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It was a tempestuous month. Marked at the beginning with David Haller's rather literal breakdown, the manifestations of Haller's alters faded, but not before various secrets as to David's past were disclosed. Feeling the need for a drink afterwards, Haller invited all those who had been possessed in one fashion or another to a session at Harry's Hideaway. 'Possession Night' had mixed results, with Nathan Dayspring in particular distracted by the anniversary of his father's death. The next day, he left for San Francisco to oversee the clearing of his father's house in preparation for it being sold, and discovered a number of letter between his parents that pushed him into burning various things whilst drinking - a phone call to Ororo Munroe resulted in Pietro Maximoff and Kurt Sefton being sent to intercept him before he burned down the house. When Jennie Stavros, Marius Laverne and Monet St. Croix joined in with the drinking, Scott Summers raised issues about the need for subtlety among the adults in relation to their consumption in front of the students.

Meanwhile, Illyana Rasputin continued trying to regain control of Limbo, lost months earlier to a demon called N'astirh. Her increasing fatigue and missed classes did not go unnoticed by others, but Illyana refused to ask for help and continued her researches alone. This nearly led to disaster when she was apprehended in the secret archives of the Russians by Alexei Vazhin. She was used as a lever against X-Force, and the team had to take on a mission of Vazhin's in order to secure Illyana's life and freedom. The job in Uganda was a disaster, with the team being psionically tagged and having to split up, barely escaping with their lives. Both Remy LeBeau and Sofia Mantega-Barret were shot, with Remy almost being left to die by Sarah Morlocke for his part in the Morlock Massacre.

The field trip curse raised its head again with a group of students and their chaperones, Forge, Marie D'Ancato and Garrison Kane falling afoul of an extremist environmental group calling themselves the Evolutionaries who, with the help of a mutant and Pietro's former flatmate Eddie Wyndham, created dinosaurs and set them upon the field trip and then New York as a whole. It was all hands on deck to deal with the incident, with the students effectively rescuing themselves. Not long after this, Angelo Espinosa and Amanda Sefton went to LA to go undercover with a Kick gang in order to retrieve Angelo's former girlfriend and the sister of his old gang leader, Alejandra Torres. The operation almost went wrong, with the X-Men and the LAPD intervening to arrest the members of both gangs, whilst Miguel Torres and Alejandra returning with Angelo to New York.

Lorna Dane finally tracked down her sister/cousin, Zaladane Delgado, with Sofia discovering she was possibly involved with a black market arms ring founded by her former husband. Lorna went to see her regardless, and was surprised to be offered a job as Zala's ethical advisor. After deliberating, Lorna turned the offer down, with Zala apparently accepting the decision. Newcomer Janet Van Dyne recovered her proper size and returned home, still training her powers at the school, and old face John Allerdyce returned, making it obvious he hadn't really changed that much. Yvette Petrovic talked to Crystal Amaquelin and was told about the incident with Logan, which gave her much food for thought in relationships with both Crystal and Logan. Forge went with Garrison to Canada, to speak to Robert Gordon MacDonald regarding the science of Garrison's neural chip and also met with members of Department H, making a number of useful connections.

Things became truly bizarre when a team building exercise incurred the wrath of a would-be criminal mastermind mutant with the ability to swap the genders of others. The discovery that half the staff (and three members of Snow Valley) had suddenly switched genders was an unnerving one, with some adapting to the situation better than others. The approach of prom only made things more confused as most of the chaperones were those effected.


Apr. 1 - Five Against One: Whilst waiting to fade, the alters reveal various secrets to people, including the fact Jemail isn't an alternate personality, but the mind of one of the people who held up the convenience store and killed David's uncle, trapped in David's mind since; Marie and Betsy meet for lunch and discuss the matter; the alters reconcile, saving Jemail from complete death by re-integrating him. Jan gains revenge on Pietro for nearly killing her with the wind of his passage in the woods and he later emails her in confusion. Logan and Ororo discuss her new relationship with Remy. Angelo, Amanda and Crystal enjoy the Attilan sunshine before Amanda and Angelo head back to New York. Angelo arranges for Rachel to be babysat whilst he takes Nathan out for his birthday. Yvette asks Logan why Crystal doesn't trust him.

