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Genosha Arc:

Beginning with the mansion providing sanctuary for two young Genoshan refugees, Jenny Ransome and David Moreau, this arc then became an investigation into their subsequent disappearance and a strike against their abductors. Genosha then retaliated, abducting the students and staff of the school, and then capturing most of the rescue teams. Battling against a nation's army, struggling to survive and protect each other, the arc concluded on June 3, 2012 with a titanic battle between the insane Thomas Moreau and, well, everybody.

Genosha is now the only nation in the world to be run cooperatively by mutants and humans. How long this will stay the case remains to be seen and tensions are already coming to the surface.

The Genosha arc was the brainchild of Dex and was co-run by Mackinzie, Rossi, Frito, Twiller and Mon. It involved every active player at the time and has the highest number of logs so far for any X-Project plot, with a total of 224 logs - not to mention the various emails, journal posts and comms posts also made as a part of this gigantic effort. Plus, it spawned a series of vids and art by Mackinzie, Frito and Sam. All in all, it was the biggest event in X-Project Phase 1 history, to the point it was unanimously agreed by the players to keep it in Phase 2.

Today in XProject:

June 11


2004: Amanda and Manuel visit Nathan and Moira at Muir Island.

2005: Jean wakes up. Buy Now, Pay Later: Amanda's friend Charlie Plunder visits the mansion.


2007: Laurie announces muffins for breakfast. Dani complains of strange noises from the basement and Cain discovers Jono playing his guitar in the old boiler room. Forge discovers Angelo isn't dealing with things so well. New Renaissance Man: Jean asks Wanda about the sites being visited and they work out a potential next spot. Ororo and Nathan go climbing at Yosemite.

2008: Nathan and Manuel try unsuccessfully to mediate and discuss the problem of Laurie. X-Men Mission: Keep The Faith: Scott announces a simple student pickup and selects a team of the younger X-Men to go, led by Terry; the Blackbird goes down and Cyclops, Phoenix and Blink go to assess the wreckage; as they awake, the missing X-Men recall what happened - the 'student' was Abyss, who teleported them to a Brotherhood base and caused the plane to crash; the four X-Men are tortured for Cerebro remote access codes, which don't actually exist; during a lull, the captured X-Men manage to communicate and make an escape plan. Laurie confronts Jay about his actions towards Kevin and reveals his addiction; Jay goes to apologise and it's revealed Kevin can touch now; Kevin runs into Laurie and yells at her for being interfering and revealing his secrets.

2009: Face The Blood: Fred and Yvette chat on the way to breakfast; Dori and Catseye play tag with the local children; Yvette and Angel work on rebuilding and talk about boys. Nathan and Callisto discuss issues mutants have accessing programs for the disabled when their mutations are maladaptive and Nathan has an Evil Plan. Jean-Paul posts about visiting his parents' graves and not feeling any different but later has a nightmare and texts Nathan for reassurance. Kurt startles Sarah, but reassures her that he's not so scary. Wanda visits Jennie, who tells her about being pregnant and the steps she took to address it.

2010: Angel asks about the Air Supply coming from Garrison's room and he reveals that Adrienne broke up with him and went back to Boston; Doug suggests a 'Dear John Club' drinking session at Harry's; Garrison, Doug and Logan drink at Harry's and discuss women, while Jared serves them and Farouk has a sarcastic inner monologue. Meggan discovers a new powers application - growing gills - and freaks out Julian when he sees her sitting on the bottom of the pool.

2011: My Long Forgotten Son: Artie introduces Nico to his mother and things get odd; later that day, Artie and the New Mutants have a chat and a decision is made; The New Mutants kids are noticed after they left for the tunnels, and plans are made to get them back; the kids get settled into the Morlock Tunnels, only to find someone is after them. Artie posts to the journals via his phone that he almost overslept and needs a coffee IV stat.

2012: Jubilee posts about her love of meat before Cammie takes the conversation off into the realms of her shopping habits. Artie and Jubilee run into one another in Central Park and catch up with one another. Terry heads out to California for a break. After spending the night with Laurie Vanessa stops by the medlab to check on David. Kurt informs everyone that he and Cammie will be leaving the mansion for a few days and requests that no-one leaves the mansion without informing a member of staff. Garrison announces that as a result of losing to Adrienne he has thrown out the remainder of his clubs and a bottle of Martell Creation Grand Extra Cognac has been put in the drinks safe for her. Maddie asks Wade for a lift into the city so she can check on Doug. Cammie takes Kurt with her to do something she hasn't ever done, visit the grave of her first boyfriend, the one she accidentally killed years ago. Maddie barges into Doug's apartment and make plans to stay the night and cheer him up. Laurie spends time helping North after his overdose. Wanda comes by Marie-Ange and Amanda's to share ice cream with Marie-Ange and check in with her and Marie-Ange successfully makes tea and does not set the kitchen on fire.

2013: Kyle shares a show on history that he declares can be used as credit in his English class. Haller and Betsy have a sparring session and Haller expresses worry about Betsy.

2014: Clint accidentally scares Cecilia and they discuss life.

2015: Adrienne posts about going to Boston with Garrison for the weekend for the baseball series between the Red Sox and Jays. Rogue and Jean-Philippe watch TV and talk about lube and reality shows.

2016: Miles and Maya hang out at the teen party; Stephen and Clea end up locked in the closet; Miles and Clea chat over drinks; Miles and Bobby do the same, both worse for wear; when the party gets busted, Miles and his girlfriend Becky flee, and he tells her he's a mutant; they consummate their relationship. Maya texts Wade telling him she was arrested.

2017: Laurie makes a journal entry about watching an angry man yell at stupid restaurant owners who don’t want to listen, which speaks to her.

2018: Sooraya and Angelo have a discussion about what they could do with any information about mutants and human rights. Hope heads to Ksavia hoping to find out more information on the Archduke. Alex emails Sooraya, asking her how he should go about using Warren’s credit card to pay for birthday presents for the children in the Mutant Underground. Nica suggests replacing the 4th of July celebration with Canada Day instead. Maya posts to let people know it’s her birthday tomorrow and she can finally drive.

2019: Fear in the Dark: There’s news about the International Stark Science Conference posted on the xp_newscast; Kyle makes an announcement to all teams looking for help with finding out more information regarding those hammers.



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  • Operation: Black Hand. When Sarah Rushman's family is targeted, X-Force investigates what appears to be an attempt to take over the family holdings.

  • Operation: Kefauver. The gang war heats up and X-Force discovers the truth in the death of Felicia Hardy's father.

  • Operation: Apalachin. With the Maggia warring within, X-Force uses the chaos to take out several threats at once.

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