn, born as Lucia Callasantos, has a feral mutation. A former Morlock, Thornn was with the Tunnelers during the massacre, which is how she managed to survive. While she'd always had a very predatory view toward humans, she left the tunnels once Gene Nation started to resort to terroristic actions, moving upworld and living in abandoned buildings and warehouses in the outer boroughs. Her disdain for crowds and distrust of others made her stay far away from District X, and her appearance led her to only leave her lodging at night.

Late one night, she was scrounging free food from trash cans on the Brooklyn College campus (so wasteful, those co-eds) when she heard a shout. Stalking in the shadows, Thornn saw Eileen Hanshaw get approached by a mugger, then watched as the other woman (who had been attending a physics lecture) used her powers to disarm the man. It was the first time in years Thornn saw another mutant, and so she approached the other woman tentatively. The two began to talk, and while the ever-reticent Thornn was shy at first, she quickly opened up. After a quick friendship, the two realized they had romantic feelings for one another, and Eileen invited the homeless Thornn to move into her Manhattan apartment.

In that time, Eileen has helped bring Thornn out of her shell, convincing her that it's okay to be out in public. The two have been to District X a number of times. Compared to her more heated girlfriend, Thornn is calm, reserved and quiet. She distrusts non-mutant humans, but she's more conflict-averse than Eileen.

Eileen and Thornn met Gabriel Cohuelo in a mutant night club, when he tried to lift her necklace off her for some quick cash. When confronted about it, Gabriel ran and Eileen and Thornn pursued him, unwilling to let the injustice go unpunished. They got the necklace back, and were torturing Gabriel when the X-Men interfered. Deciding he wasn't worth the trouble they ran.


A layer of dark fur covering her body, sharp fanged teeth and clawed hands. As a result of her mutation, she has cat-like reflexes and speed, and the ability to notice and track scents.


Second Thoughts


Socked by: Sam

PB: Felisha Terrell