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This character is currently unplayed, but is open for applications. If you are interested in applying for this character, you can contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com and you can find the application form here.

Laura Kinney
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Portrayed by Nina Dobrev
Affiliations: X-Factor Investigations
Birthdate: July 12th, 1990
Journal: Laura
Player: Available for Applications

The completely unexpected daughter/clone/weird genetic offspring of resident badass Logan, Laura could not be more different than her Pops.


Character Journal: Laura

Real Name: Laura Kinney



First Appearance: January 31, 2010

Date of Birth: July 12th, 1990

Place of Birth: San Francisco, US.

Citizenship: US

Relatives: The Kinney Family: Sarah Kinney ["Mother"], Deborah Kinney ["Aunt"], Megan Kinney ["Cousin"]. Logan ["Father"]

Education: Highschool Completed. First year of College at SFU

Relationship Status: In a relationship with Kevin Ford.

Occupation: Part-time junior investigator at X-Factor Investigations

Team Affiliation: X-Factor



Laura's life has passed with all the glamour and normality a common girl's existence could, which was actually quite a bit. She, after all, had it all. Living with her mother and her sister and cousin was a fun experience; a woman-only family with two single mothers was almost like a "modern" family, as Megan and Laura liked to call it, much to the older Kinney's embarrassment. It didn't take much time for Laura to become That Girl, the title reserved for the most desirable girl only, but she always kept Megan's friendship dear to her, and the punk-with-metal-tendencies cousin was also accepted into her world of pretty boys and shallow activities. Laura also took care of telling Megan she was probably her strongest anchor to reality when around the swarm of superficial girls that surrounded her as if she were the Queen Bee, which she probably was anyway. There are few significant things to tell from her school life; crazy parties, gorgeous boyfriends -but she never kept one for too long- cramming for exams and being an overall good girl seemed to take all her time. Oh, and cheerleading, of course; it didn't take too long for her to be the captain of the team. She was also the star of the track team, and both activities allowed her to obtain a scholarship at San Francisco State University, probably going for something related to the arts. Megan decided to take some time for herself, but she was most likely going to follow her cousin in the end.

Growing up in the Kinney residence was quite an experience; both the mothers had busy schedules, but still struggled to give their respective daughters some love. It was a nice house, not too big and not too small, and everyone had a car -but Laura and Megan shared whichever they used. There were few rules - Order and Grades - and it was all good. Neither of the mothers were too religious, and while Megan had some contact with religion, but Laura remained largely uninterested in the theme, even when she had done charity with religious organizations; she didn't like to be attached to it. Debbie's history about Megan's father was more or less explained to the girls, but Sarah's case was not explained at all, and the girl couldn't get anything from her mother, ever. In the end Laura had decided to forget about it, reasoning that her father could have hurt Sarah really bad to keep her from talking about it. That wasn't the case though.

In reality, Sarah was one of the researchers involved in Weapon X and had first hand experience with Logan, some of the other subjects. She was spun off into an offshoot program to determine if mutant genes could be transmitted and controlled to create mutant subjects. A year or so into the program, after numerous failures, Kinney decided to try a new process, secretly impregnating herself. Along that time, she also stumbled across what had been happening to the other 22 test babies that “failed”; organ harvesting for fun, different experimentation, or ending up in a jar. Sarah resigned from the program that day, and likely would have been followed/tracked save for the confusion of Logan's escape that caused Weapon X to get shut down, allowing her to hide with her sister Debbie.

Sarah settled into a general practice in San Francisco, pregnant with Laura and gave birth. She monitored her daughter, but no issues arose. Sometime in the mid-90s, they made a trip to Baltimore where the then small child Laura was run through the mutant detection testing developed by a former colleague of Sarah, Nathaniel Essex. She knew Laura was a mutant, but decided not to discuss it with her until her powers emerged. At that time, Essex also gave her information about Xavier for the future if her daughter's powers ended up needing control.

At nineteen, Laura was assaulted while returning from a party. The assailant managed to stab her, making her mutation fully appear, claws and everything. It confirmed what Sarah felt might happen. She had also been keeping an eye open for threats from her time with the program, and decided that it might be best for her daughter to spend some time adapting to her powers somewhere people didn't know her. After Sarah got in touch with Xavier, Laura was sent to the school.

Laura jumps right in!

Laura's arrival from the start showed that she was a far cry from the often grouchy Logan. She arrived, and almost immediately demonstrated that she was a social butterfly, going hunting with Catseye, making friends with Kevin Ford and bonding with Monet St. Croix over shoe-shopping. She roomed with Cammie Black, and was friendly and chipper, much to the other girl's occasional displeasure if the wry comments and joking attempts to sell off Laura were any indication.

