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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Jonothan Starsmore (disambiguation).


Jonothan Starsmore
Portrayed by Zachary Gordon
Codename: Chamber
Affiliations: n/a
Birthdate: May 5, 1999
Journal: xp_chambers
Player: Mari

"He thumped the back of his head against the brick building behind him, once again wishing that he could sigh, it would feel cathartic. If he could talk he'd be mocking their words 'hey mate, we love you, but - listen Jono, we think it's time you move on with your own kind-'"


Character Journal: xp_chambers

Real Name: Jonothan "Jono" Starsmore

Codename: Chamber

Aliases: n/a

First Appearance: December 2023

Date of Birth: May 5, 1999

Place of Birth: Birmingham, England

Citizenship: British

Relatives: Jennifer Starsmore (Mother), William Starsmore (Father)

Education: Secondary Education/ GCSE

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Currently unemployed; formerly a bookstore clerk, formerly frontman of a band

Team Affiliation: n/a



Jono was raised by working-class parents in Birmingham. His parents worked long hours and were not often home, leaving Jono to entertain himself or be left in the care of the neighborhood. As a young boy, an older neighbor introduced him to punk and grunge music, and Jono quickly decided that he wanted to be a rock musician when he grew up. His parents made sure he understood that he should have a back-up plan, but saved for months to buy him an electric guitar for his tenth birthday. His childhood was largely uneventful, he did well in school, started expressing himself through fashion, and continued learning to play guitar, forming his band The Guiltless Covenant, when he was fourteen. Jono was the frontman and songwriter for the group. They largely pursued grunge and punk music, and got gigs in local pubs. ‎

Jono was fifteen when M-Day happened, Jono was exposed to a variety of opinions on the subject. Some of his classmates believed that mutants were being targeted, others that this was simply something that was bound to happen to mutants- while others yet were relieved that the “threat” had been eradicated. Jono tended to think mostly that it was overall pretty scary and was happy that he wasn’t directly affected.


After graduation, Jono elected not to pursue university, despite having the grades for it, choosing instead to make a living by playing with his band, and supplementing his income by working at a local bookstore. It was at this bookstore that Jono met his first serious girlfriend, Gayle Edgerton, a university student from a middle-class background who was not-so-subtlely using Jono’s more edgy and alternative lifestyle to aggravate her parents. Nevertheless, Jono was in love and found himself falling hard for Gayle. While struggling to make ends meet, Jono was happy- his band was growing in local popularity, he enjoyed his job at the bookstore, and he was quite happy with his girlfriend and was thinking about asking her to move in with him.

Manifestation of Powers and Arrival at the Mansion

Jono’s happiness would come to an abrupt end when he was twenty-three with the manifestation of his mutant power. Jono had been on a date with Gayle where he’d planned on asking her to move in with him. Halfway through the date, Jono began experiencing chest pains and assumed it was heartburn from the curry he’d had at dinner. While walking home he felt ill, and Gayle came closer to help support him for the last few blocks. The feeling in his chest then exploded outward in a burst of flame which struck Gayle, causing third degree burns to much of her body. The explosion blew a hole in Jono’s chest and lower face, and completely incinerated many of his internal organs. He was unsure of how he was still standing, and unsure of what had just happened, only that he was surrounded by flames. He was unable to help Gayle without hurting her further, and sought medical attention which did not go well for him as a perpetually on-fire mutant in a post M-Day world. Jono would try to manage his mutation by creating long strips of cloth from welding blankets and wrapping those around the gaping hole in his body, hoping to prevent his powers from hurting anyone else. Jono discovered quickly that he could no longer speak, and three-months after the incident, fearing a confrontation with Gayle, he wrote her a letter to break things off rather than see her face-to-face. She responded only with a threat to press charges and file a restraining order against him if he ever contacted her again.‎

Jono lost his job at the bookstore due to his manifestation and was no longer able to perform with his band, having lost his ability to speak or sing and being too depressed to play his guitar. Jono's parents were concerned but wholly unprepared to help their son through this major trauma and his new normal, and began to pull back from their self-isolating child. Jono's bandmates were happy to put him up at first, being worried about their friend- but they had their limits after nearly a year of couch-surfing, and six months of staying on the drummer's couch, they had reached an impasse. Jono's friends began looking for a new, preferably mutant, support system for their friend. Jono was contacted by the Xavier Institute and promised safe transportation with other mutants who could help him contain his psionic powers. He accepted the offer and moved continents, leaving his old life and happiness behind to face his new reality.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'10"

General Build: Lanky with somewhat defined arm muscles.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown and curly

Other Features: Jono is missing part of his chest and the lower half of his face, which are wrapped in bandages at all times. Jono is a lanky man of average height with deep set brown eyes and messy curly brown hair. He has a strong nose and bushy eyebrows. He wears dark colored clothing, often in layers, and dresses in accordance with the grunge subculture.


Jono was a late bloomer, manifesting in his twenties rather than his teens due to having subconsciously suppressed his powers. It was these years of suppression that made Jono's manifestation so violent. Jono is technically composed of pure psionic energy, with his physical body serving as a shell for this power. The initial blast of his power blew a hole in his chest and lower face and incinerated much of the outer shell of his body, despite this he is still alive as the psionic powers within him keep him alive like some sort of internal nuclear generator. As a result of his powers he does not need to eat, drink, or breathe. As he is now missing his jaw, Jono cannot speak audibly and instead communicates through telepathy. Jono has had little success in creating a prosthetic chin for himself and keeping it in place with his bandages, and has been forgoing one completely.‎

He is constantly creating and unleashing biokinetic flames through the hole in his body, these flames can burn or not burn depending on Jono's mood (and later intent). Functioning almost in a liminal space between pyrokinesis and telekinesis- while they often appear as flames, they can be felt more as a kind of bludgeoning hit depending on Jono's mood. This liminal telekinesis cannot ever be fully utilized as it is constantly being used to keep Jono's internal organs inside his body. Should he become depowered, they would spill out. Jono keeps the flames at bay by wrapping his upper torso and lower face with long strips of cloth that used to be a welding blanket. ‎

Jono cannot direct the biokinetic flames of his powers at distances greater than 25 feet. When feeling strong emotions his powers tend to erupt and he struggles to control them. At this time he cannot project his “voice” to those further than twenty-five feet away from him, and can only pick up on another person’s thoughts if they are within five feet of him and are projecting towards him. Jono has the capacity to grow this range as his comfort and control of his powers grows, but he will never be able to extend his range further than 75ft (a range only achievable at the height of his control and if another telekinetic is holding his organs in place). ‎

At the time of his introduction, Jono has not yet been able to access the astral plane and has not taken a psi form but he is capable of doing so. He has not yet been trained in projective telepathy and communicates through his fairly limited knowledge of BSL and by writing in a notebook.


DIY welding blanket bandages


Jono still loves to listen to and play music even though he can't sing anymore.

He's rather fond of sci-fi movies, likes to take long walks in nature, likes to read, and still enjoys writing songs.

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Player: Mari

E-mail: MariEmail.png

Player Icon Base: Zachary Gordon
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