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M-Day: On New Year's Eve, 2015, slightly over 90% of the world's mutant population were seized by some unknown force and died in a fiery explosion. The explosion had dire repercussions for the people around them, either killing them outright or causing area damage - some died driving or flying vehicles, were in areas that were delicate or flammable or explosive, etc, etc. One was an elected member of the House who took several other reps with her. It's estimated that of the close to 2 million mutants of varying power levels worldwide, less than 200,000 survived, most of those too low powered to be caught by the Cerebro scan conducted by Dark Phoenix. Their deaths caused an estimated 8 million dead worldwide and close to a trillion in property damage.

No one has any good explanation for what happened. Predictably, some said it was God judging mutants. Others think its a mass genocide at the hands of a mutant terrorist. Some posit its the natural end point of mutation. Surviving mutants have a conspiracy theory that it was done as an attack against mutants by humans. No one knows. With the lack of answers, fear and paranoia have driven most human/mutant integration processes and efforts into the background and the public demand is for protection against mutants. While not entirely outlawed, incidents of human on mutant violence have spiked and obvious mutants are subject to regular harassment and discrimination. Legislation calling for mutant registration, restriction of rights or outright segregation was fast-tracked in governments all over the world.

Characters who migrated from Phase 1 know the true cause of the calamity, but are unable to speak of it to anyone without risking the universe's destruction.

Today in XProject:

January 6 - Cecilia Reyes' birthday

2004: Shiro is flying with Marie and his skin turns black from over-exerting his powers. He asks Hank to help him. Betsy and Logan spar. x_kids is created by Kitty as a private community for the students, away from the adults.

2005: Jubilee and Madelyn go to San Francisco to visit the graves of Jubilee's parents. Nathan growls at Hank for flirting with Moira. Wanda growls at Nathan for over-training. Nathan and Cain discuss Shattered. Nathan is frustrated he can't go after Nathaniel Essex. Alison brings up restricting Amanda's healing with the medical staff, who agree. Romani Road Trip: Amanda meets Wanda in London and asks her to come with her to Germany to meet her birth family.

2006: Trinity: Nathan and Wanda pose as journalists and visit the mutant training centre, noting a few interesting discrepancies; Gideon Faraday visits Moira on Muir and reveals that he was involved with Mistra, apparently for the purpose of distracting her while one of her nurses steals the files from her secure database; Moira shoots Gideon before he escapes; Wanda and Nathan break into the training centre after hours and find a couple of nasty surprises in the files. Lorna and Scott discuss the team, Alex, and powers, but nothing is resolved. Kyle somehow gets it into his head that Alison might be a guy.

2007: Crystal asks Amanda about Kurt's healing, and the witch is surprisingly forthcoming. Domino comes to New York and goes to dinner with Angelo. Julio and Angel go on their first date. X-Men Mission: Phalanx: Cyclops, Cannonball and Nightcrawler have a briefing with the Greek admiral in charge of the mission; the X-Men undergo HALO training; the X-Men make the jump, and Jack emerges when Haller gets into difficulty; the soldiers are neutralised harmlessly, but Garrison has issues being partnered with Haller, who left him unshielded.

2008: Kevin emails Noriko to apologise again for not telling her about Jay; in return for her explaining some of her history, he gets her drunk. Operation: Shaboom: Doug is concerned by the disappearance of a journalist contact in New Mexico. Cain takes Kyle and Laurie to get Laurie's new pet pot-bellied pig; Yvette is confused by Laurie's wanting a pig as a pet. Wendigo: Garrison, Marie, Logan and Heather find the mounted detachment brutally killed and are attacked by the Wendigo, a cannibalistic native spirit; whilst Logan fights to protect Heather, Garrison finds Twoyoungmen and returns with him to the scene; Marie uses a spell from Twoyoungmen to make the Wendigo mortal and Logan kills it, but not without a cost as he descends too far into his feral nature.

2009: Jubilee declares the death of her latest houseplant. Adrienne emails Manuel looking for information on the Hellfire Club ahead of her invitation from Emma. Inez contrives to meet Julian and coffee is arranged. Nathan texts Jean-Paul. Marie-Ange warns Manuel to leave the mansion for a while after a premonition. Ktenology 101: Marie returns to the mansion and talks with Scott about killing and revenge. Lil and Jennie meet on the smoker's porch and discuss powers and tattoos.

2010: Kyle is enthused about Extreme Arm Wrestling and other sports on ESPN. Jubilee asks for help on her accents for cover identity purposes. Kyle posts about helping Julio pack to go back to Mexico to look after his ailing grandfather.

2011: Artie posts a doctored image of Kyle that he made. Jared talks about going to the local community college. Doug e-mails Artie a paypal receipt for $20 for the Kyle prank. Laurie posts to the X-team comm about her use of a traffic cone. The Best Deceptions: Molly wakes up to find the X-Men taking care of her; when Alice and Gene Hayes wake up later, there's a tense talk about who their rescuers are, Molly's manifestation and what happens next, with the final decision being for Molly to go to the school.

2012: Vanessa texts Garrison asking for him to keep her company. Jean-Paul invites Adrienne over for snacks and movies. Maddie's powers manifest, with Jean and Haller coming to her rescue. Wade asks about an incident involving someone screaming in his head and Jean explains Maddie manifested her telepathy; Haller posts to x_journal explaining the situation with Maddie, who is in the Box until she can learn some shielding; David emails Jean about forgetting to post about Maddie earlier; Layla brings down some things for Maddie and Jean reassures her that her roomie will be okay. Layla emails her teachers asking for an extension on her schoolwork due to powers-related exhaustion.

2013: Maddie posts about Les Miserables, one of its actors and her wanting to have kids with him through a surrogate mother. Auld Lang Syne: Charles posts about being careful what to tell Molly since she lost her memory. Jean runs into Logan at the airport and they talk briefly. Scott finds Logan at the mansion and the two have a peace offering beer and talk.

2014: Laurie asks Doug for a third date.

2015: Wade texts Logan to invite him to play darts in the boathouse. Sue texts Tandy about having a shopping weekend to celebrate Tandy’s college acceptance. Cecilia makes a journal entry about having a quiet birthday at the mansion.

2016: Wade leaves Cecilia a birthday present; Cecilia emails Wade her thanks.


2018: Maya wonders why men are dumb. Quentin has a problem of a personal nature and does nothing to endear himself to his caretakers. Hope emails Marie-Ange and Doug in disbelief over them signing her up for a Burlesque class. Charles posts letting people know he'll be moving semi-permanently to Muir Island. Miles discovers Topaz has animated Porg toys and tries to steal one for himself (she gives it to him in the end). Matt and Topaz go for late-night breakfast for dinner.

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