X-Men Mission: Baltimore

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X-Men: Baltimore
Dates run: June 1, 2003
Run By: Ande and Bonnie
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"There's a war coming, your Saintliness. Stan here wants to be on the winning side."

A routine pick-up of a potential new student doesn't go as planned when Magneto beats the X-Men to it.


Storm, Wolverine and Nightcrawler

Stanley, Pyro and Magneto


June 1, 2003

Plot Summary

The X-Men mission to Baltimore in order to pick up a prospective student by the name of Stanley. Storm, Wolverine and Nightcrawler arrived to find Magneto and Pyro had convinced Stanley to join them first. The fact Magneto was apparently actively recruiting new members of his Brotherhood of Mutants raised concerns at the mansion that Magneto might try and build his own version of Cerebro and seek a newly emerged telepath to run it for him. Charles Xavier then retreated into Cerebro for some time.

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X-Men: Baltimore

Trivia and Meta


This was the first official X-Men mission to appear in-game after X2.


Plotrunners: Ande and Bonnie

Because most of the plot occurred in multiple journals, posts have been saved as memories.