Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters

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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the page. For other uses, see Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters (disambiguation).

Location: Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters
First Seen: X-Men

Following the catastrophic Event of January 2015, Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, located at 1407 Greymalkin Lane in Westchester County, New York, serves as a residence for young mutants. The school provides dayboarding for students who want to attend Bayville Charter High, a gifted charter school with a fine arts specialization, as well as home-schooling for those unable to leave the grounds.

The School is associated with the Xavier Institute, a known child development research center. Image inducers can be used at the teens' discretion, and it is their preference if they are 'out' mutants or not. The important issue is that the mansion's status as a residence and sanctuary for mutants is kept top secret - anyone who decides to "come out" will have to keep that in mind and preferably talk it over with the mods as their actions will impact the rest of the game.

For established student characters who are Phase 1 and transferring over to Phase 2 (with or without a reapp), they will have already been attending Bayville already and have the memories and experience (provided by Xorn) that would be associated with doing that.

For new student characters coming in, it will be the same as any normal new student transfer.

Some of the old teaching staff will get (or have already have established) jobs at the school to keep an eye on the students. Some will remain at Xavier's to provide extracurriculars, and internships for the young adults. The subjects can be worked out between players and communication as always is key.


Charles Xavier is the current Headmaster. Various individuals living at the mansion teach extra curricular classes, or mentor students one-on-one outside of regular school hours.


Secondary School Students

High school students no longer attend school at Xaiver's - they attend a local charter school and live at the mansion. The exception is if they are unable to attend regular classes due to their mutations. For a full list of the high school students and their year levels, please see Bayville Charter High.

Generation X

The younger team which trains with their powers and combat, capable of deploying in support of the X-Men or as a last option. Replaces the X-Men trainee program and the New Mutants, which had a focus only on high school aged students. All students are put into Generation X for training. Generation X will fulfill the role of the X-Men trainees, occasionally deploying with the X-Men, especially for recruitment or missions where younger mutants are a better fit, but can also choose to join one of the other teams.

See the team page for more details.

Powers Training

All students are enrolled in required and regular powers training on a weekly basis as part of their work with Generation X, with rotating teachers. While not every member of the staff can tutor every student directly in their power, a number of them have experience with mutations other than their own: Scott, for example, wouldn't be able to teach Kyle anything about optic blasts (as Kyle doesn't have them) but having worked so extensively with Hank for so long, he would have some useful tips for someone with a physical mutation.

In terms of making reference to these classes in logs or in posts/emails, we'd just ask you to clear references with teachers and their activities to the players of those characters first; we think that offers the right combination of spontaneity and flexibility, while making sure that no one is said to be teaching if they're in Mongolia or some such thing. (None of this should or is meant to prevent individual tutoring, should you believe your student character needs/would like some.)

Meta: As has been stated, there's certainly no requirement that any of this be logged, but it needs to be understood by everyone that it IS going on.

Extra-Curricular Studies

While the high school-age students are expected to attend Bayville Charter High, Xavier's does offer a number of extra-curricular classes for extra credit:


Personal Security

Before leaving the mansion, students are expected to 'sign out' with either a staff member or the X-Man on security duty, and sign back in on their return. For minors on longer trips in the company of an adult, the adult is expected to inform Charles Xavier of their destination and the expected duration.

All students are equipped with (and expected to carry at all times) an Xavier's cell phone. This incorporates a "panic button" which links to X-Men communications and whichever X-Man is on duty, plus a GPS tracking device which enables the phone to be located wherever it might be. No phone means no leaving the mansion, given the number of abductions and disappearances that have occurred in the past.

(See The Mansion for further security measures for the mansion at large).