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Moment of Awesome: Kevin Sydney|Changeling: Following his near-death, Kevin is confronted by his apparent lack of humanity in his default form.

There was a metal slab under him. It wasn't the least comfortable place Kevin Sydney had ever woken up in, but it wasn't a king sized bed at the Carlton either. He slowly pulled himself up into a seated position, blinking as his eyes unfocused, trying to adapt to the light in the room. He was groggy, suffering a massive headache, and something just didn't feel right. Why?

Oh, the shotgun. He remembered the hammer blow of the impact to his chest. It should have killed him. His powers must have taken care of it. The skin of is chest showed no signs of a gunshot wound.

And it was grey. Dull grey. Hairless. Lacking a nipple.

Kevin shot up and off the table in a panic. He was in the MedLab in the mansion. He'd been here before and seen the operating theatre, which he was off to the side of. His hands were... grey. Three fingers and no nails. He pushed over to the other side of the room, tossing the sheet that tangled around him to one side as he reached the full sized mirror.

What stared out at him was a horror; hairless and unisex. He was all grey, his body lacking more than vague definition from his three toed feet to his long fingered hands. The face looking back was dominated by large, dark eyes. There was no nose, holes for ears and a slit for a mouth. He touched his forehead, willing that the hand in the mirror wouldn't rise up and repeat the motion. That there was a reason other than this inhuman creature - this thing - was something else; a trick or a delusion.

"No. No. No no no no no..." The words slipped out, quickly unspooled in a stream of babble as he touched his chest and hips and featureless groin. He screwed his eyes shut. Six decades of training took over. He took a deep breath, concentrated and opened his eyes.

He looked back at himself. Proper hands, pale skin with his dark body hair; a human face.

Today in XProject:

December 18th

2003: Alex blows up and Lorna is caught in the crossfire, causing Emma to sound the evacuation alarm. The group returns from Mexico and Angelo discovers Marie brought his mother back to NY. Leech is now known as Miles Blaire. Two CIA agents activate a secret project to send a possible assassin to Xavier's.

2004: Amanda plays facilitator and gets Domino and Nathan to talk about Volgograd. Amanda semi-collapses of exhaustion halfway up the stairs and Theo carries her the rest of the way, claiming her as Pack. Bridge tells Haroun a few things about Domino, then agrees to get word to his family. Remy gives Miles a Juggernaut plushie and they have a nice chat... right up until Miles mentions being a Morlock. Domino goes to let Alison know how things went with Nathan, to Alison's relief. Madelyn tries to save Remy from drinking himself to death, but it doesn't go well.

2005: Before heading out to New York for the Christmas choir, Forge and Jubilee get a few moments to talk, reminiscing on the past year and hopes for the future. Tommy and Shiro manage to have a rather long conversation for them about the pointlessness of General Education and the dread of Power Training. Shiro even shows off his mutation twice and Tommy doesn't say a thing.

2006: Living Pele: Scott asks Garrison to look for information as he proposed; Shiro finds Alex but encounter Pele as they're escaping; Alex comes up with a plan to defeat Pele, and they overload her powers. Forge and Medusa discuss lighting for the Winter Ball. Remy returns to New York.

2007: V=IR: Doug cracks the code and he and Forge decide to chase up what Milan is up to, especially after discovering he has outstanding warrants in Italy; Doug and Forge announce their departure on a 'research trip'. Sooraya and Yvette talk about why they remain at the school.

2008: Yvette asks for help for a dress to the Winter Ball. Jean-Paul discovers a rat in his room, a gift from Morgan. Ktenology 101: Marie and Christian continue their search, this time in Spain. Bishop and Lil go on their shooting date. Julian comes to collect books from Jean-Paul and meets his new friend. Angel asks if she's able to wear a red dress with her hair colour; Adrienne offers dresses from her modelling agency for use by Xavier's students. Jean posts about the benefits of TK with broken limbs. Wanda emails Scott to tell him her powers broke Bishop. Manuel runs into Callie while carrying tea and gets scalded and an anger loop ensues; Callie posts angrily to her journal not wanting to see anyone; Jean-Paul emails her in concern; Julian tries to find out what is wrong and is rudely rebuffed. Angel meets Julian and a lot of flirting happens; later, in the gym, the flirting continues and Angel accidentally slags a weights machine.

2009: Doug posts a link to a prospective college course for Cammie: a Bachelor of Arts in Traditional Eastern Arts. This Devil's Workday: Adrienne tries to get Cammie to go back to New York and Cammie manages to talk/trick her into going back to the police with the further information Cammie has dug up about Amy's death and a mysterious house she'd been staying at. Angel happens upon Kevin in New York and makes him buy her lunch.

2010: Yvette checks on Klara and finds her in the greenhouse, practicing her powers.

2011: Doug talks about the new Star Wars MMO. X-Men Mission: X-Mas in Milwaukee: The FBI investigation doesn't lead anywhere, so Garrison, Terry and Abigail Brand are forced to start thinking creatively.

2012: Sam pays Angelo a visit to discuss his future plans and making a big change in his life.


2014: Sue posts about seeing huge footsteps leading into the woods and asks if people forgot to mention if there is a mutant living here they forgot to tell her about. Logan posts asking which one of the residents is leaving behind the footprints out in the woods.

2015: Little Paper Dolls: The team arrives in Canada and quickly track down the source of the strange telepathic message, however things don't quite seem right; X-Force storms the underground base, having far more fun with it than should be legal; Jean and Emma find the source of the distress call, and Emma and the strange girls clearly do not get on; someone touched something they shouldn't have, and suddenly it's all going to hell; even if the other you isn't really you at all, talking to ‘yourself’ is an incredibly surreal experience, and it doesn't help when they're both incredibly paranoid. Miles makes a journal entry about how awesome the new Star Wars movie is. Molly and Topaz brave the mall to go Christmas shopping.

2016: Jean wonders what the mansion thinks are the best Christmas movies to introduce to her niece and nephew.


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