Case File: A Better Mole Trap

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A Better Mole Trap
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Dates run: December 5-12, 2015
Run By: Rossi
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Look, it isn't just Mole and Piper. There's another, Chickenwing, she has... had... well, that's not important, what's important is she's lying in a morgue and I know who did this but I can't get to them. And I know you can help with that.

When X-Factor investigate the deaths of homeless mutants, they discover a greater conspiracy - and the Morlocks.


Quentin Quire, Alex Summers, Lorna Dane, Barbara Morse, Warren Worthington, Susan Storm, Callisto

Opal Tanaka



December 5-12, 2015

Plot Summary

A small mutant with mole like features is found brutally killed in a local park. There is no ID and the only people who claim to have known him only knew he was homeless and used the name 'Mole'. A couple of storefronts admitted to hiring him off the books at times to clean out stockrooms or alley approaches. The NYPD is willing to write it off as a John Doe, however, when X-Factor's Alex and Quentin are talking to locals, a young Japanese woman named Opal admits to knowing him better. Her used CD and vinyl store was near a sewer entrance he often slept near, and she sometimes let him sleep in the basement when it was cold. She describes him as a nice, gentle, man, but his physical mutation and his anxiety disorder kept him on the streets. She implores X-Factor to find his killer.

As they research further, another body similarly torn apart is found, the victim known as an occasional busker with no name. While investigating, Bobbi and Lorna are approached by an unknown woman who is likewise looking for the killer. She tells them about a third victim, 'Chickenwing' and that both Mole and Piper were Morlocks. All three disappeared a few weeks ago and were not sensed until their bodies turned up. Callisto was tracking them and believes she might know where their killer is but can't get near him. With their help, they close on a pricey condo development that is still in construction. The penthouse is finished, with their target inside, but they have to evade building security. When they get up there, they find their surprise is lost as the mutant has feral senses and is waiting for them. The man is both incredibly powerful and extremely well trained, taking on all of them for a bit before making his escape and leaving several of them seriously injured.

While there are few clues, one of the things they do find is a burner phone with a call coming out of a phone at the Carslyle Medical Centre in Manhattan. The number is the general one for the building, so there's no specific people to target. Those Phase 1 individuals reading the report also strongly believe the mutant X-Factor fought might be this world's version of Sabretooth.

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This plot is part one of Callisto's entrance arc.


Plotrunner: Rossi

Editorial piece in the Mutant Chronicle written by Sam. The plot was written by Dex and submitted and run by Rossi, as a way of bringing Callisto back into the game after M-Day.