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Liam Nelson
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Portrayed by Sebastian Croft
Codename: Liono
Affiliations: Generation X
Birthdate: July 1, 2007
Journal: xp_liono
Player: Maureen


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Character Journal: xp_liono

Real Name: William Grant Nelson

Codename: Liono

Aliases: "Liam"

First Appearance: August 19, 2023

Date of Birth: July 1, 2007

Place of Birth: Machias, ME

Citizenship: United States of America

Relatives: Greer Grant aka Tigra (birth mother); Patricia "Trisha" Nelson (adopted mother); Jeff Nelson (adopted father)

Education: public school in Machias, ME through 10th grade

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: student (and he's worked part time helping his dad with his carpentry business)

Team Affiliation: Generation X



To explain Liam, you need to understand how he came to exist. When a man and a woman... actually, no. Let's go back further. Greer and Trisha were best friends growing up in Newfoundland, Canada. When Greer's dad passed when she was in middle school, Trisha's family didn't hesitate to take the girl in, mutant or not. Her mother left when Greer was a toddler. Being a mutant and a good citizen, Greer trained with Gamma Flight and then joined Beta Flight. No need to get into details there, she was young, idealistic and eager to serve her country.

Inevitably, they took advantage of her.

Escaping from Department H and on the run, Greer soon realized she was pregnant. There was no telling who the father was, other than it was likely a pregnancy orchestrated by Department H. She didn't recall sleeping with anyone and that's something she'd remember. This made Greer even more determined that her child never end up there.

Without many resources, she went to her best friend and Sister from another Mister, Trisha and her American husband, Jeff. They'd married after college and bought several acres in rural Maine, near the Canadian border. After giving birth in an American hospital, Greer immediately signed over all parental rights to Trisha and Jeff to keep her baby safe. It was difficult to hide a cat-like mutant giving birth to a cat-like mutant, but without her name on the birth certificate, it was at least more difficult.

Trisha and Jeff were unable to have children, so adopting Liam was only a blessing in their eyes. That he had cat-like eyes, ears and a tail didn't matter. They had a son and they loved him.

One of the benefits of a small rural town in Maine is that people were very 'live and let live' about things and rolled with the idiosyncratic punches. A mutant cat baby included. Who turned into a curious toddler and then was starting school. Teachers had to remind other students not to pull Liam's tail, but otherwise, he was mostly like any other child.

At first, the Nelson's were very protective of their new son, doing everything in their power to keep him safe. No social media, few play dates... but Department H didn't come and there's only so long you can live in a state of paranoia. By the time Liam was in school, other than not allowing any pictures of him on social media, they didn't think anyone was coming.

Greer would visit as she could a few times a year, showing up without warning for a few days or a week, often with presents for Liam even if it wasn't Christmas or his birthday. As he got older, he understood that he was adopted and she was his birth mother, that they looked alike, but she wasn't really his mother, that she couldn't raise him. She never said where she lived or what she was doing, never said if she had another family.

When Liam was 8, M-Day happened. He didn't go up in flames and it wasn't until his friends asked that he even knew something had happened. His parents had shielded him from the news. Greer never came to visit anymore though.

It took a while, but finally Liam assumed that she'd died with other mutants. He didn't know what that meant, that she died and he didn't. It was strange to mourn a woman he thought of as a sort of aunt, but was actually his mother. This was really the first time death affected his life as more than just an abstract concept.

Living At The X-Mansion

Shortly before he turned 16, two men claiming to be from Department H showed up looking for Greer. They were met with dual shotguns. This was the first anyone had heard of her or from her since before M-Day, but the Nelson's ran the suits off their property without second thought. Whether Greer was alive or not wasn't their concern, Liam was. Liam didn't know what to make of the idea that Greer might be alive - and if so, that meant she'd abandoned him completely. That is still a lot of emotional confusion he's working through.

Immediately, they called Xavier's. Greer had set up this as a backup plan should Department H come poking around again. After so long, they'd thought it wasn't necessary. Greer had it already set up with Xavier and the Nelson's that should Liam need powers training or protection, to call Charles Xavier.

It was quickly decided that Liam would attend his junior year of high school at Xavier's, where he could get powers training and protection. Especially protection. Liam is not thrilled with leaving his home or friends or anything he knows for boarding school, but he hasn't seen much outside the town, so he is excited to meet others like him.

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Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'8"

General Build: Thin, almost lanky and clearly still growing, all elbows and knees.

Eyes: green (cats eye pupils)

Hair: red/orange

Other Features: cats ears, cats tail, striped cat markings, black nails with retractable claws


Liam is a cat.

His eyes glow in the dark and he can see easily in the dark. His pupils are slit vertically like a cats.

His sense of smell is more nuanced than a human, but he's not going to be your go-to if you're tracking someone. He can tell you if your food is spoiled very quickly though.

His tail is part of his spine and prehensile, he can use it to lift a coffee mug, but he might spill the coffee if there's any in it. With more practice, he might be able to lift more or have finer control. It also aids to improve his balance.

He has retractable claws about 2" long and yes, he likes scratching posts (he has a carpet covered wood sphere the size of a basketball that he loves). He was taught very young to never scratch people and to never get into physical fights, so learning to use his claws offensively or defensively will be a challenge. He mostly uses them to climb trees or pick spinach off pizza. Spinach doesn't belong on pizza.

His hearing is enhanced by "what big ears you have," but he isn't your go- to for that, either. His ears can twitch and move almost 360° independently of each other to listen to things, but he isn't trained in the nuances of what different heartbeats mean or other sounds and while he's used his ears to listen in on conversations he shouldn't, he can't hear for blocks. His ears are also a dead giveaway to his mood with them flattened down against his head being a distinct sign of displeasure.

He sheds.


A basketball-sized block covered in carpet.


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Player: Maureen


Player Icon Base: Sebastian Croft

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