Apr. 2 - Mark appears at work with a pair of false breasts for belly dancing class. Spring Break begins and Forge sets up his 'office' on the island in the middle of the lake. 40 Days (in the Desert): Lorna voices her belief Scott and Ororo are avoiding selecting her for missions. Amanda and Angelo post about their return to New York. Angelo asks Lorna for his self-defence teaching job back. Five Against One: Jim emails Lorna and Betsy to let them know he's 'back'; Nathan asks Haller how he's doing.

Apr. 3 - Jennie is bored. John rejoins the school and visits Marie to renew their friendship; John posts to the journals about his return, and starts something of a commotion; Forge emails Marie-Ange and Amanda about the prodigal. Terry offers Bobby's bongos free to a good home. Five Against One: Haller invites all those with a history of being possessed to "Possession Night" at Harry's. Our Hell: Terry invites an obviously-tired Illyana to be in her wedding party.

Apr. 4 - Jennie and Monet meet in the laundry room. Jean runs into John in the CoffeeQuake. Mark puts away his breasts. Jennie emails Marius about her meeting with Monet. Medusa visits 'King Forge' on his island. Remy warns the Snow Valley staff about saying too much to John about their other work. Logan and Garrison talk down by the quarry, and Logan gets some food for thought. Five Against One: Haller emails Sofia and Mark about the incidents during his split. Possession Night: Wanda, Jean, Cain, Haller, Betsy, Marie and Nathan go to Harry's to celebrate not being possessed any more; Nathan is less happy about things; everyone gets very drunk and there are various drunken posts and messages. John meets Yvette in the kitchen. Our Hell: Monet, bored with economics, interrupts Illyana doing her research and they get on surprisingly well.

Apr. 5 - The Possession Night people wake up very hungover. 40 Days (in the Desert): Lorna runs into Nathan at the airport, on her way to meet Zala; Zala does her own research into her 'sister' ; the two meet and Lorna is overwhelmed by Zala's offer of a job; later, going through Sofia's file, Lorna ponders her choice. Nathan goes to San Francisco to settle the sale of his father's house, a year after his death. Ororo announces she will be taking a couple of days off. Ororo gets a call from Nathan, who is drinking and burning his uncle, father and mother's letters and sends Pietro and Kurt after him; they end up having a 'Children of Supervillains Anonymous' drinking session; Nathan and Kyle discuss keepsakes and family. Forge challenges Logan to reach the island undetected and loses. Lorna texts Haller telling him not to quit, despite the drunken ramblings on the journals of the night before. Laurie posts from her mother's house, where she is spending Easter.

Apr. 6 - Mark and John meet in a NY music store and get off on the wrong foot. 40 Days (in the Desert): Lorna turns down Zala's offer and arranges to meet her the next day before she leaves; later, doubting her decision, she accidentally calls Alex and gets a lot of hard questions. Cain has a fish fry and Logan is accidentally microwaved by Angel. The kids have Peep jousts. Ororo encounters a hungover Kurt on her way out of the mansion for her vacation. Angelo talks to a hungover Nathan about family. Pietro is smug on the journals about not being hungover and ends up in the lake, thanks to Nathan and Kurt. Scott realises he forgot to book a Spring Break vacation for he and Jean. Amanda and Marie have pizza, beer and gossip about their respective love lives.

