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Character(s): Alison Blaire and Fourteen
Email: ChrisEmail.PNG
Date joined: April 2015

"I'd hyperlink that but I'm sitting on the floor of the Alamo gift shop typing this out on my phone."


Chris "Glaciel" Vrana is a forever college student with not enough time and not enough money currently attending University of Texas at Dallas. He started playing XProject after being persuaded successfully by Frito, who takes all of the blame, to app the best pop sensation ever after the universe imploded. He also holds the record (according to Frito) for the weirdest character to ever be apped and accepted, and he is extremely proud of that fact. He has aspirations beyond his station about where to go and what to do, and is still trying to get the swing of this whole 'RP' thing. He also relies heavily on emoticons and semicolons, like a scrub.

The image above is totally him and nobody can prove otherwise. You definitely can't prove it's a statue he made in minecraft.

Having never moved more than a mile from where he was born, Chris has pretty much always lived in the Dallas suburbs and likes it that way. He enjoys programming, playing video games, programming video games, writing, reading, and various miscellaneous projects and knickknacks. He also makes his own shirts and collects PVC statues. Weirdo.

His preffered means of contact is via twitter at @LorekeeperGlaci and via email at ChrisEmail.PNG. Seriously, someone talk to him please? He gets so lonely.

Expect his plots to be over the top and full of meta jokes, once he finally gets around to working up the confidence to actually make one.

This is gonna be fun. >=D


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