Only a few months after her arrival, she volunteered to go to India with Red X, and fought off Hardball and Blacklight with Klara Prast and Adrienne Frost and broke her shoulder in the process.

In June, after a night at Silver, Laura slept with Doug Ramsey, adding another notch onto Doug's bedposts and potentially risking the wrath of Logan should he ever find out.

Despite Cammie and Laura's personalities differences, she did her best to nurse Cammie with healthy non-rotten food (and cookies!) after the poisionous girl lost her powers and made herself sick.

X-Factor Investigations

In the fall of 2010, she assisted Vanessa Carlysle in trying to track down the missing Nicholas Gleason and ended up taking a job with X-Factor As a part of the investigative agency, she staked out one of Telford Porter's safehouses and cleared it out while rescuing Doug Ramsey's sister. The 'clearing out' included killing several of the thugs guarding the abducted girls, causing Laura to confront her status as a 'weapon'. In February she - along with the rest of X-Factor took on a job investigating the murders of several District X residents and eventually fought and subdued Karl Lykos.

During all of this, she also maintained a sort-of-relationship with Kevin Ford, mostly involving flirting and glomping. The relationship was casual but strong enough to survive Laura making out with Marius Laverne and sleeping with Kyle Gibney when Laurie's powers went unfiltered for an entire night. It also survived Laura going undercover as a sex worker in a brothel, although the experience traumatised Laura more than she had anticipated and set things back somewhat.

Another investigation in May-June of 2011 proved frustrating to the tracker; assisting in the hunt for a serial killer targeting mutants, Laura was stymied by the fact the killer sanitised the crime scene with sterile wipes. She and Jean-Paul Beaubier did at last capture the killer, with the help of David Haller, Amanda Sefton and Meggan Szardos, using a combination of their powers.

In July 2011 Laura's boss, Vanessa went missing. Along with the rest of X-factor she worked for months to try to track her down. When a lead supplied by Garrison Kane eventually led them to the abducted shapeshifter Laura's mutation helped to save Vanessa's life. Shortly after Vanessa woke up from a medically induced coma while she healed, Laura left to join her boyfriend Kevin Ford on his travels, deciding to remain with him after several months.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'6

Weight: 145 lbs.

Eyes: Brown.

Hair: Dark Brown.

Other Features: Retractable claws on hands and feet. Glasses (she doesn't need them anymore, but kept them anyway) used sparsely.


Laura is a feral whose mutation manifests in different ways. Prior to the assault, Laura's mutation was relatively weak in comparison; she didn't seem to ever get sick, and small wounds usually passed unnoticed for her. Afterwards, things were very different.

The main trait of her mutation is her accelerated cellular regeneration, usually depicted as “healing factor”, which allows her to heal from multiple kinds of wounds at fast rates, the severity of the wound indicating the time it requires to heal. Laura’s healing factor is supposed to end up being around a similar level to Logan’s, although at the present time hers is still “maturing”, so it’s inferior compared to the man’s. Her healing factor also suppresses her aging process, but this isn't really appreciable just yet.

Laura’s senses are greatly enhanced, giving her superior hearing and sight, but especially a highly developed sense of smell, allowing her to track down targets that can be far away, and identifying people and things with ease once she gets used to their smell. She also possesses enhanced strength, stamina, agility, and reflexes, making her a very efficient tracker and close combat opponent, but these enhancements are nowhere near to someone possessing only one or them. Her incisor teeth are also slightly pointier, but this is almost unnoticeable unless looked at closely, and might be the only faint manifestation of an atavistic trait.

Laura possesses two bone claws stored on her forearms and one on each calf, the claws being of a higher density than regular bone, thus making them harder and way sharper. The claws emerge from her knuckles and feet, cutting through them to exit, leaving small wounds that are taken care of by her healing factor. In order to unsheathe them, Laura needs to keep her forearms/feet straight, and once the claws are out her fingers have reduced movement. The "hand claws" store on her forearms, while the "feet claws" are stored on her feet. Laura can stand normally with one or both feet claws unsheathed.

Finally, Laura’s immunologic system is very efficient, to the point she is unaffected by disease and intoxication of most kinds; large amounts of toxins would be needed to cause an effect of her, and then the same amounts would be needed to be supplied regularly in order to cause a continuous effect.




Laura calls Logan "Pops", much to his well-hidden pleased embarrassment.

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Player Icon Base: Nina Dobrev

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Introduced by Aura in January 2010 and then released back into the wild in November 2011.