Apr 7 - Medusa, on her way home to Attilan for the Easter vacation, runs into Nathan and discusses anniversaries with him, and then chats with Kurt about homes. Angelo and Marie train in the Danger Room. 40 Days (in the Desert): Lorna turns down Zala's offer and they part amicably as Lorna goes to spend Easter with their parents. Ororo is bored during her vacation and emails Scott. Marie attempts to introduce Logan to pop culture with a movie night and they discuss Logan's woes. Jennie, Marius and Monet go out drinking and send drunken text messages to various people; later Marius and Monet bond. John and Angelo catch up. Logan brings Sarah beer and movies and they talk about family.

Apr. 8 - Jan decides to celebrate Easter by zooming around showering people with Peep sugar. Crystal emails Pietro about his inadvertent swim of the day before. Monet posts about her hangover. Our Hell: Angelo inadvertently helps Illyana in her search with some advice on research. Scott posts to the staff list about his concerns regarding public staff drinking and the impact on the students; he also emails Wanda and Betsy regarding the same. John and Scott discuss John's options at the school.

Apr. 9 - Logan tracks John down at Harry's and they have a rather unproductive encounter. Marie suggests a retreat for stress-relief for the team. This Savage Land: Charles announces a field trip to the Mesozoic Biofloral Conservatory. Scott and Kurt discuss feelings of mortality. Forge and John meet and it's a clash of ideologies. Logan and Angel discuss her powers mishap and his adamantium skeleton. Angel and John meet and discuss their similar powers. Lorna and Marie go shopping and discuss Lorna's weekend. Sarah and Angelo re-establish their friendship. Crystal and Angelo talk about the staff's stress-reduction techniques and he explains his undercover mission back in March. Our Hell: Illyana makes a breakthrough on her research into Limbo, and decides to look at original sources in a secure government archive in Chita; it ends in disaster when she is found and knocked out before she can teleport away and she is arrested by Alexei Vazhin, who decides to use her to gain leverage with X-Force; Remy gets a call he is most unhappy about and goes to Russia to cut a deal - in return for Illyana not being tried and executed for espionage on behalf of the school, X-Force must retrieve information from a lab in Uganda belonging to the British government.

Apr. 10 - This Savage Land: Laurie is excited about the field trip. Monet and Crystal go shopping and bond over gossip. Cruel Country: Remy asks for volunteers for the Uganda mission and Amanda asks Sofia to come and help as a personal favour; the Uganda mission goes terribly wrong as the team is psionically tagged and have to split up and flee; Remy and Sofia are both shot; Illyana makes it back with the files and sits on comms, waiting for word.

Apr. 11 - Tommy and John have a surprisingly civil conversation. Cruel Country: Doug and Marie-Ange, and Amanda and Wanda manage to make it out in various ways; Sarah abandons Remy to die, but then comes back. Terry asks for sunny weather on the 12th, and John lectures her on powers ethics. John has dinner with Lorna and she catches him up on the mansion gossip. Rahne comes across Nathan going through his mother's letters and helps him come to some closure. John meets Julio and it goes less well. Yvette asks Crystal about the incident with Logan. This Savage Land: Forge announces he will be going on the field trip.

Apr. 12 - Cruel Country: ; Amanda wakes up finally and Angelo is there to take care of her; Scott posts to the staff and team boards about Illyana's mishap, but not about the Ugandan mission; Sarah requests a pick up for herself and Remy and Amanda asks Ororo to go; Mark gets Sofia to a Christian aid station; Pete offers Illyana a job; Pete sends Wanda home to rest. Instead, Wanda joins Medusa and Crystal in redecorating Pietro's room whilst he's out. This Savage Land: Lorna asks Alex to a geological lecture in New York on Saturday.

Apr. 13 - Medusa comes across Monet avoiding study and is not impressed by the weirdness. Later, Monet fails to hit it off with Tabitha. Angelo and Terry plan Bobby's farewell party. Nathan tells the Elpis staff of an invitation to Hungary for a dedication service to the victims of the bombings. This Savage Land: The kids go to the Conservatory for their field trip, but are abandoned by their guides that evening; the camp is stampeded by dinosaurs, and Forge goes missing. Operation: Cruel Country: Ororo goes to Egypt to retrieve Sarah and Remy and she and Remy discuss the problem of Illyana.

