40 Days (in the Desert)

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40 Days (in the Desert)
Dates run: February 20, 2007 - April 7, 2007
Run By: Sil
Read the logs: 40 Days (In The Desert)

The journey is the destination.

After months of searching, Lorna finally has a chance to meet the sister she didn't know she had.


Lorna Dane, Sofia Mantega-Barret, David Haller

Zaladane Delgado (and her lieutenants, Arturo and Paolo)


February 20, 2007 - April 7, 2007

Plot Summary

The investigative agency that Lorna hired to find her sister abruptly quits, leaving Lorna with no answers and no leads, just lots of paperwork. Cyndi comes across Lorna having a bit of a tantrum about this fact and convinces her to ask Sofia for her assistance in putting together the rest of the research.

Sofia quickly discovers that Zala Dane is living in Los Angeles, the wealthy widow of one Josiah Delgado. With contact information in hand, Lorna calls Zala and asks for a meeting before Easter. Shortly thereafter, Sofia's further research turns up the unwelcome information that Zala isn't quite as helpless a widow as she seems and is, in fact, the head of an international weapons cartel.

Even knowing this, Lorna decides to go meet her sister at least, not expecting any kind of joyous reunion but wanting the closure anyway. The weapons stuff can stay out of the picture.

Zala has grown practical as time as passed though, and though she is far from excited to hear from Lorna, she greets her "sister", arranging some time for a visit. She does some digging and discovers that her little sister's school is sort of an unusual place with even more unusual staff. Never one to waste an opportunity, Zala realizes that she can use Lorna, she makes her an offer, come work for her 'big sis', be her ethics advisor and help her pick the clients that "deserve" the weapons. Lorna is tempted but ultimately walks away.

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All of Zaladane's closest advisors are former models.


Plotrunner: Sil

The initial name for the plot was The Invisible Circus. The current name reflects both the time the plot took (40 days beginning to end) as well as the season (from Mardi Gras to Holy Saturday)