X-Men Mission: Hole in the World

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X-Men: Hole In The World
Dates run: August 12, 2005
Run By: Nute
Read the logs: Mission Report

We exited the plane to try and calm Blaze in hopes of assisting her to contain her powers for transportation back to the mansion. Her lack of control over her powers was total, and explosions were ongoing.

Cain's first mission in a second in command role results in tragedy.


August 12, 2005


Cyclops, Cable, Beast, Juggernaut and Iceman


Siena Blaze, a young mutant whose power of teleportation caused severe destruction when she used it, was manifesting in the Utah desert and the X-Men were sent to intercept her. When she inadvertently damaged the Blackbird, drastic measures needed to be taken. Cable overexerted himself keeping the jet aloft, leaving Juggernaut as the only X-Man able to approach the girl. Misinterpreting the energy fields around Siena as protective, Juggernaut's blow that was meant to subdue the young girl instead severely injured her, putting her into a coma from which she has not emerged.

As a result of this mission, Juggernaut has made it a point of order that he never be put in another situation where he needs to make field authority decisions.

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Despite his reticence to take any kind of command role, Cain found himself in charge of a team again on the Krakoa mission.


Plotrunner: Nute

Siena Blaze is based on the comics canon villain