Butterfly Effect

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Butterfly Effect
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Dates run: September 11, 2005
Run By: Jazz
Read the logs: The Butterfly Effect

"What are you keeping locked up that you don't want to know?"

Betsy is infected with a virus that affects only psis, and in the throes of fever her subconscious begins to reach out to those around her, dragging bystanders into her mind to help her piece together a mystery she herself has been unaware of for years.


Betsy Braddock, Remy LeBeau, Madelyn Bartlet, Clarice Ferguson, Moira MacTaggart, Jean Grey, Alison Blaire, Jubilation Lee, Forge, Nathan Dayspring, Shiro Yoshida, Scott Summers, Kitty Pryde

NPCs (via flashback)

Brain Braddock, Jamie Braddock, Sir James Braddock Sr. and Lady Elizabeth Braddock (parents of Brian, Betsy and Jamie), Courtney Ross (a family friend of the Braddocks), Devin Blaise (a British operative stationed in Japan, contact of Betsy's), Tsurayaba Matsuo (Leader of The Hand), Kwannon


September 11, 2005

Plot Summary

After being targeted by a man named Dane and stricken by a mysterious virus at a benefit at the New York Biers Yacht Club, an event coincidentally sponsored by the Hellfire Club, a very unwell Betsy manages to make a call to the mansion before falling prey to another of her many comas. Remy and Madelyn locate and retrieve her. For their trouble they're caught in a loop of a scene from Betsy's childhood -- which Remy quickly identifies as implanted. Upon her return to the school for treatment Betsy's telepathy begins to aggressively manifest in the form of purple butterflies, hitting students and staff at random and pulling them into her mindscape.

Largely unable to affect or interact with their surroundings, the captured witness several cryptic scenes as Betsy struggles to express to outsiders what her own mind can't connect: a study, a hospital, a funeral, a gazebo, a laboratory, Betsy's family, and the truth behind the fabricated memory. In the midst of these personal revelations Nathan finds himself confronted by the both astral representations of Betsy and the parasite-personality, Kwannon, and there one of Kwannon's memories is revealed as well: her execution of her father. Shiro and Scott find themselves in Tokyo viewing events that transpired during Betsy's absence in March -- an absence which was in fact the pursuit of a vendetta against the criminal organization The Hand. With Jean's help Betsy finally shakes free of the delusion, but, as is so common with psychic phenomenon, the telepath is left with more questions than she started with.

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Betsy's father James worked in Biotech Laboratories based in Malden, England, and was revealed to have made observations on the nature of the x-gene in his own children as early as the 1980s.

In the course of the astral projections it was revealed that Betsy is naturally blonde and, before her blinding and Essex' operation, blue-eyed.

Betsy's telepathy manifests in ways visible beyond the astral plane, such as her psychic knife. The "psionic butterflies" instigating the mindlinks were her power's first form of expression.

As a result of being pulled into Betsy's mindscape, Madelyn's aversion to telepathy was exacerbated.


Plotrunners: Jazz