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Portrayed by Gamil Ratib
Known Aliases: Ozymandias
Affiliations: Celestials
Socked By: Doqz
Introduction: Song of Isaac, Key of Solomon

"I am En Sabeh Nur. I bid thee - choose!"

*I knew it,* Amahl thought distantly. *I was right. I was fucking ri--*

For years the object of Farouk's obsessive research and considered a myth, Ozymandias has finally made his appearance, although his agenda is still largely unknown.


Name: En-Sabeh-Nur

Aliases: Ozymandias

Affiliation: Celestials

First appearance: [hhttps://xp-logs.dreamwidth.org/2791245.html January 28, 2010]

Family: None


A trans-dimensional race called the Celestials have appointed itself as the judging panel of the sentient races within the universe. They have visited Earth once before and found the contemporary occupants unworthy. They then proceeded to wipe out the civilization (although not the human race) out of existence and moved on to the rest of their slow circuit through the Spiral.

The memories survived, however. Garbled, inconsistent, confused, loaded with falsehoods and myths. These have been compiled and studied through the ages by the Akkaba Society. In that society (located at the moment among the nomads of Sinai) the first recorded birth of Homo Superior occurred around 2950 BC.

Shortly thereafter the Society was destroyed and the child exposed, left in the desert to die. He was saved, by chance, when a caravan of an Egyptian ambassador chanced across him. Ozymandias was eventually adopted into the priesthood of Ptah, before drifting out of history and into legend.

Behind the scenes, however, he remained committed to the work of the Akkaba - working through the ages to prepare for the inevitable return of the Celestials and their goal to cast another judgement upon Humanity.


Ozymandias' powers are unclear, however longevity is certainly amongst them, as is a certain mastery of magic and ancient devices.


Song of Isaac, Key of Solomon

Sing Me A Prayer


Socked by: Doqz

PB: Gamil Ratib