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By request of the previous player and/or mod decision, the Phase 1 version of this character is not available for applications. They are available as a new Phase 2 version only. If you have questions, check the FAQ on applications, or feel free to contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com.

Jessica Vale - Deceased
Portrayed by Lucy Hale
Codename: Preview
Affiliations: X-Factor
Birthdate: June 7, 1994
Journal: x_preview
Player: N/A

"Gifted" student and all around poster child of Party Girls all around USA, Jessie Vale lost a shot at a completely normal life via visions of the future. At least she got to spend all the time she wanted with her twin, Sarah.

She disappeared during the Dark Phoenix Saga and is presumed deceased.


Character Journal: x_preview

Real Name: Jessica Vale

Codename: Preview

Aliases: Jessie, Jess.

First Appearance: November 23, 2011

Date of Birth: June 7, 1994

Place of Birth: Washington DC

Citizenship: American

Relatives: Sarah Vale, Mariska Kardos (mother), Thomas J. Vale (father),

Education: Graduated high school

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Student and Girl Friday Part II at X-Factor Investigations

Team Affiliation: N/A



Jessica was born eleven minutes after her sister Sarah to Mariska and Thomas Vale, college sweethearts, in early June of 1994. The small family made their home in Washington, DC close to both sets of grandparents: The Vales, an influential family with political connections and the Kardoses, first generation immigrants from Hungary via Canada. A quiet, normal existence highlighting the American Dream but one not without its problems.

Thomas, an up-and-coming lobbyist on the Hill, and Mariska, a consultant, spent little time at home due to their careers and thus, even less time with their daughters or each other. When the family did happen to be together, the time was usually short and full of awkwardness and tension. Neither parent made an effort to hide their frustrations from their children: Thomas wishing his wife would stay home with their daughters, Mariska resenting him for it along with his efforts to pass various legislation she did not support. This unhappiness eventually lead to the demise of their marriage and when they divorced, both Sarah and Jessie, aged ten, moved with their mother to a smaller home on the other side of town, closer to Mariska's consulting firm and parents.

Bouncing back and forth between homes was difficult but manageable for the twins. Jessica thrived in school, as it posed as a nice escape valve from the craziness that her life was at the moment. A growing social butterfly, Jessica was the twin that made friends for both, even though her shy sister would usually prefer her company, and only her company; it was okay for her, as they had each other and Jessica loved her sister above all things, always giving her priority as she cemented her presence on school. It was a good life as long as she didn’t have to deal with her parents being bitter and sad and all adult like.

Sarah’s mutant powers manifestation caused a ruckus in the family; even if they all loved the girl as much as before, it was clear they were in no position to deal with someone that could tell you if any of the kitchen appliances had a grudge on you. Jessica found her sister’s power…insanely cool, to say the least, and started to wonder whether she would get a power on her own. She was actually expecting it to happen any time, but was soon disappointed. The first time she and Sarah separated so the latter could go to Xavier’s was tearful, very tearful. It was terribly alienating for Jessica not to be with her sister, or the fact that beyond zoning out more often than before was all that had changed about her, while her sister was an awesome mutant with awesome powers. Little did Jessica suspected her own mutant powers had kicked in at the same time as her sister’s but in Jessica’s case they were so weak it was hard to notice.

Jessica would be reunited with her sister soon after though, and life was as normal as it could get. The couple years before Sarah left again passed fast, with Jessica growing into an independent, strong young woman, and her attempts to make her meek twin more outgoing had had no lasting effect.

At some point during the 2011 Thanksgiving Jessie had a conversation with Layla, confusing the girl with her odd way of speaking, a clue her mutation was becoming stronger.

Becoming a full fledged mutant

Some time around the initial news of Genosha gaining more media coverage, Jessie started to experience some changes; rather than zoning out, the girl started to see events as if she were living them, thinking completely different and finding herself in the middle of actions that made no sense, only to find herself “back”, doing exactly what she was doing a moment earlier. This raised concern from her parents, who had her tested for the x-gene, something they hadn’t done when she didn’t manifest obvious powers back when Sarah did; it turned out she was a mutant too, and after more of the episodes, in which she seemed to go catatonic, apparently freezing without explanation, Jessie realized she was seeing the future. Sometimes it was a week; sometimes it was a month, if not more.

