Kingmaker Arc

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Dates run: September 6, 2007 - July 8, 2008
Run By: Dex
Plots: Zan Zar Zameen, X-Men Mission: Opera Redux, Prayer on the 26th of July, Bhagavad Gita

That's when he came. Or she. Or they. It was a voice on the phone and a name. It just asked me what I wanted most, and I told him.

A series of international incidents are connected by a single point - the mysterious Kingmaker


September 6, 2007 - July 8, 2008

Arc Summary

The Kingmaker is the moniker adopted by David Langstrom, through which he secretly engaged in operations outside of his normal role at the CIA. Specific people were targeted by the Agency's research, and Langstrom initiated contact through various covert methods, always asking what the one thing the target wanted most was. He would then provide intelligence, funding, and support for them to move forward with their plots, his own tracks will hidden.

In each case, the consequences of the plot succeeding or failing ultimately had the effect of assisting American goals and foreign policies, either directly by revealing or removing potential threats, or indirectly, by forcing internationally backed sanctions or removing allies from potential national security threats. Langstrom retired the alias following the terrorist bombing in India, and only Amahl Farouk put together all the pieces to connect Langstrom and the Kingmaker, although lacked any proof to expose him.

Arc Plots

Zan Zar Zameen - The Kingmaker provided funds and information to a moderate Afghani politician, who used it to whip up support of a radical imam, forcing the ruling Taliban to moderate certain policies and accept UN and Red Cross oversight over displaced persons camps in order to avoid further sanctions.

X-Men Mission: Opera Redux - The Kingmaker provided information to an Iraqi scientist, who wanted the ruling imams of his country overthrown. He deliberately misled his MOSSAD contacts to force a response on a R&D lab by Israel in order to increase international pressure on them.

Prayer on the 26th of July - The Kingmaker helped a dissent member of the Catholic church in Cuba fund rebels fighting against the existing regime.

Bhagavad Gita - The Kingmaker provided intelligence to Calysee Neramani, allowing her to accrue power and set in motion the events of her brother's ascension.

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The events of the Kingmaker created the circumstances for the rise of the Shiar and the subsequent events of the Imperium Stratagem

The only player characters with a role in every plot are Garrison Kane and Amahl Farouk, the latter mostly providing intelligence and assistance as opposed to direct participation.


Plotrunner: Dex

The Kingmaker is a villian in Marvel canon, who used to ask people 'what they wanted more than anything' in order to enmesh them in his plots. He was defeated by Emma Frost and the Hellions.

The first plot was originally conceived as a stand alone plot for Erin to build on Sooraya Qadir's development, and eventually grew to a series of plots connected by the Kingmaker.