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Dates run: July 27, 2006 - August 1, 2006
Run By: Erin
Read the logs: Buzkashi

"~Is she,~" Nathan said, very clearly and precisely, "~for sale?~"

The old man gave him a shrewd look, then shook his head. "~No. She is too much trouble for you, I think. If you wish to make a purchase, I can help you.~"

"~How much?~" Below the edge of the table, Nathan's good hand clenched into a fist, shaking slightly. Everything he'd said to Angelo about taking it slow, gathering information, not rushing in where angels fear to tread was all out the window, all at once. "~Name the price. I don't care what it is.~"

On a fact-finding mission in Afghanistan, Nathan and the other Elpis employees get up close and personal with the mutant slave trade and bring home a new student - Sooraya Qadir.


Nathan Dayspring, Rahne Sinclair, Bobby Drake, Angelo Espinosa, Sooraya Qadir


July 27, 2006 - August 1, 2006

Plot Summary

Whilst investigating the mutant slave trade in Afghanistan with his new Elpis team, Nathan came across a young mutant girl, Sooraya, 'owned' by a carpet seller. Outraged, he purchased the girl, who had the ability to turn herself into sand. After convincing her that she was now free and discovering she did not know where her family was, he offered her sanctuary at the school.

Before they could leave, however, both Rahne and Sooraya were captured by the slavers. Borrowing some trained horses from Nathan's Afghani contact, the three men pursued the slavers and intercepted them, although the girls were already in the process of freeing themselves. The slavers were dealt with and Sooraya accepted Nathan's offer of a place at the school.

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Sooraya was the first of two new students purchased in 2006, the other being Yvette Petrovic.

During this plot, Nathan's telepathy and TK were still out from his over-straining his powers in The Rictor Effect.


Plotrunner: Erin