Her parents decided it was for the best to send her to Xavier’s as well, but as it were some design from fate, they were informed the mansion was currently closed from the public due to an outbreak of flu, something dangerous-yet-innocuous going on, which in reality was a cover for the evens going on Genosha. The stress of not knowing of her sister manifested in sudden visions of things that happened just minutes later, which made things even weirder for Jessie as she unintentionally finished people’s sentences or answered to things not answered yet, with the recurrence of this visions increasing.

Once the Genosha situation was finished, and after talking with Xavier, her parents decided to send Jessica to join her sister.

Living At The X-Mansion

Jessie's arrival at the mansion was good for her sister, still suffering from the after effects of Genosha, and the two moved into a suite together. Jessie's easy-going personality made making friends a simple tasks, and not long after her arrival she took a job at X-Factor as Girl Friday alongside Sarah. The job kept her busy and away from the mansion for long periods of time, and when she failed to resurface following the Dark Phoenix Saga, she was counted as one of the disappeared.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'3

Weight: 128 lbs.

Eyes: Brown.

Hair: Brown.

Other Features: Four piercings on her right ear (tragus, anti-tragus, auricle and pinna).


Jessica Vale is a mutant with precognitive powers. She has visions of the near future, as well as visions from events that span from hours to a week to around a month in the future, sometimes going further. While having a vision, Jessie enters a catatonic state in which she remains in the position she was; in this state she’s completely disconnected from the outside world. Short of inner bodily functions and breathing Jessica stops moving at all, but rather than going rigid she’s easily movable. Jessica has no recollection of what happens while she’s in this state.

Jessie power works over her personal timeline, therefore she can’t see or know things she won’t experience in the future. Whenever she has a vision, she is still herself, but caught in whatever she’s doing at that moment, so it’s possible to say her consciousness “jumps” to the future, thus the vacant state of her present self. While having a vision she is completely into it, her thoughts and actions in accordance to what she’s doing, but once the vision ends she retains only the main components, such as actions in general; her thoughts and awareness of the situation come back to her somewhat blurred.

Upon manifesting, Jessie started to get short lived long term visions that were brushed off as zoning out or daydreaming. These lasted a few seconds and were infrequent, rising no suspicions.

More recently, Jessie's long term visions became stronger; growing from seconds to a minute and a bit more in duration, which in turn makes her catatonic episodes very obvious (the long term visions, as they are of events that don't require immediate reaction, make her stay catatonic about twice the time the actual vision lasts). The duration of these visions will become progressively lengthier, although the duration between visions is variable.

Further stress has triggered her short term visions as well. These are of events happening in her immediate future (around five minutes ahead, although they also are from even shorter time spans) and in turn the catatonic state lasts a fraction of the vision, to the point sometimes she seems to stop only for seconds.

Currently Jessie has no control over when or what kind of vision happens, which makes her incapable of activities that require lengthy focusing, such as driving. With time and training she will be capable to put “triggers” on her visions, but she won’t be able to fully prevent from having them at random, although she will grow accustomed to telling when she’s about to have one.

Jessie can opt to act in a different way than she saw herself acting if she can predict when her vision will come to pass, but it will cause a slight sense of déjà vu and confusion if done too often, because in a way she’s restructuring her timeline, and her visions that haven’t happened yet become invalid information that might be conflictive with new visions. Jessie's visions are supposedly set in stone if she doesn't on them, but if she does then she can get new visions portraying the events going differently.

While not unreadable, Jessie’s mind is usually in a state of flux that makes it harder to read at times- it becomes “slippery” and a telepaths might catch thoughts of things to come, or things she changed, or will change, and it’s a completely chaotic and painful experience to read her mind while she’s having a vision.


Jessica has started to note down her long term visions on an agenda, as to have a reliable way to remember them and keep future events in check as much as she can, so she carries it everywhere.

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Jessie might as well be considered a genius by some standards. Not only being a very enthusiast autodidact, she has tried and gained skills in several areas, most of the times for the heck of it. She lacks constancy to master most of them, but it's nothing that a bit of direction won't give to her.


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Player Icon Base: Lucy Hale

Meta Trivia

Aura first thought about applying Jessie way back on November 2011, but didn't act upon it until May 2012. She left the game in August 2014. Jessie was retired during the game relaunch as the death of her twin Sarah Vale would have made applying for this version too difficult.