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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Inez Temple (disambiguation).


Inez Temple
Outlaw profile.jpeg
Portrayed by Hassie Harrison
Codename: Outlaw
Affiliations: X-Factor Investigations
Birthdate: July 4, 1993
Journal: xp_outlaw
Player: Jeff

"Hi, Slight Situation, at your service."

Formerly subject to Witness Protection and now a bounty hunter/bodyguard, Inez has found herself at the mansion with a chance at a different life.


Character Journal: xp_outlaw

Real Name: Inez Temple

Codename: Outlaw

Aliases: Ness or Nessie to close friends

First Appearance: December 16th, 2022

Date of Birth: July 4, 1993

Place of Birth: Austin, Texas

Citizenship: American

Relatives: John Temple, father, Mary Temple, mother

Education: Highschool education

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Bodyguard/bounty hunter for hire

Team Affiliation: X-Factor (eventually)



Inez's father, John, lead a storybook life: small town football player who married his highschool sweetheart, who gave up a college scholarship to become an officer and serve his community. Having a young child informed that decision, and Mary sacrificed her own opportunity for post-secondary education to raise Inez.

John was good at his job; perhaps a little too good. He quickly developed a reputation for being hard on drug trafficking in particular, and drew the ire of foreign enemies across the border. It never deterred him, but it did worry him and especially Mary. Eventually it lead to an in depth arrest that began an extensive take-down of an international cartel, and he made the tough decision to enter both him and his family into witness protection in order to fully prosecute the traffickers. Inez was 15 years old at the time.

They were in witness protection in Montana for a little over a year before it happened. Inez still doesn't know all the details; all she remembers is they were heading out for a family supper, her parents in the front seats and her in the back of their car, when everything went black. She doesn't even remember a loud explosion, or a flash, anything of the sort. She was simply there with her folks one moment, and then waking up in a hospital bed the next.

From what information she's been able to gather since, it appears that her mutation kicked in and saved her life - she was critically injured but her parents were instantly killed, the explosion leaving little behind to be buried, let alone identified. Her survival was kept a secret, as the first responders found her thrown far away from the vehicle, and her parents' former handlers decided it'd be safer for Inez if she was kept hidden.

Of course they had ulterior motives behind that decision as well. She remained in their care until she was 18 and legally able to leave of her own accord, but until then they attempted to train and study her, grooming her to be an agent they could use for their own purposes. She was strung along with false promises of being able to eventually go after her parents' killers, until she finally realized they had no intentions at all of helping her with that or letting her do what she wanted.

After she left, Inez tried to walk a straight line; she picked up whatever jobs she could, tried to rent a modest apartment, to stay above water. It never worked out, so eventually she turned back to the life she knew. She became a bodyguard for hire, putting herself right back in the middle of a life she never wanted in the first place.

Living At The X-Mansion


Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'6"

General Build: Well-toned and lean physique and slightly more visibly muscular the closer you are to her.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Other Features: Usually wearing a hat of some sort, often a cowboy one.


Inez has a number of superhuman physical abilities that came about as a result of her genetic mutation, all of which were trigged after the assassination of her parents and the injuries she sustained as a result. Her mutations kicking in are what saved her life.

She possesses superhuman strength, enough at its peak to allow her to lift approximately ten (10) tons. She can punch through a brick wall with ease, for example, is able to jump higher and farther than an Olympic athlete, and can run faster than normal as well due to the additional strength in her legs.

Her stamina is superhuman due to her muscles producing far less toxins during any physical exertion. This means she can operate at peak ability for an extended period of time, up to several hours, before these toxins build up to a level that begins to impair her ability to function. She can also rid herself of these toxins quicker than a normal human would, requiring less rest to recover and function at a high level once again.

Her body is extra durable, making her more resistant to injury than a non-mutant, especially those of a blunt and/or impact nature. Many blows that would kill or seriously injure a normal human cause her little to no injuries at all, including falling from great heights or being struck by other superhumans or hit with objects such as a baseball bat or other blunt weaponry. She is also resistant to her flesh being penetrated by blades or bullets, though she isn't completely immune to them; larger calibre rounds or sharper blades/metals can still cut or wound her, though to a much lesser extent than a non-mutant person. For example, being shot with .45 calibre bullets would give her no injuries other than bruising.

She also has an accelerated healing factor, though nothing as strong as that of Wolverine or Deadpool. Injuries such as bruises that would require several days for a normal person to recover from only take a matter of hours for her to recuperate from. This also helps her regain her energy and stamina on a quicker basis than most people as well, resulting in her needing less sleep or time to rest and/or recover after heavily exerting herself.


A lot of denim and cowboy hats.


Learned to ride a horse at a very young age thanks to her dad, and volunteers whenever she can at equine therapy sites for children.

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Player: Jeff

Player Icon Base: Hassie Harrison

Meta Trivia

Jeff's first non-Bobby character in quite some time. The streak (of, uh, two) is over!