Jishin Da!

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Jishin Da!
Dates run: December 3-8, 2007
Run By: Seraph
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"Jishin... earthquake is Tokyo always. All Japan is earthquake many. Small earthquake not problem..."

The Field Trip Curse strikes again, although disaster is averted when Julio stops a major earthquake.


Julio Richter, Laurie Collins, Noriko Ashida


December 3-8, 2007

Plot Summary

When the staff and students of Xavier's are invited to a conference on mutants and the education system in Tokyp, Japan, a number of them took advantage of the opportunity to visit a foreign country. In the midst of the usual sight-seeing and discovery, however, Julio had a recurring sense of wrongness. The reason for this was discovered when Laurie and Noriko arrived to drag him out of his room - Julio sensed a massive earthquake, of a scale to destroy large parts of the city. Finding some clear ground, he used his powers to divert the energy of the 'quake through himself and released it harmlessly into the sky above. The effort stopped his heart, however, and Laurie and Noriko were forced to use their powers to revive him. Following some time under observation in hospital, he was released, with only his fellow students and the staff aware of the truth of his heroism.

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The event marked Julio's first large-scale use of his powers since San Diego, and Nori's first use of her powers on another person since her manifestation.

Noriko took Logan as backup with her on a visit to her family, and made the discovery he might be her great-grandfather.

Garrison attended the conference at the behest of the Canadian government, being still recalled from the mansion after the events of Thirteen Days.


Plotrunner: Seraph

'Jishin Da!' is the Japanese for "It's an earthquake!"

Much of the socking, scene-setting and language-checking for this plot were done by Tapestry and Cora, both of whom have lived in Japan.