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Queen Cata of Catiland, Lady of the Yarnball, Duchess of all Large Cats
Portrayed by stock photo
Known Aliases: Cata
Affiliations: Clea Lake, Stephen Strange and Sebastian Druid
Socked By: None
Introduction: For Cata!

An intelligent fae cat who is the companion of Clea. She is also good friends with Bas and Stephen


Name: Queen Cata of Catiland, Lady of the Yarnball, Duchess of all Large Cats

Aliases: Cata

Occupation: Cath Palug

First appearance: For Cata!

Family: Clea Lake - Primary Caretaker/Friend, Stephen Strange - Friend/Co-owner, Sebastian Druid - Friend/Co-owner


In Celtic Mythology, there have been stories of a large cat in the countryside called the Cath Palug as long as there have been people inhabiting the Isle of Anglesey. It is generally believed by the locals on Anglesey that the Cath Palug was a contemporary of the Fair Folk and as such has been of this world far longer than any surviving historical record. Or maybe the Cath Palug was just a regular cat that was magicked by someone a long time ago. No one can say for sure. The sightings of the animal are rare but locals truly believe that it is a mythological creature, one that fought King Arthur. Due to myths of Cath Palug being published in French, German, and Welsh, the possibility exists that there were at one time multiple mythological cats in various European lands.

Cata grew up in the woods around Camp Eventide. When she was still the size of a large dog, Clea, Bas and Steve stumbled upon the injured cat. The three of them nursed her back to health, earning the trust and life long friendship with the large cat whom Clea named, Queen Cata of Catiland Lady of the Yarnball Dutchess of all large cats, Cata for short. It wasn't until the Summer of 2015 that she was shrunk back down to the size of a slightly large normal cat in order to keep the a reality t.v. show host from hunting her down and exposing her to the world.

Cata has lived a spoiled life since being adopted by the three teenagers but has chosen Clea as her primary care-taker. Cata can be seen wandering the corridors and staring at the residents as if she was studying them. Clea has used Cata to send messages and comfort to friends that would need it. Cata has also become the resident guard cat for the X-Force Office.

She is currently in Clea's care in Kamar-Taj as she never leaves the young woman's side.


The Cath Palug is said to be normally peaceful and often stay away from humans. Cata, thought to be the last of her kind, is about the size of a small car and is skittish at first but once you earn her trust, she’ll be a loyal friend and protector. After being shrunk, she is slightly larger than an ordinary house cat but highly intelligent. She will grow no bigger and cannot return to her normal size (thanks to untrained magical kids trying to shrink her). She ages slowly, 1 year for her equals to 1 human year. It is not known how long she will live but she has a attitude of a teenager.


For Cata!


PB: stock image

Socked by: N/A

A Norwegian Forest Cat was chosen as the PB for Cata as the breed is also known as "Norwegian Faerie Cats".