Apr. 14 - This Savage Land: Yvette shares her powers with Marius, via blood transmission; the field trip sets up camp and acquires the necessities, including food and water, despite some difficulties in the form of dinosaur attacks; the Evolutionaries unleash the second part of their plan, transforming the animals of Central Part Zoo into dinosaurs and setting them loose in New York, where there are various encounters; those X-Men remaining at the school rally to go find the field trip when communications are lost; a pack of allosaurs attack the camp, and the group barely manages to escape, and not without casualties but they do find Forge; Amanda and Angelo, after their respective dinosaur encounters, go for dinner to celebrate her birthday; Pietro tracks down Eddie Wyndham, but is ambushed by unseen accomplices and knocked out.

Apr. 15 - This Savage Land: The rescue team encounters stampeding triceratops; the field trip finds the exit, thanks to Forge and meets with the rescue team; Kyle, Forge, Mondo and Yvette get the medical aid they need and Yvette asks Jean to arrange appointments with Dr. Samson; the Evolutionaries are arrested; Forge makes a new leg for himself out of bed parts;Pietro makes his report to the team on Wyndham; Laurie and Forge resolve the awkwardness between them; Lorna proposes a shopping trip in Salem Center; Scott praises the students who were on the field trip; Angelo visits his suite mate in the medlab and forbids anyone saying they're bored ever again; Nathan identifies the dinosaurs he was fighting; Monet is glad her little brother is safe; John notes he slept through the whole thing; Forge posts under the influence of painkillers, to the amusement of John; Alex worries about Scott being mad at him for blowing up dinosaurs. Yvette leaves Mondo's birthday present by his bedside in the infirmary. Cruel Country: Amanda worries about Sofia and Mark, who haven't been heard from yet.

Apr. 16 - Crystal tells Scott about her conversation with Yvette and about Logan's apparent perceptions of her. Operation: Cruel Country: Remy posts from the medical clinic asking for a laptop; Lorna emails Sofia, wondering why she didn't respond to the shopping post; Sofia and Mark finally make it back. John and Kurt meet up whilst Kurt is practicing his gymnastics in the trees. Kurt gives Jan a miniature trapeze to practice on. Jean emails Crystal about further training on Muir Island. Nathan announces Elpis has been invited to Hungary for a dedication to the victims of the Kaiten bombings and asks if anyone else would like to go; Nathan personally invites Yvette and Sooraya, and after some trepidation given the last field trip, they agree.

Apr. 17 - Our Hell: Pete notifies Haller that he has offered Illyana a job at Snow Valley and they discuss her options; Remy and Pete discuss the same. Angelo and Terry conspire to throw Bobby a going-away party. Doug posts about the Voynich Manuscript potentially being a hoax. Operation: Cruel Country: Remy posts his report on the mission and airs his suspicions the Brits in charge of the operation might have been EOE, before going into research mode due to his injury. Forge writes a letter to Masque; Forge runs into Jan after being released from medlab and gives her a miniaturised amplifier so she can be heard. Litmus: Nathan receives news of a new stumbling-block to mutant-human relations in Germany, a bigoted politician by the name of Baron Wagner. Marie begins organising the Xavier's Prom. Wanda and Amanda celebrate a late birthday for the witch.

