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Dates run: July 27, 2021
Run By: Mackinzie
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I should go. It's not safe here. It's not. No one is safe while I'm here. I just hurt everyone.

The Claremont Hospital comes under attack by terrorists and it's up to some of the mansion residents to act from within while the X-Men try to get access from without.


Jean Grey, Maya Lincoln-Lopez, Monica Rambeau, Quentin Quire; Garrison Kane, Kurt Sefton, Betsy Braddock, Sooraya Qadir

Esme Fernando, Maria Fernando

Matthew Risman and The Purifiers


July 27, 2021

Plot Summary

The day started normally enough as Nica and Maya went to the Claremont Hospital for a day of work shadowing with Jean. While they worked, Jean had an emergency room patient with a gunshot wound, who seemed strangely terrified. She managed to establish that the woman, Esme, was a mutant who had been victimised by the Purifiers; they had taken her daughter as hostage and forced her to come to the hospital to use her powers to blow it up. But before Jean could call for back-up, the Purifiers themselves took over the hospital, claiming they were looking for a mutant and locking it down under an EM shield. Maya, Nica and Jean managed to find each other in the chaos, avoiding the Purifiers and trying to keep Esme safe, and more importantly, calm since her power to explode was impacted by her emotional state. While attempting to escape, the group ran into the Purifiers and Jean was injured while protecting the others, blasted off a walkway into a tree in the courtyard below. Fortunately Quentin chose that moment of make his presence at Claremont known, having come to talk to Jean.

While Quentin took care of Jean and Maya took care of Esme, Nica went to the ambulance bay where she was able to call the X-Men via an old-school CB radio that was not impacted by the EM shield. The X-Men went into action, locating Esme's daughter and rescuing her from the Purifiers holding her. At the hospital, Quentin and Jean were found and Quentin knocked unconscious - Jean exhibited a strange powers flare to save them both. Jean, with Maya helping her, managed to interrogate one of the Purifiers to find out the full plan - Esme had only been Plan A; Plan B was being enacted as a result of their resistance, a bomb had been left in the hospital's basement and would destroy the entire building. Things only got worse when, using the Purifier's sat phone to get around the shielding and talking to the X-Men and her daughter, Esme began to panic when the connection was cut off. She believed something had happened to them and began to lose control of her explosive powers. Nica, pushed into taking drastic measures, merged with Esme's body and drained enough of her body's electrical charge to stop her exploding. Maya, for her part, was also defusing an explosive situation; she had found the bomb in the basement and with Jean connecting her telepathically with the bombmaker's mind, she was able to disarm it as well. Finally, Nica and Maya found the shield generator, not far from the bomb, and destroyed that with much cathartic violence.

At the time the shield went down, two groups of X-Men were able to extract their people before the police got involved. After a tearful reunion with her daughter, Esme turned herself in to the police and was arrested as a potential accomplice. As a final coda, Garrison later discovered that the security footage of the incident that might have shown the X-Men had vanished.

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Both Maya and Nica had new power applications as a result of this plot.


Plotrunner: Mackinzie

Rossi and Dex assisted with log wrangling.

Esme was socked by Zoila.