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Beatrice Davis
Portrayed by Lucy Boynton
Birthdate: June 20, 1992
Journal: xp_birdy
Player: Isaura

"I want something that they want, just a little more than them. I’m going to help them achieve it."

An ex-partner of Sabretooth who has sought refuge at the mansion, Beatrice has no idea what to do. Other than try and take down the Brotherhood, of course.


Character Journal: xp_birdy

Real Name: Beatrice Heather Davis

Codename: Snow Weasel (former, Flight/Department H codename)

Aliases: Pamela Anderson, Alice Cooper, Fay Wray (Fake IDs)

First Appearance: November 8, 2023

Date of Birth: June 20, 1992

Place of Birth: Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada

Citizenship: Canadian

Relatives: Randall Davis (father, deceased), Mandy Davis (mother, assumed deceased)

Education: High School Diploma equivalent

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Mercenary? (former), Department H Operative (former)

Team Affiliation: (if applicable)



Born to Randy and Mandy Davis in Selkirk, Beatrice lived a largely uneventful childhood. Her home life was rough, to put it bluntly. Her mother didn't return home from work one day when Bea was twelve, and was never mentioned in the home again. Her home life became more stressful as she started working at fourteen on top of being a student. Headaches became daily occurrences which no mixture of over the counter pain medication did anything to reduce. Her dreams became confusing and muddled, as if they weren’t her own. The stress of her life wasn’t helped by her father. At fifteen, her father was diagnosed with late stage lung cancer, the treatment options were limited. It was at her lowest, that her powers fully manifested, suddenly allowing her into his mind and the unfathomable despair he lived with. It was too much for her young mind and instinctively she lashed out with this new power. Already sick, her father fell into a coma. And Beatrice was alone. Though not for long as her manifestation did not go without questions. She was brought to Winnipeg to be tested and was quickly enrolled in Gamma Flight to teach her control.

She was able to do some advanced training with Beta Flight, but when offered a position declined. Following her graduation of Gamma Flight, she took a job with Department H to assist with their continuing psion research. Some time laterl, Beatrice resigned, opting to return to Selkirk. She met a man named Creed.

Arrival At The X-Mansion

Beatrice arrived at the mansion following the riot in District X caused by power flares and bigots in the area. She was discovered by Arthur Centino outside of the X-Factor Investigations office, and subsequently brought to the mansion by him to get checked over concerning her injuries. David Haller and Garrison Kane were brought in to speak with her after it was brought to the X-Men's attention that she had mentioned the Brotherhood and Sabretooth to Arthur, and after she agreed to be read by Haller she was allowed to stay.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5’ (~5’5” in heels)

General Build: Svelte is the easiest way to describe Beatrice, while she’s physically fit from years of working to maintain her agility, she never put on much muscle tone and remained slender.

Eyes: Blue-green

Hair: Blonde

Other Features: Magenta glow from eyes when telepathy is being used. Healing injuries.


Beatrice is, in her own words, a low-level telepath, capable of entering the minds of others as well as allowing people into her own mind. With minds that she is well-versed in she can manifest a projection of memories, though the strain is too much and these projections can only last up to an hour with nosebleeds and migraines being more common the longer these projections are maintained. These projections are visible to her, the target if she focuses on forcing their brains to accept the projection, and some other telepaths.



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Player: Isaura

E-mail: IsauraEmail.png

Player Icon Base: Lucy Boynton

Meta Trivia

Birdy is Isa's third character.

The codename "Snow Weasel" was suggested by Lauren, whose only knowledge of Canadian wildlife is from ski hills.