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Moment of Awesome - Amadeus Cho

A routine runaway pick up by the NYPD turns into chaos as Amadeus Cho runs amok.

But the cop was distracted from the argument by the sight of the boy in question, creeping into the precinct. "Hey!" He called. "Somebody grab him!"

The boy's eyes widened, he was frozen in the middle of an exaggerated "sneak" stance. "Oh, fu--"

What followed was bedlam. Every time someone would made a grab for him, he would duck, or slither out of their grasp, in one instance he licked an officer's ear. People were shouting, screaming, shoving, each movement, flung piece of paper of tipped chair seemed to only create more chaos. He knocked over a chair, tripping the officer behind him, while throwing and bouncing a stapler off the forehead of another.

This ended with Special Agent Henderson firing his gun in the air. Everyone froze, weapons were drawn. The boy stood meekly, having regained possession of his backpack, in the process of shoving earplugs in his ear.

"Everybody shut up!" The man hollered into the silence. "Now, as I was saying, I don't have time to mess around with you people. This boy is a dangerous mutant and he'll be coming with me."

Nobody argued this time.

The dangerous mutant blinked, and tilted his head in a conciliatory way.

"Yep, you got me, I am clearly the most dangerous mutant on the planet," he rolled his eyes. "Come on, I can't legally vote, barely have a learner's permit, and the only time I crested a buck thirty is the time I ate 200 chicken nuggets on a dare. Really? Really?" as he talked he rubbed his ear against his shoulder, inserting the other plug.

Some of the officers looked askance at one another, the boy hadn't done anything harmful, and he looked entirely normal. if filthy. But the Agent stood firm.

The boy blinked, laughed, and shrugged. "Yeah really," he grinned, and before anyone could react he blew the whistle in his cupped palm. A dog whistle that had been dented at a precise angle, producing a sound that had only been theorized in stoned scientific circles.

The legendary Brown Note.

And as the entire precinct of New York's Number 7th shit themselves, the boy made good his escape.