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Clarent House - disbanded
First Seen: Katabasis (flashback)


Clarent House was the cover name for a cluster of intelligence cells legally sanctioned by the British government, but seldom acknowledged. Officially they were off-the-book, but the government would cover for them if necessary. They were used to investigate strange happenings, such as other-dimensional demons, killer ghosts, mutants-gone-rogue, that sort of thing. Each cell acted independently of the other, in case of compromise.

Clarent House had been around for a while, however it was a bit looked down on by the other branches of intelligence. Its Director, John Preston, originally got himself assigned there as punishment. John, however, loved the chance to run his own team with Clarent House and transformed his particular cell into a band of misfits who investigated all the weird things that came across British Intelligence's radar. His cell was officially viewed as a nuisance and a laughingstock, and unofficially was of great value to its superiors (as it made it easier for them to do their job in regards to important people in the government), and was disavowed when Mother started coming back to keep The Powers That Be safe from her. It had powers to show up and stop whatever was going on and expect to have its butt covered if anything went wrong, but officially got trumped if another agency of any sort of seniority showed up.

Jennie Stavros was recruited, along with two younger mutants she had been training, Winston and Donal, when they got involved in tracking a serial murderer known as the "Croydon Killer".

Clarent House was shut down and officially disavowed when most of its operatives were slaughtered by The Disciples, followers of an ancient demonic force known as "Mother". The survivors - Tash, Cooper and a young girl called Danni who had been rescued in an unrelated operation (and their families) - were scattered in a variety of safe houses across the globe. Jennie herself went on the run in continental Europe, continuing to gather information on Mother, before being tracked down by Donal - her former partner, now one of Mother's most ruthless followers. Luckily for Jennie, the X-Men happened to be in the area and were able to provide her with a new sanctuary.


John Preston - deceased
John Preston was a brilliant officer in British Intelligence with a bit of an authroity problem. He assembled a like-minded team to handle all the of the strange happenings in the British Isles

PB: Patterson Joseph, socked by Azzy

Daffyd Llyewen - deceased
Clarent House's doctor and second in command. A staunch supporter of Wales in any incarnation

PB: David Mitchell, socked by Azzy

Jennie Stavros
Xm jennie.png
Field commander. Had a cover as Inspector Jennifer Green with the London Metropolitan police. Codenamed Nemesis.

PB: Eva Green

Raaki "Pash" Singh
A baseline human and genius doctor, Pash handled all of the technical wizardry and provided a hard science background. Codenamed Io.

PB: Archie Panjabi, socked by Sam

Nigel Cooper
An aging career criminal forever trapped in the body of a 25-year-old. Has the ability to heal. Surly and cantankerous, wants you kids off his lawn.

PB: Damien Molony, socked by Cai

Winston Allenye - deceased
Jennie's first student in Britain, had designs of being a proper superhero. An electropath, he got his wish when offered membership in Clarent House after he passed his A-Levels. Codenamed Pathway.

PB: Franz Drammeh, socked by Azzy

Donal McGrath
An Irish mechanic with acidic blood, he was partnered with Jennie Stavros in the London Metropolitan police as Inspector Domhall Sheehan. Had The Knowledge of London's streets. Codenamed Fian. Forcibly converted to The Disciples during the attack on Clarent House.

PB: Michael Steger, socked by Walks



Into The Fog

The Hedgehog and The Fox


Introduced by: Azzy