Apr. 18 - In the small hours, Scott and Jean discuss nightmares. During a speech on 'The History of Peeps' during lunch, Jan rather abruptly regains her full size whilst her clothes do not, much to the appreciation of the male population. Kurt drops by to say goodbye to Bobby and help him move boxes; Terry and Bobby fight on the way to the airport and he leaves before they can make up; Terry is miserable on the journals. Ororo threatens death to the person who used all her ice cream and didn't replace it; Lorna offers her brownies. Kurt invites Angel and her friends to come see the Munich Circus in town. Illyana meets Kurt in his tree, and has an awkward conversation. Illyana posts a 'handy' 'how to survive a demon attack' guide on her journal and announces her new job, to mixed results, including a chewing out from Remy for being reckless. Marius and Medusa experiment with her powers in the library and incur Tabitha's wrath. Amanda comes to the mansion to replace the magical protection and has a close encounter with Cain, who discovers he can read magical writing. Later, Amanda has coffee with John, and they catch up on old times. Kyle introduces Jan to the treehouse. Monet offers her services as chaperone to the prom, despite Marie's misgivings.

Apr. 19 - Mark arranges powers lessons with Scott. Ororo announces a team retreat. Jan calls home to tell her father the news of her growth and to make plans to go home. Lorna invites Sofia for lunch and plotting. Haller talks to Illyana about her options and makes arrangements for her to see him periodically; Pete announces to the Snow Valley people he has hired Illyana. Turf War: Angelo gets a call from Miguel, his former best friend in LA, who asks for help with his sister who has gotten involved in a Kick gang; in the small hours, Haller comes across Angelo and they discuss his dilemma. Litmus: Nathan complains about Baron Wagner on the journals, having discovered he is virulently anti-mutant. Kurt and Jean go out for drinks.

Apr. 20 - Turf War: Angelo announces on the team comm that he's going to California to help Miguel. Jennie and Laurie gossip and talk about Jennie moving out for college and prom. Kurt and Cain talk about family. Medusa enjoys being home in Attilan. Laurie spends the afternoon talking in Old English as a result of a bet with Kyle. During the course of the journal discussion, Mondo gets confused about a slang term, and is embarrassed when directed first to Haller, then to Jean, and he discovers he doesn't have MILF. Pietro runs into Illyana in the kitchen again and they discuss Limbo. Marie comes to talk to Yvette about prom and discovers she is having issues with her powers and self-image. Kurt and Monet catch up. Kurt takes Angel, Julio and Kyle to the circus; Kurt and Kyle discuss being seen as frightening. Mark has his first powers training session with Scott and is introduced to the Danger Room; he gets lost on the way out and runs into John. Turf War: Angelo and 'Domenica' meet Miguel in a club and decide to go undercover.

Apr 21 - Monet invites Illyana to the prom. Turf War: Amanda lets the Snow Valley staff know she's in LA helping Angelo, and thanks Kurt for the use of his inducer; later, she and Angelo meet the Kick gang and Amanda poses as a user; after an altercation the pair are invited back to join the gang. Nathan takes his group to Hungary.

Apr. 22 - Nathan and Crystal have breakfast in Hungary, and discuss Nathan's need to take vacations more; later, Nathan takes Sooraya out sightseeing and they discuss history and the Great Man Theory; that night, the group has dinner at Minister Barath's house, and it is revealed that he is to become Prime Minister the following day. Laurie asks if anyone is interested in seeing the movie Sunshine. Jennie and Illyana bond over stupid people. Angelo and Jennie talk about her post during Kaiten and don't really resolve anything.

Apr. 23 - Nathan and Kurt watch Barath being voted Prime Minister on television; Budapest erupts into an enormous street party and Nathan and the group are caught up in celebrations; Boltagon appears in Budapest by surprise and proposes to Medusa. Lorna forgets her paper and texts Marie and Haller to break into her room and retrieve it. Marius and Monet each find half of the knife Monet broke whilst drunk on their pillows and are suitably perturbed. Marie-Ange airs her concerns about Illyana to Remy.

Apr. 24 - Celebrations in Budapest continue, and Nathan and Pietro agree it is a remarkable day; Rahne posts about the events; Pietro and Crystal discuss things; the group returns to New York. Remix: Doug is confused by information for a team-building retreat that he and Marie-Ange have received. Jan informs Tommy he is coming to the prom with her.

