Harry's Hideaway

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Location: Harry's Hideaway
First Seen: January 30, 2004

A small bar outside of Salem Center, about a 20 minute walk from Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. The bar itself is a 21-and-up establishment, but the proprietor has occasionally been known to let younger patrons in with responsible adults, provided they don't try and buy liquor.

The proprietor, Harry, is somewhat of a mystery. His family name is never discussed, as he believes that a bartender should be there to serve drinks and occasionally lend an ear to others' stories, not be a story himself. He is a few years younger than Cain Marko, and the two knew each other from their youth, although Harry was rejected for military service due to his eyesight. Despite his age, Harry is still sharp as a tack, and to date, no one has been able to fool him with a fake ID.

The bar itself has a long bar stocked with various beers on tap and bottles of alcohol. The main floor has a number of small tables that can be moved if people wish to dance to the old Wurlitzer jukebox. There is a small elevated dining area for the occasional hamburger or basket of fries that the never-seen cook will send out for special guests. There is also a private room in the back with a large-screen television, purchased in 2004 by Cain so that he could have a place to watch football away from the mansion.

Harry's Hideaway is one of those places that's far enough off the beaten track and old-fashioned enough to attract a very selective clientele, and just do well enough to keep in business without having to model itself after those "new-fangled" specialty bars in Salem Center.

Much to the relief of the Phase 1 survivors, Harry's remained unchanged after the transition.


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