Apr. 25 - Garrison receives a letter from Heather Hudson, indicating Forge has been invited to meet with the Canadian government about Garrison's neural chip. Lorna announces her graduation ceremony. Remy emails Doug asking him to hack into Swiss bank accounts belonging into a number of shell companies related to Joe MacTaggart and Baron Von Stucker. Yvette meets Monet and is confused. Turf War: Angelo and Amanda discuss what they've learned so far, and come up with a plan; Angelo calls the X-Men in to use their connections with the LAPD; Ororo arranges for a small team of X-Men to go to LA. Tabitha is disconcerted by Medusa's sentient hair. Crystal and Forge talk after he inadvertently insults the Amaquelins and he manages to make things worse. Following Illyana's talk of demons on the journals, Marie follows through with her threat and brings her two younger students with nightmares to comfort at 3 AM.

Apr. 26 - Kyle talks to Forge about his issues with being seen as frightening, and Forge manages to be slightly comforting and very honest. Tabitha's unusual library help continues, and she inadvertently incurs the ire of several people by asking how to thank 'it'. Turf War: Amanda and Angelo return to the gang, prepared to get Alejandra out during the police raid, but discover their cover is blown; a full-on gang war erupts when Miguel and his boys assist; the LAPD and the X-Men manage to calm things down, whilst Angelo faces his past in a rather literal way and eventually convinces Miguel and Alejandra to return to New York where she can get help. Crystal asks Monet's help for a prank involving Forge's car. Terry asks for a test audience for a new song. Jennie and Crystal bond over coffee.

Apr. 27 - Laurie drops by to talk to Angelo about the group their mothers are planning to start, and Forge gets involved too. Forge announces his trip to Canada to the staff. Turf War: Amanda emails several people about the previous day's events. Logan and Ororo talk over motorcycle maintenance. Laurie trains in her powers with Haller and Jean. Crystal announces her departure to Muir Island for medlab training. Dani asks Mark to DJ at the prom. Yvette and Illyana meet and bond over the frustration of not being able to communicate clearly due to poor English. Laurie wonders about ice cream flavours. Marie-Ange gets Amanda to take her out to get some defensive tattoos for powers use.

Apr. 28 - Laurie and Amanda talk over various things during the Saturday bus run. Remix: During the team building weekend, Haller, Ororo and Logan prevent a jewelry store robbery during a scavenger hunt; Sofia announces she has taken Doug and Marie-Ange to the same retreat. Monet takes Kyle for experiments in ice cream.

Apr. 29 - Ahab: Doug emails Remy with information that the money trails lead to "R. Campbell". Remix: Paul La Rue, would-be criminal and staff at the retreat center, uses hir powers to switch the genders of all the Xavier's (and Snow Valley) staff there; Marie, Pietro and Angelo track down the offender but ze can't change them back, although the effect is only temporary, lasting about a week; the gender-swapped staff have various issues with clothing and reactions; the staff return to the school. Remy goes to Muir Island to chase up some leads on Kevin MacTaggart's DNA. Jennie asks Marius to the prom. Illyana moves to the brownstone.

Apr. 30 - Remix: Student and other staff reactions to the gender swap range from confused to disturbed to highly amused; various issues with interpersonal relationships, clothing, bathrooms and sexuality rage; people deal - or don't deal - with things in various ways, including making icons; Marie makes the official report of the incident; Pietro has issues with his powers and a change in body shape, plus having cramps; Tabitha invites swapped Kurt out for drinks. John asks Cain for maintenance help after he manages to scorch parts of his suite trying to kill cockroaches. Cain emails Illyana, wanting to speak to her and they discuss Limbo and the possibility that Cain "broke" it. Forge meets Minister Robert MacDonald in Canada, and is bemused. Kyle experiments with Angel's powers, getting her to microwave food.


Five Against One

40 Days (in the Desert)

Our Hell

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